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  1. http://dailysikhupdates.com/namdhari-head-expels-thakur-dalip-singh-for-pledging-to-join-khalsa-panth/ Opinions please, any truth here or is it politically motivated stunt?
  2. Even if someone is going through what you are how is that relevant to you or going to support you? You are here because you want help and I don't second that. I want to help but without presenting yourself or providing details i cant or nobody can. Life is full of ups and downs one wouldn't know how to judge a good experience without suffering a bad one. Life is what you make it. You ask anybody and they'll tell you 'ive got the worst family' or 'I'm always in arrears' or 'I'm financially inept' - something like that, everybody suffers with burden but its how you deal with it paji. Having
  3. What the hell is going on with you? This life given to you, though short, is blessed, has many opportunities and failings of course. It's like you're threatening to change your religion, why? Go ahead and do it - who u waiting for, what do you want someone to give you the go ahead? Pm me
  4. From what you've told me and the way in which u talk its as if you've given up. Past experiences provide references for us and for many, they live their life living in the past or regret every day failing to move forward. It sounds like u don't want to take medication does this u mean u are willing to try/exp other avenues? PM me Cheers
  5. Something is getting you down. Maybe this thing has existed a long time and become rooted or it could be something totally new. With anything and everything it has a started for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. It exists totally your mind. I'm guessing you dwell on things too much? Inner strength beings from within and that makes the outside tough. Things arent always what they seem..
  6. WJKK WJKF Fellow brethren, A friend who was bought up sikh by his parents has recently confessed his desire to become muslim. He's gone as far as fasting, studying arabic, conforming to prayers, and stunningly bringing up both his offspring against sikhi and instead, full of islamic values. I don't agree with his omission but can't seem to blame him, our fathers, forefathers never adopted the sikh gown or adhered it to their children so how was he gonna be any different? I rather accept how he said 'I was told to go to the gurdwara, bow, have prasaad and then go; I was never told what was
  7. Hi all, I'm far from a person who wants to create conflict but you can't hide the recent upsurge/media coverage of muslim extremists wanting to commit acts of senseless murder. Every day this week there have been articles in the news about how a group of islamic men, all bearded, wanted to blow up locations across the UK and for them, to become martyrs. Are 'they' seriously hoping for a life in paradise? is it me or have we not seen one muslim come forward to condemn these terror acts? I mean maybe a celebrity of some sort or a leading figure; look at Dr Naik-an advocate of these terror
  8. This trend if not stopped will get worse and worse, seriously what alternatives are there, whos's to blame? Alarming rise in HIV among drug addicts Against the national average of 10% among injectable drug users, the count stands much high at 40% in Amritsar and 27% in Tarn Taran Perneet Singh Tribune News Service (Above) the locked gate of the de-addiction centre at Kairon village in Tarn Taran district and (Below) drug wrappers and injections lie strewn at a deserted building next to the Civil Hospital. Photos: Vishal Kumar Tarn Taran, January 7 The rampant drug addiction among
  9. Did they ever meet, can anybody shed any light on what they discussed? When jathedar was made shaheed by hindustan what did Baba ji say? Like Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji, i'm sure Jathedar ji were in the same league... Till this day NO justice has ever been given to the FAMILY of Jathedar ji....heartbreaking
  10. Whose the mona on stage whilst kirtan is being perormed, saw him whilst several ragi jatha were on the parkash 2012 in hayes>on sikh channel?
  11. WJKK WJKF What does this mean to you. should it be raised as it did at the times of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindrawale The Shiromani Akali Dal shall ever strive to achieve the following aims: 1. Propagation of Sikhism, its ethical values and code of conduct to combat atheism. 2. Preservation and keeping alive the concept of distinct and sovereign identity of the Panth and building up of appropriate condition in which the national sentiments and aspirations of the Sikh Panth will find full expression, satisfaction and facilities for growth. 3. Eradication of poverty and starvation through i
  12. No this was in Ilford but I'm aware of a place in Handsworth not entirely sure if its the one you are refering too...
  13. Mohkam singh ji-why are people turning away, our guru ji-blessed us-the Sri Guru Granth Sahib has all the answers..why don't folk simply read it,,,
  14. Good reply, can you guess what party I was it, does it seriously need extrapolating....however that was not the question, I write this as an astonished and embarrased individual. Please give your replys to the leading question........
  15. Sangat jeo, I'm truly ashamed to admit it, this is beyond what I can type-how could it get that far... but here goes, I've jst come back from a party and you know what, the church next door was full of punjabi's, i could even see turbanned indians alongside many, many indian women. It was 9.0pm. It seemed full from what I could see. I've never seen this many people at a place of worship at this time! I stood there for a mere 3 minutes wondering why, before I was told to get to my destination. I'm not against anyone, not anyone who preaches God, end of the day-he's our saviour-whatever f
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