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  1. have u gt their contact details please? have u got their contact details please?
  2. VaheGuruJeKaKhalsaVaheGuruJeKeFetah

    Sis coventry is organishing a kirtan darbar 24th April please keep that date free sis juggy bansal is in india at mo im still awaiting contact details for bebe nanakee gud luck sis n hope u can make it the 24th April


  3. wjkk wjkf i was wondering if anybody had the details of any keertanis which i could use to get hold of them. i need the details of : Gursharan Singh - DDT UK Bebe Nanaki Jatha Apardeep Singh Manjeet Singh - Glasgow Jagpal Singh Harbaljit Singh (ragi) Gurmej Singh Jatha Juggy Bansal Also if there any other keertanis which you recommended please give me details asap as i need to start booking jathe the program is going to be a akhand keertan darbar held from 7pm - 5am (ish) but we want EKTA thank you
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