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  1. The lowering of the floor is a great idea. Not seen that before at a Gurdwara. Mandela i think you need to relax. No one is suggesting that benches should be installed at the Gurdwara but we need to consider how we can accommodate people who are not able to sit on the floor but want to pay their respects. The alternative of lowering the floor is a good idea and maybe you should go and suggest it as a possible solution.
  2. These were probably for people who struggle to sit on the floor due to some disability such as old people, disabled people etc. don't blow it out of proportion.
  3. She has not supported Sikhs at all. Why not give our support to our own person who will help us. We need more Sikh to take up national politics otherwise we will no voice in this country and will suffer in the long run.
  4. The points are highlighting her favourable stance towards the muslim community and neglecting the others in this constituency. A politician should not support one group but support all in their constituency. In an area like handsworth wood the majority of people that live there are Sikhs or people of Indian origin so why do we need a mosque there? There are already plenty if mosques, gurdwaras, churches in the area so there is no need for another place of worship in the area.
  5. Urgent appeal to the indian & sikh community, in handsworth wood. Please vote for the conservative candidate rabinder singh gill, no 2 on the ballot box. The labour candidate has been working against our community.. 1. She is against the multi faith sikh school. 2. She was against the viaiskhi celebration and nagar kirtan on easter sunday. 3. She voted against funding for the sahibzade scouts group. 4. She voted against funding for gurdwara singh sabha football club. 5. She is against the development of guru ravidass cente at the old boys sch. Lastly she is supporting a Mosque in H
  6. My link Terror alert: Babbar Khalsa threat to Badal and son, say police According to an alert received by the Punjab Police, Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and his son and Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal are on the hit list of Babbar Khalsa International (BKI). Highly placed sources said the Joint Director (VIP Security), Intelligence Bureau, last month issued the alert to the state police saying the agency had credible information that two Sikh militants owing allegiance to the BKI had been sent by the terror outfit to Punjab to target the Badals. Another alert has said some
  7. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, we would never accept anything like that happening in the UK. I was also surprised at the reaction or non reaction of the Singh who had his dastaar taken off. He should have retaliated and put up more of a fight against the policeman considering his size. Also its hard to judge on such a short clip, which does not capture the start. The person who took the video or witnesses need to come forward and speak the truth to what happened. Singhs have to wake up and start standing up for their rights, especially in India, they seem to have been
  8. Did anyone watch the discussion on Sangat TV at 9pm yesterday, just want to congratulate Sangat TV for dicussing such an important topic live on air and bringing awareness to the sangat about the dangers that our kids are facing when they go out. So many people would not have known about these problems and educating the sangat is critical and using this media format is ideal. It makes a good change from the Gurdwara Politics that are regularly dicsussed on the other channel and it directly addresses and relates to the youth. Well done to Sangat TV, keep it up. Well done to SAS aswell, keep
  9. This is an excellent walk that should not be taken lightly. Any participants must make sure you are fit and can walk upto 24 miles and make sure you have the appropriate attire e.g. Good walking shoes, waterproofs, walking sticks etc. But well worth it and it's for a good cause. Good luck. Recommend it for everyone.
  10. I think the first panel member on the right is mr jarnail singh bhogal ex president of rst. They appeared to be very arrogant on the programme.
  11. They are completely lost but yet they are willing to hold graduation cerominies for these extremists. Lol.
  12. How many of the panel members are amritari siks? What role models are they to the youth and sangat that go there. All good saying they do punjabi classes etc but have not learned anything themselves. Mr Panesar has a cut beard that is in a muslim style. Great role models for the panth.
  13. That is fantastic. Was not expecting anywhere to charge nothing. Excellent.
  14. In the time of austerity I would like to know how much your Gurdwara charges for an Akhand Path Sahib? Would like to know what the charges are across the country?
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