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  1. Got any more 84 Rememberance ribbons?

  2. Please visit http://www.#/ - It explains how Sikhs MUST fill in their Census. Please forward to ALL friends and family. Website contains Panjabi-version aswell for our Panjabi-speaking community.

  3. hanjee just let me know what u want on it :)

  4. thank you veerji for the comment :)

  5. u made headlines on sikh channel, by pyara singh loll

  6. thank you paaji, for the birthday wish :)

  7. hi, i am alos from bham :)

  8. wadiya, :) tusi mod ban gai :D

  9. check ur pm please :)

  10. lol, enit, i can see what u lot r talking about lol

  11. WJKK WJKF!

    Is this the official Sikh Channel Sikh Sangat profile? :D

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