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  1. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh So we have some amazing news for you all. We have teamed up with the Sarbloh Warriors team and united as one. So basically what this means is we shall be renaming this game to be called Sarbloh Warriors, but more importantly now that we are united as one, we shall be developing a totally awesome game! We shall start a new topic on this some time next week with updates and a roadmap. Follow us on facebook for more regulare updates! United We Stand. Divided We Fall.
  2. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji KI Fateh! I was planning on contacting you later on today Yeh it is very tough, we defiantly need more people developing Sikh based games. But because making games like this takes so much time, effort and cost, it puts people off. It would be so much better if everyone worked together. But its fantastic news that you are still working on Sarbloh Warriors! :D
  3. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Game development can be time consuming and costly, so thats probably why games like Sarbloh Warriors never got launched. However we are working on this full time, day and night, so it will defiantly be finished maharaaj kirpa naal. Hoping for a Vasakhee launch. Like the facebook page for more constant updates on it and our other projects as well: https://www.facebook.com/TaejaDotCom Also a small donation always helps as well: http://taeja.com/donate/
  4. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh People always have a way of twisting words dont they lol. Did anyone call them liars? No they did not. Nobody even mentioned them. The people who were posting were not on about those type of spirits... they were on about talking to people close to them who are dead via a board... That is not a spiritual experience as you put it... that is clever mind tricks. No spirit is going to start talking to you via a board and have a conversation with you, or tell you that they are still watching over you and etc... And there is a big difference between a ghost and a spirit... the modern day ghost everyone talks about isn't a spirit. If you read what I posted earlier, I said there is such things, but very rare, which you will most likely never see in your life. You guys should take your own advice and listen to them amazing Khalsa as well, and listen when they say dont get into superstition. What you are talking about and what these guys are talking about are completely different things. Do you really believe some auntee down the road from you, or a egofied baba you met in india knows some magical words that will put a curse on you for the rest of your life.... It isn't as simple as that. This stuff goes really deep, and discussing it is just going to confuse people here. What they are on about is fake, what you are on about is completely different stuff. So whats the need to start accusing people of being a missionary and whatnot and twisting a whole entire topic to a different level and twisting peoples words around. If non of what you said was even mentioned (if it was I must have missed it and then I'm sorry), then why bring it up and accuse people of calling gursikhs liars...? Even if what these guys were asking was to do with that stuff... it would still most likely not be real and in their heads, as like I said before its really rare to see in this time of kalyug. There is a massive difference between this superstition that nearly the whole of india believes in, and what you are on about. What you are on about goes really deep and will confuse people here and then they will get even more freaked out. We are trying to help people not freak them out more. The other poster was saying they weren't having a good life and blamed it on that baba dude in india. So why dont you help, and offer them advice instead of freaking them out even more? Because you know perfectly well that it isnt a curse on her. And if you really think it is... like it was aid before... there is nothing more powerful than Mool Mantr...
  5. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! A sneak peek screenshot of the Jathadarnee (Female leader) on lookout duty in the game. Born to lead and protect the Khalsa. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=424336490988738 Please note this is an unfinished character.
  6. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Bhenjee/Bhajee.. sorry dont know which one you are... either way... every single person has had a bad point in there life, and a lot of people even though they seem ok on the outside, are actually suffering day in day out. It doesn't mean some dude in india cursed them lol. It does mean that they are trying to get through life like everyone else... but they just like most people from india have to add a lot of more drama and negativity to it without knowing... You can look at pain in a negative way, and you will never be happy, or you can look at it positively. It is simple to do, just simply change your mindset and think oh well, everything that is happening is good. You are actually very lucky to receive pain, some people do ardaas that they receive pain... you think it might be crazy to do that... but no it isn't... because if we are living life without pain we tend to forget vaheguru... but when we have pain we remember vaheguru... as we are very selfish beings... however it works... so thank vaheguru for your pain. But just change your view on life... be more positive... when something bad happens, understand that its meant to be, and move on. Get a hobby... that helps to stay positive... If you want to share what the exact issue is hopefully a more educated Khalsa here can help you. If it is a personal thing there is a gupt forum, or speaking to someone close to you like you mum might help. Try having a conversation with Akaal.... when nobody else is there... they always are...
  7. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Sorry to burst your bubble people but them board's and etc are just gimmicks... as in its not actual magic... As a trained magician (still a amateur though), it is meant just for entertainment purposes... but some people take it a bit to far... some people try to make out they are some next level spiritual person by claiming they can move things with their mind, levitate, know what you are thinking, know someone close to you who has died and speak to them and etc. But they are not spiritual at all, they are not using any powers at all. I'm not going to tell you all how things are done as that would just ruin the illusion for the people who understand its for entertainment purposes and isn't real at all. However I will tell you that the unholliest person on earth could do it. This is why brown/aisain magicians dont do 'magic' infront of other indians/punjabis, because they start thinking your some kind of demigod or something and have all these next level powers. However western people understand it is just a illusion and its its done to entertain people.... youtube darren brown for the speaking to dead people thing or Dynamo for general street magic like flouting and stuff... Darren brown tells people time and time again it isn't actually real... he is playing games... hes done some next level stuff, but anyone can do it who knows how to. Even stuff like tearing up a newspaper and getting it to rearrange itself to tell you a personal message from a close loved one who is dead that only you would know... it is actually a trick... You can move a object which is on the other side of the room without touching it and you may have never been in that room before... creating fire out of nothing... its still a trick... a illusion... However I am not saying that there is no such thing as real 'magic'... Very few are the ones who can do it, and the ones who can would have had to meditate for years and years, and even then they wouldn't have such amazing powers as talking to the dead lol. When you die you go to one of the khands... the main ones being Sachkhand if you've been a good little Khalsa... or you go with the jamdooths and get tortured... and face it.. most of us go there... your close dead person is gonna find it hard to talk while being tortured... harsh but true... No relegious person is going to put a curse on you. If for some odd reason you think you have a curse on you, then you have 2 options... visit a mental asylum or do mool mantar, as mool mantar is the most powerful thing ever known to mankind. So to answer your question doesn't it exist... Not to the level everyone thinks anyways... you most likely will never witness it in your life. This is kalyug... the people with such amazing powers... will never say they have them... people who say they do have them are fake... However yes people can play mind games with you... which is another part of the magic like darren brown does... which is pretty cool, but again its just a trick... He goes out of his way to make sure people know he has no special powers. But the stuff he does is amazing. Punjabi people are so easily tricked, this is why there are so many fake sants and gurus in india. If you dont believe me, arrange to meet me one day and I will talk to your dead ones, freek you out, and then show you exactly how it was done, and then you would be like "omdz lool I cant believe I thought it was real". So yeh people sorry for the long post, but its really annoying when people think its real, we are all tricksters... just out to entertain people and have some fun. Join in the fun, get entertained, but understand thats all it is... entertainment... just like wrestling on TV... its fake but its ok because everyone knows its fake and they are just there to entertain people and maybe even put a smile on someones face. No self respecting magician will claim they have real powers and pretend to put some curse on you. Naam jappu, stop worrying about pointless stuff. If you ever see this stuff happen, then look at it like it is a live TV show or something and its just happening for your enjoyment, not to freak you out.
  8. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Most things will be historically accurate, however you must remember it is a game, and some things might not be real, for example some of the weapons might be made up or more modern. Some of the Gurdwara's will look different and have a lot less detail, (reason for that is, because we cannot go there ourselves and see where everything is and what it looks like, a lot of it is guess work). So yes the majority of things will be accurate, however there will also be a few inaccurate things, but they wont really do any harm, as having a more modern weapon, or something being in a different place to where it is meant to be isn't really much of a big deal. As for horses, yes there will be. The game isn't just for kids, its for older people as well. :D
  9. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh An update sneak peek animation video of the Jathadarnee (female leader), (Unfinished Character), moving about and at the end practising her sword skills. The graphic quality of the game is much better than it shows in this screen recording. The quality reduced when it was being recorded, and then reduced again when uploaded to youtube. However this is just a really quick sneak peek!
  10. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! We have never actually played world of warcraft before, so we cant say yes or no to that question sorry. That was more popular amongst certain types of people when we were at school , we weren't really into it.
  11. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! We have been working on a new online multiplayer game for the Khalsa for a while now. It will be available on OSX, Windows, some linux distro's (including Taeja/Bhujangee, see taeja.com), iOS and Android. We shall be launching more sneak peeks and information about it soon. Freedom is just what we are calling the game while we develop it, we are not sure yet if that will be the final name or not, (we are open to suggestions). The game is aimed to educate people and bring people closer/back to Sikhi while have fun at the same time. We are not going to reveal too much right now, however these are a few of the features of the game: You will be able to battle against the Mughal's, go on missions, learn santhia, keertan, and much more. We dont really want to go into to much detail at this stage. However we shall hopefully be releasing sneak peaks at least every other day until the game is launched. To get regular updates like the facebook page and keep checking it daily. There are already some updates on it: https://www.facebook.com/TaejaDotCom We have uploaded a 3 sneak preview clips to youtube so far: The first sneak peek is us testing one of the characters doing a backflip and punches The second sneak peek is the same character as above just running around the Jungle scene in the game, just showing you what things look like in that scene and how the character moves: The third sneak peek is of a young bhujangee character just practicing some sparring: Please note the graphic quality of the game is much better than it shows in those screen recordings. The quality reduced when it was being recorded, and then reduced again when uploaded to youtube. However this is just a really quick sneak peek. The actual final trailer videos will show you the full quality, as we will take more time doing them. These are just very quick, unedited sneak peek videos. Subscribe to the youtube channel for updates when a new clip is uploaded and like the facebook page. We shall also try to keep you updated on this topic as well. Please provide feedback and suggestions. If you would like to help the costs of the game and our other Sikhee based projects we are doing, please do consider a small donation, even if its only 1 penny, every little counts: http://taeja.com/donate/ Thank you. :D
  12. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh There is a mac alternative here: http://www.searchgurbani.com/sgdv/isg
  13. Lol Naa dont worry its cool. Lol defiantly wont be doing Manmohan as a puppet... however we have plans to use him in one of our SikhPark episodes Not just toddlers a lot of older people, (although they wont admit it) like to watch sesame street and programs like it
  14. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Firstly: Here is Elmo telling a sakhee: Earlier Last year we did a test Sakhee with Elmo. We decided not to use elmo for future sakhee's, however we are thinking of making our own Singh and Singhnee styled puppet characters and doing shows for kids. We would love to hear your feedback and if anyone would like to help. Please visit http://www.Taeja.com for more info about the Taeja projects.
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