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  1. Check this video out, it's quite outrageous and disturbing how this british Indian (non-muslim) Sikh guy who is lawfully minding his own business gets held up and questioned on suspicion of being a muslim terrorist on what seems to be based on his ethnicity/race/colour. These mor0ns want to racially profile innocent non-muslim asian/brown faced members of the public? https://www.facebook.com/benditTV/videos/vb.709620292470538/805199132912653/
  2. Good on him! If a Sikh is going to wear the uniform the Guru has given him he also has to be ready to use the shasters the Guru has ordered his Sikhs to carry for self defence purposes. After 1984 anti-Sikh genocide, a Sikh should always be armed in India especially since even after 30years no rapist or murderer has been punished thus far.
  3. You are right, there is alot of help for punjabi sikh women and other ethnic women, however there is no help group for punjabi Sikh men and their issues. Alot of them turn to alcoholism and depression due to pressures of life and cultural expectations (look good enough to attract a beautiful wife, get married, be main breadwinner in family, get high paying job, look after parents in old age, etc). So there should be some forum or organisation to help them too. After all equality works both ways.
  4. Notice he hasnt posted the full post because it would show the problem of islamo-fascism that British Sikhs have had to deal with since 1990s he only took the last 2 paragraphs so it looks completely out of context. Many of us know sunny hundal reads this forum because he loves to bash his so called own community and arse lick the muslim community (as he was dating a Islamo-fascist journalist woman who worked for the guardian) and he gets easily buttered up in to backing up pro-indian government propaganda and hindu punjabi brahmin extremists (especially on twitter and social media) whose community murdered over 250,000 Sikh punjabi's since 1947 he wont speak up for Sikh victims of Indian state terror because that would go against his leftist marxist mindset. It was hilarious when a female conservative MP mentioned him in her twitter feed as a muslim guy because of the pro-muslim tweets he had then he replied to her saying "i'm from sikh background". If he was a Sikh he would tell her "I am a Sikh" but no he goes he was from a Sikh family. So he is an atheist punjabi simpleton with little IQ, who believes the sunshines out of his backside and the universe was created out of nothing. BTW sunny hundal is the real brother of jagraj singh (basics of sikh). At least one hundal is doing something positive for the community and a great asset for Sikhi. Don't expect Sunny to speak any pro-Sikh views any time soon he is biased against punjabi Sikh's.
  5. When Christian pastors feel the need to bash Sikhism to promote their Christianity it really shows how threatened they feel about the growing number and rise of "white Sikhs" who came from Christian backgrounds. Christanity's reign is coming to an end, it has fooled and hoodwinked people for many centuries and now only the 3rd world people are still believing in its ideology. Most white western people are now atheists and other religions/ideologies are growing amoung them. I dont know what to make of Pastor Steven. L Anderson, I have recently seen his other speech videos and some of the things he says do make sense (eg he is against foreign wars, he speaks out against george bush even though he acts like him and talks like him lol, he bashes israel unlike most christian preachers who lick israels backside) So this pastor does talk sense in some ways and is entertaining even though is speaking ill of Sikhism, Sikhs and our Guru's and deserves to be roundly bashed by every Sikh who feels he should not get away with his nonsense against our faith and community without exposing Christianity for what it is an Abrahamic man made roman empire cult.
  6. You make some good points, I remember watching a channel 4 documentary on the Sikh vs Muslim rising tensions in 1997. Especially after 50 Sikh youths of shere punjab in a convey of cars smashed the Muslim islamo-fascist area of chalvey in slough. At the time Sikh youths in the documentary quite openly stated the Muslims hate them because they are non-muslims and so need to defend themselves in gangs. The Muslim youths mostly of Pakistani ethnicity feeling emboldened by their large demographical numbers and number of Islam-fascist hate preachers and jihadi organisations thought they could bully Sikhs and attack them as they please as they do in islam held countries but no Sikhs gave as good as they got. That guy who ran http://www.aiksaath.com was featured trying to diffuse tensions when the real issue was aggressive Islamifisation of London and UK. British Sikhs had long recognised the evil nasty face of islamo-fascism and were carrying out revenge attacks on muslim wonnabe bad boys and gangsters. Many liberal Sikhs or those who had no knowledge of Sikhi become quite militantly Sikh due to the oppression and harassment muslim youths were giving non-muslims in educational institutions and on the streets. This all ties in with how UK had given safe haven to Islamo-fascists and rising muslim demographics from muslim countries/refugee's resulting in the problem they face now with the enemy within. The liberal "Sikh" who is usually a punjabi atheist born in a Sikh household doesnt care much for Sikhi until the problem comes home and he see's his sister sexually exploited or harassed by non-sikh usually muslim paedophile/rapist or if their father/brother is attacked in the street for being a Sikh then the penny drops of why Sikhs get militant and fight back against the oppressor. Liberal Sikhs (atheist punjabi's) are a curse on our community, God forbid any family being cursed with a liberal sikh because they will actively aid the enemy against their own Sikh community. The only type of Sikh we should respect is one who furthers the spread of Sikhism, increases Sikh demographical strength and encourages eloping of non-sikh women with Sikh guys so that we are in a good place in the coming future.
  7. You can believe what you want no one is forcing you to believe in my analysis. I however do not believe in all youtube conspiracy theories as you imply. I take what makes sense and is logical rather than what any old propaganda people put out there. You maybe one of these people that don't subscribe that governments and powerful people have agenda's that are evil and aid attacks against innocent civilians. You probably dont believe that freemason atheists brought down the twin towers in 9/11 when overwhelming evidence shows you cant bring down the towers in that way using just planes without using controlling demolition and termite which was seen leaking in the videos taken that day. The passport of the hijackers found in the rubble? Norad was made to stand down on the day of the attacks why? 19 hijackers were saudi yet america didnt attack saudi arabia? Bin laden family who are connected to bush family were flown out of the country under protection by american security why? The oil pipeline negotiations with taliban in afghanistan prior 9/11 but the taliban refused to do a deal and thus set a pretext for invasion of afghanistan. Need i go on? You probably dont believe that air india flight was brought down by indian and canandian intelligence agents as majority of Sikhs believe and as evidence and motivations point fingers towards the indian government. Maybe you didnt even believe that the british government under Margaret thatchers reign aided and abetted Indian state terrorism against Sikhs in india by colluding with indira gandhi as shocking secret documents have recently proved. You probably dont believe in any conspires because in your limited capacity of thinking all governments and their atheist bankster funders are good people and wish well for humanity. Like I wrote about ealier why was M16 and SAS aiding the assassination of cornal gadaffi why back in 1996? Why were they dropping arms and giving specialised training to jihadi's to over run libyan government forces? Why was Hillary clinton screaming like a banshee with joy with the extra-judcial murder of head of state of libya when that is a war crime? Unless you want chaos you wouldnt do that. And chaos is what is happening in middle east right now. Freemasonic saying is "order out of chaos" can you explain now what your analysis is why western governments have been complict in aiding islamic jihadi nutjobs? I am not saying Russians, Iranians, North koreans, syria, libya's gadaffi are/were the good guys but a Sikhs job is not to back one side over the other but to speak out when they see an injustice or evil. And we must question why are our western governments covertly aiding islamic terrorists via proxy puppet arab regimes? For whose benefit? Whats the real geo-political bankster agenda at play at the expense of our innocent civilians? Ok great you carry on living in your hippy world, while the rest of us explore the realities of the powers behind the shadows.
  8. As an observer of humanity and society I see how western culture is all about hedonist lifestyles where getting drunk or taking drugs is the main highlight of a often depressing week. I see how the drugs epidemic has taken its hold of youth in punjab because they either think its cool getting zoned out or their lives are that depressing and no hope they just want to not face up to reality of their life. Now as a follower of the Sikh religion, I dont have any need for intoxicants. I get high and spiritual uplifting from reading about Sikh history, Sikh scriptures and mediating on Waheguru. We have to ask people, particularly our younger generation who are falling in the traps of atheist lifestyles via peer pressure and social media....... which is more healthier for their mind, bodies and society in the long run. Sikhi or intoxicants?
  9. I disagree with Darwinian theory on specific issue of existence of morality without any Godhead. Furthermore you dont just need a God figure to be moral you can be Buddhist who dont believe in a God but believe in good karma to progress your soul in to a better existance in the afterlife. My rational is that if your an atheist you dont have anyone to answer to but yourself and fellow flawed human beings. You create your own rules of the game as do your fellow human beings. If you have a supreme being who gives you instructs and who you will have to answer to you will always be thinking you are being judged and must act to do the right thing according to the ideology you follow. As for freemasonry is not atheistic? I disagree as I dont follow the mainstream theories on freemasony from islamic or Christian propaganda sources (most of which is flooded on youtube and social media). The abrahmics have their own reasons to label freemasons as satanic or devil worshippers. I just look at logic and so studied history and geo-politics and researched what freemasonary really ment and why they had to display weird cultish rituals to members in order not to get found out, as they were outlawed by the christian government powers of the day.
  10. Freemasonary is basically atheism because when the knights templers the elite warriors of christainity entered king solomans temple they realised all the abrahmic religions were made up and it was all a money making industry. They started to blackmail the vatican church whose leaders also were atheists but pretended to be some kind of pious leaders of christian masses. They knew the game would be up if the knight templers revealed what they had discovered back in Jerusalem, so they started to give them lots of money to keep them sweet and hush up. The templers became very rich over night and commanded huge power and wealth. But they got greedy and the vatican and other christian kings plotted against them to have them removed from power. So they were perseucted to death, with them being declared heritics and thus they were exterminated but they all didnt die out they made underground cells where they operated outside of chrsitian state control, and that is how they become freemasons. A freemason basically meant a person who is a free builder, a person who is a free thinker basically an atheist. In those days atheists were seen as evil or abnormal so they had to created secret societies with elaborate rituals to make sure they dont get found out by the violent religious Christian authorities of the day. Freemason atheists founded the united states. George washington (1st american president and father of ameria) and the other founding fathers all were members of this club just google on any freemasonary website they show their famous members. The modern day freemasons no longer hold on to their freemasonic past as atheists are free to operate in the free world. And as an atheist you dont have any moral compulsion or religious God figure higher power to answer to, you can kill, rape, loot with impunity because who is there above you to judge you? Only fellow flawed human beings. So if you are a rich power hungry atheist like rothschild or rockfella's you will do as you wish.... and thus their agenda for enslaving more people to their economic pyrimid tax system's by pretending to free women from traditional family roles were put in place when they started to fund the feminist movement.
  11. This wont happen as the racist white mainstream media agenda is to promote and subconsciously put in the minds of the general people of ideas of portraying "white atheist hedonist males with oppressed asian/brown women", "homosexual couples", "indian/asian/brown men as oppressive rapists", "violent or sex seeking black men with easy liberal hedonist white women". Take for example the shows on TV right now. Big bang theory that character Raj is portrayed as a loser indian guy who never gets girls and when he likes a white girl they reject him after or wont be his girlfriend. While his white friend gets with his Indian sister who is sneaking around her traditional parents. Lets look at gurinder chanda's bride and prejudice where the indian woman gets with a white guy in over the top cringe worthy so called fairy tale romance. Gurinder chada also created "desi rascals" where she casted mostly muslim guys to take the lead roles flirting around with asian girls. It is very rare to see any kind of positive protray of brown skinned/asian males. Lenny henry the comedian got roundly attacked by the establishment media when talked about black males not getting any roles in British media. I would say black males are overly represented in the media (movies, music artists, TV presenters, footballers and other sport stars) compared with their population percentage however our ethnic demographics are not. We do not even have an asian lenny henry to come out and speak about this either. We just need to analyse how the white mainstream media works to see what the agenda is, they cant be overtly racist against brown/asian males so they do it very subtlety. They dont want to tell the truth of how much oppression, hardships, racism, discrimination, prejudice, aswell as cultural restrictions asian/brown males face. That important story they dont want to tell or push in the mainstream agenda because they want to make asian/brown males as unappealing as possible for their further victimisation in society.
  12. Muslims generally will not speak out against acts of violence against non-muslims. Most Muslims are seperaitst in nature they are taught by Quran and Hadiths to hate the kafir because their prophet muhammad and Allah tells them to. However in the hadiths their prophet muhammad also tells them there will be a group amoung them who will pray better than the muslim and do things to extremes that they will even kill muslims by declaring them as non-muslims. They will be known as the khawarij and these group of people will be the "dogs of hellfire". ISIS and other jihadi groups fit these type of muslims that their prophet muhammad has talked about Either way the violent hateful interruption of Islamic ideology and other abrahmic religion ideologues as a whole can not be allowed to gain the power they have because they are easily manipulated by mullahs and imams who are funded by saudi and other arab states who in turn funded by atheist freemason entities. Follow the money trail to its end and you will see whose agenda these group of nutters are fighting for. Do not look at the muslim monkey simpletons who believe in 7th century logic look at the powers in the shadows who use these monkies to do their bidding for geo-plitical strategic and financial gains
  13. Because the government needs these kind of attacks to justify their crackdowns which is why most of these attacks can be traced to governments hand via proxies who use the attacks to restrict human rights and freedoms and bring in non-democratic legislation. Those who crave police state powers are on the same said as the islamic nutjobs, they often pay the mullahs who train the jihadi's and carry out attacks on the behest of the people whose evil agenda they need furthering. Why did they bring down gadafffi when he was a secular muslim who locked up islamic salafi jihadi's in jails and beat them daily. The SAS, M16 were seen in bengazi shipping weapons to the jihadi rebels and giving them training. Why would you do that unless you want the jihadi's to take over and take over from stable government. The British government tried 2 times to assassinate cornol gaddaffi in 1996 via SAS and M16 by paying local jihadi's both attacks failed and innocent libyan civilians were murdered. The british government to this day have not been tried for war crimes or done for aiding and abet terrorism. Just like how Evil Margaret thatcher aided and abetted indian state terrorism against Sikhs in 1980s via arms shipments, military intelligence sharing, plots to murder religious figures in the Golden temple via SAS and M16. The Western governments are 50 years ahead of what anyone is thinking right now, they have strategic planners what future scenarios can be if they take action. They did not attack secular muslim saddam Iraq for no reason they wanted chaos. They did not attack syria by aiding islamic jihadi terrorists for no reason they wanted chaos. The atheist freemason saying is "order out of chaos" so they need chaos before they can bring their order. They are trying to line up their geo-political assets against Russian and Chinese influence in the world. They have the other big world player the Indian government slaves in their pay pocket via swiss bank accounts. But they do not have the chinese, the north koreans, the iranians and the Russians. Hence why they plot and plot and plot against these states not caring how many innocent civilians of their side or ours get caught up in the crossfire because they are above the law. We are not all equal the atheist freemason powers behind the American and British establishment only care for what they can get in this world and the net result in their favor.
  14. I'm not too concerned about lack of media coverage when a non-white british or american citizen is a victim of white racist terrorism. What im concerned about is these m0rons keep attacking innocent brown skinned people like the Sikhs rather than the real target who they say they are against (radical muslim terrorists). These racist white nationalist cowards are no different from islamic terrorists they go for innocent people no matter what their background is. The sikh community laid down 80,000 precious lives for defence of the freedom of Britian and the western way of life in general. They could have used all that manpower to defeat the british imperialists in india by siding with Germans and Hitler but instead used their manpower to defeat the fascist german nazi's in both world wars. Vast majority of white people are nice people. White atheist /christian people usually have nothing but praise for Sikhs and vice versa. We have common interests, common values of human rights and freedoms. But there is a tiny crazy minority amongst them that do have mental health issues like the muslims jihadi's and are vulnerable to be groomed into poisonousness hateful narratives against innocents.
  15. This didnt care if the British Sikh victim was a muslim or not he claimed to be doing it in revenge for lee rigby british soldier murdered by 2 black muslim converts. But this fool just saw the victims race as being asian and his colour brown and thus trying to carry out his act of terrorism. It seems British Sikhs are indifferent about combating racist white prejudice, discrimination, attacks and eventual acts of terrorism and yet have been attacked many times in canada, america and USA. Because of their lack of speaking out and too tolerant of cowardly racist white extremists who only hate brown/ asian coloured people they dont even go for jihadi's who they claim they are against. Western white mainstream media and politicians are indifferent they dont care if non-white gets attacked by white terrorist because its not important in their eyes to harm innocent ethnic/religious minority communities. Imagine if it was the other way around brown/asian british sikhs going around trying to kill innocent whites for their alleged crimes aboard or in the past how would it play out in the media? Are we truly equal in terms of getting justice, media fair representation and equal before the law? We all know the answer. British Sikhs need to take a long hard look in the mirror how they are allowing this to go on for so long. ========================= An act of terror': Sikh family of dentist attacked in Tesco by machete-wielding extremist speak out 17:35, 25 June 2015 By Elwyn Roberts The family of injured dentist Dr Sarandev Bhambra said Zack Davies had committed “an act of terror” in launching a machete race attack in a Tesco store. If their races had been reversed the family had no doubt it would have been reported as “terrorism”. Dr Bhambra’s brother, Dr Tarlochan Singh Bhambra, made a statement outside Mold Crown Court after Davies was found guilty of attempted murder. 'This should be rightly defined as an act of terrorism' “Sarandev was singled out because of the colour of his skin. We are in no doubt that had the racial disposition of this case been reversed this would be reported as an act of terror with a wider media coverage. “We as a family have listened intently to the evidence... and are in no doubt given the racial and political motivation that this should be rightly defined as an act of terrorism. “By his own admission Zach Davies had extreme neo-nazi views and is a member of a white supremacist organisation.” Zack Davies in a screengrab from a YouTube videoDr Bhambra said there had been a display of “ignorance” throughout the trial. “Ethnic minorities have and continue to contribute positively to the multicultural Britain of 2015. Sikhs have sacrificed their lives in both world wars to facilitate the freedom that Britain enjoys today.” Cowardly attack left him with 'life-changing injuries'He said his brother, who was born in Leeds, was a young man his family was immensely proud of and had just started out on his chosen career. “This cowardly assault has left him with life changing injuries. Sarandev is currently undergoing an extensive programme of rehabilitation. “We are indebted and will be forever grateful to Mr Peter Fuller who risked his own safety to save Sarandev from this wanton act of terror. We are in no doubt Mr Fuller’s actions, couple with Sarandev’s strength and agility, saved his life. “Sarandev has also asked us to convey out gratitude to the attending emergency services, North Wales Police, Pc Ross Tutton and Iolo Edwards and Eleri Thomas. We would also like to thank the staff at Mold Tesco that helped Sarandev.” They were also grateful for messages of support from people in Mold. 'An embarrassment and shock'DCI Alun Oldfield said North Wales Police welcomed the verdict and had no doubt there would be a lengthy sentence. The racially motivated attack was an “embarrassment and shock” for the people of Mold but not typical. He hoped Dr Bhambra would one day return to work in Mold and he would be supported in every way possible. “Zack Davies is clearly a dangerous individual and this, I am sure, will be clearly reflected in the sentence,” he said. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/an-act-terror-sikh-family-9528045
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