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  1. Bored


    fun fact - use common sense. the world doesn't need to know or have business in your bed. Go all out son
  2. Remember, this is god (without error, perfect being) we are talking about legitimizing these horrible ideologies through a faith labeled islam. The USA is a human body political force(consisting of human ignorance and stupidity), not god - the all omnipotent and perfect. Not to justify what the USA did, they screwed up big time. Pat is no white extremist as you label him to be, he makes very valid points and arguments for the majority. He's criticizing an ideology that is poison to an environment of diverse people, such as that like the west. It is an ideology that is inhumane for any ma
  3. I follow this man on youtube who is from the UK...really intelligent and brave fella, check him out.
  4. Apparently he has psychological issues so hes going in for treatment. Police used rubber bullets and a Taser to try to take down a sword-wielding man in downtown Vancouver near the busy intersection of Burrard Street and Georgia Street on Monday. The man was hit by several of the bullets fired by Vancouver police officers as they tried to subdue him after he had been waving the sword on a downtown street and while on the city's public transit system, said police spokesman Const. Lindsey Houghton. The rubber bullets — fired from an Arwen gun usually deployed in riot control — and a shot from
  5. where does it say you must wear it on top of your cloths? why does it hurt to keep it concealed? do people really lose common sense when their 'self claimed' opinions of sikhi come into play. Think educated, act educated, stop being ignorant and learn to think outside of the box. you and your organisation is not the only thing that exists and needs to be catered too. If its that big of a problem for you then maybe you should go to a place or park where your personalized standards are met your majesty. You are apart of the problem, become apart of the solution.
  6. I don't know how old you are but grow up. like the 2nd poster stated, there's better ways of dealing with this instead of making the image of Sikhi some radical non tolerant organization. How do the muslims appears to you in the UK making their sharia law demands and what not? your following a path that will take away more then your asking for in return.
  7. just give it a thumbs down. they got guru nanaks picture goin too. the guy is controling the posted msgs too.
  8. well we should stick to our original traditional ways by not doing missionary work. we pride ourselves in that we have grew into such a large religion without the islamic and christian tatics of missionary work. now thats something that attract intellectuals towards sikhi. alternatively, we should set great examples of sikhi ourselves by practicing, living and breathing sikhi as others look on and wonder who are these amazing people and what makes them so special?
  9. singh in the sky with dimonds everyone's in such peace and tranquility..ahhhhhh the 70s unity. one love. peace
  10. that 'the father of mankind' is just a add on by the translator, what a <banned word filter activated>
  11. before posting the false information above you guys should try to understrand it. gurbani never beleived in adam and eve. its used as a metaphor. gurbani tried to reach people at all people of faith. this was one way at reaching muslims in order to show them that god exists in everyone. sggs beleiving in adam and eve would be a contradict to itself since as we all know, gurbani has clearly claimed that noone knows when this world began. adam and eve are suppose to be 6000 years old whereas its scientifically proven to be false. Gurbani itself knows that life was not 6000 years old. You people
  12. i could agree that he was sexist aince he did beleive that bibia shouldnt be doing seva in the darbar sahib etc. which goes against sikhi
  13. future generations will be adopting the western cultures of only 1-2 kids per house hold but i do agree, we should be having more kids
  14. this quote is fake. I reserached through with this quotes a few years back and it came up false. Not surprised! i contacted Mcmaster university since the Bertrand Russel archives exists with them and these sikh related quotes are false. Most likely some low self esteem <banned word filter activated> made these quotes up.
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