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  1. wjkk wjkf I wanted the sangats opinion whether they know of or can explain if 'greh' is accepted in sikhi. To be more clear what I mean is that can somebody do black magic/toona/say things/want unhappiness against somebody, so much so that it could be harmful or even cause them grave danger? I totally understand the need to jap naam to rid these evils but if somebody has penetrated it, can it be restored? How does somebody know they have it, is it like a spell? Any debates or personal experiences would be so gratefully appreciated? Das D
  2. VJKK VJKF Could somebody please tell me the whereabouts of Baba Babar Singh JI, he used to teach santhiya (Damdami Taksal vidiarthyi) at classes at various West Midland's Gurughars such as Sedley Street, Willenhall and as far as Soho Rd. Last time I saw baba Ji was in 2003. Thanks D
  3. SSA Are there any other locations you teach at, closer to Wolverhampton perhaps? Thanks D
  4. ALL I seriously have to ask myself as a sikh, the way posts have been submitted about this topic it seems as if they are being answered by a young, immature and un-educated audience who really don't know the the true meaning and essence of the sikh religion. The sikh religion is one that showers grace on all regardless of colour, faith or cultural background. Its truly compassionate and everybody is treated as equals striving to serve humankind just like KhalsaAid. To those of you who've posted comments think about why sikhs stood side by side with other communities. Fair enough if thi
  5. Dear sangat Whilst surfing the net I've come across many ex-sikhs who've left the fold and joined up with some other self-fulfilling path: 1.NAMDHARIS 2.NANAK NAAM CHARDI KALA-Darshan Das 3.RADHASWAMI 4.NIRANKARI 5.RAM RAHEEM SIRSA 6.OSHO 7.ASHUTOSH AMONGST THE OTHER DEHDARI FOLLOWERS. My question is that why do people leave the faith/path they were born in, do they out of choice, enlightement and contentment that they find elsewhere, because to my knowledge all of the above preach the same gospel as shri guru granth sahib, use the same mantra and even adopt the same outward appearan
  6. WJKK WJKF Does this shock me? No, should I believe it, can it be verfied-is there any sangat here who can justify this? This hardly shocks me, how long have things like this been going on across gurughars over the UK? We need a commitee that oversee's and is responsible for all this? WHAT YOUR OPINIONS
  7. Sadh sangat jeeo Can I get some knowledge on these questions from the mahaan sangat: Are we born into a human life after 8.39 million lives, why are we given a human form? Whats the point living if we can't control our past karam? How does 8.4 million lives actually work-can anybody please shed some in-depth light on this? Does Akal Purakh decide what our fate will be when our times up and will this be dependent on the way we have lived our life-will it be back into 8.4 million lives or are we relased from this myriad of travelling? BHul chuk maffi
  8. Does anyone know the schedule of Giani Thakur Singh Jee Patiala Wale whilst in the UK? Where could I get it from?
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