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  1. totally agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaluh
  2. go to akj. org and go to multimedia and do a search............ they have alot
  3. i think soho road teachers only teach at soho road, because of a jatha thing.......
  4. Dont u feel shy asking such questions ? Or may be something is wrong with me. God has made me too sharmeelaa for kaliyug. If I was the singhnee engaged to u , I would have beaten u with sotaa if u dared to ask me for going out for shopping. Innee ve kee aggg lagg gaye shopping dee. Patience rakh, anand karaj kar lai pehlaan, fer ih ghumman firran de shauk poore kar layeen. ajj kall de mundey ve naaaa....................................hahahahahahahahahahaha lol its sooo easy to say then to do rhq Avr kCu Avr kmwvq ] rehath avar kashh avar kamaavath || He says one thing, and does something else. lol we'll see how much contact you keep wiv your fiance before u get married.....
  5. phone realtionship.......
  6. try and help each other progress in your sikhi before the anand karaj, instead of useless stuff - and how do you help each other without meeting each other
  7. can a singh and singhnee who are engaged go out together i.e. shopping etc?? normally it does not look good when a singh and singhnee who are not related go out together, basically if they where friends or something. but if they where engaged would it still be looked down on........... vichaaaar :umm:
  8. so then the same respect should be given to your gutka sahib? so you should do praksah and sukhasan of your gutka sahib? if there is no difference between dasam granth and guru granth sahib what was the need for guru sahib to give gur gaddi to guru granth sahib? that made no difference according to you? the passing of gur gaddi to guru granth sahib doesmt meant nything? if someone does parkash of their gutka sahib with so much prem-whats wrong with that?? haha not IF, they MUST, according to your beliefs. it would be compulsory. lol someone has lost the plot, next we are gonna say we cant keep gutkeh sahibs by guru ji because guru ji was given the gadi... do you know how silly you sound why is this hard to understand- bwxI gurU gurU hY bwxI ivic bwxI AMimRqu swry ] baanee guroo guroo hai baanee vich baanee a(n)mrith saarae || The Word, the Bani is Guru, and Guru is the Bani. Within the Bani, the Ambrosial Nectar is contained. i think the real people arguing about praksah of dasam granth are the people who dont believe in akali guru gobind singh jee's bani..... have you forgot what banee's where recited when you took amrit, and if you havent taken amrit, have you really got an arguement
  9. is facebook a waste of time..... veechar singho
  10. soho road gurdvara has table and chairs but that dont mean anything
  11. someone has lost the plot..... its panj pyare not pyaria, why is that hard to understand...... do you see me arguing with god becuase i cant give birth and women can.... what happened to equality then....
  12. rather then us lot discuss it between ourselves whether women can do panj seva or not, why cant the people who are concerned with this question do the bhagti, get darshan, and ask guru ji themselves..... i believe if you cant do that, then probably really dont want to know... sants and mahapurakhs have given an answer to this question but if we dont want to follow them or believe in them, then do just do the bhagti yourselves and f there any other questions that you are concerned about im sure they would be answered.... because there is only one answer, so why discuss.... muhO ik bolxu bolIAY ijqu suix Dry ipAwru ] muha k bolan boleeai jith sun dhharae piaar || What words can we speak to evoke His Love? AMimRq vylw scu nwau vifAweI vIcwru ] a(n)mrith vaelaa sach naao vaddiaaee veechaar || In the Amrit Vaylaa, the ambrosial hours before dawn, chant the True Name, and contemplate His Glorious Greatness. my two cents gurbar akal
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