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  1. OMFG... that has to be the worst article i have ever read. i used to know how to hack sites, i quite now though...
  2. I think everyone has had that experience on any board at any time. Since a forum can be a minefield of opinions it's comman to have classhes on a forum. and sometimes the argument can turn in the other persons favor and you end up becoming singled out or cornored. I seriously doubt ppl who think they have never had an embarasing or humiating discussion here, and at any other forum. Even i have had my fair share of awkward moments.
  3. Gurdwara Managment: It's all wrong! By Khalsa Starr Today i am a little angry, actually really angry... ok, i'll calm down However i am very dissapointed by our so called leader here in Vernon BC. Why? First of all, when we agreed to meet up at my place to drop a package, he never showed up! I was ok about it, however, he should have at least said that he would not be able attend, then leaving me in the dark. This happened, three times, so i walked up to his house and got the package. While i was there, i learned that the president and his family are usually gone for most of the summer, i got concerned - isn't our president supposed to be here to manage us? It turns out, that our leader is very easy going when it comes to manageing the temple, he is also not a good example to anyone. This is what i found out by experience: - There're are signs that say "no shoes or uncovered hair in temple" but he walks around (and his advisors) with shoes on and sometimes no headcover! - During a recent wedding, many of the guests are not following the basic gurdwara rules, nor is the pres, not even enforcing the rules! - He and his family are out for most of the summer, tell me, how are you supposed to manage a temple if your're out that long? Of course it wouldn't be fair for this observation to be one sided, what is he doing to be a sikh?: - He wears his kara Now I have a favor to ask of you. I would like for you (users and mods) to tell us your observations and experiences you have with temple politics/management and dealing with other groups. Thank you SS.net -Khalsa Starr
  4. Yes, thank you admin. While we mods should refrain from moding a post just because of our own personal opinions, we want to keep this board clean, and friendly, while at the same time to keep this forum free as possible. I think we should also post a threas on topics that should be handled carefully, i myselft have made some rough posts, i don't want new/existing users to repeat a mistake. BTW, i can't moderate anymore...
  5. lol, i knew that khalistan would overtake this post. Anyways, like i said before, i believe that everyone dropped the ball on the this - the GOI, the canadian gov, and several so-called sikhs, no they are not sikhs. "But I will never and can never support the use of indiscriminate violence against innocent people in the name of Khalistan." exactly, if i see that ever happen i'll be on a plan to punjab to stop them (provided i have the money!). However as we all know, this will not happen, and sikh who do, will not be sikhs...
  6. Boy you sure are living in a dream world if you think ppl, even we sikhs don't slip and make mistakes once in a while. If you really honestly think that, then please justify what Bagri said, really, i would like you do do that if really think we are perfect and don't slip once a while. Also, please explain why moderates sikh, are own ppl! were killed or harmed for voiceing there opinions, or the account of the bomb test? As i said, i believe that the GOI is ore invlolved than what appears, and probably they have played a key roll in this disaster. As for justice? what is your definition of justice? There is fine line between the two... when you punish a group or an individual for crimes they have done, that is called justice. However, just killing random ppl just because their Hindu's is not justice - that is revenge. And those ppl that died on 182 had lives, faces, goals and family. No, that is not justice, that is revenge, a near act of a hate crime. lol, you really are something else, sorry to disillusion you, no really... i am!
  7. glad to see the golden temple was being defended against the facist GOI, and bhindranwale was no doubt was a someone to look up to (even if he slipped in some areas). Does anyone have any vids on the 84 raid and operation blue star??
  8. this is exactly what i was expecting, some of us around here deny that we had no involvement in this attack, however it's more complicated than that. First of all, i believe that the GOI has more explaining to do, and is hiding something, i recall seeing a book on this subject (can't remember the name) and it exposes a few shady moves by the GOI. Of course even if no sikhs were invlovled, we can't deny that those tapes and vids that show Bagri promoting 30,000 hindu's never happened. and that there was and is militancy in some so-called "sikh" groups. heh, i always knew that religion and politics don't mix, now we are going to get into some debate about khalistan (what fun...). Sure over 150,000 sikhs got klled by the GOI and other ppl, but it does not give us the right for revenge. Remember: Violence breeds violence, hates breeds hate.
  9. There's a difference to be proud of sikhi and proud to be punjabi. There is a very fine line between the two. When ppl mix culture and religion together, that is when trouble starts to arrise. It is trur that many of the older songs and chants are related to the sikhs defeating the moguls and other hostlie forces. Although it might be that the dancing part may have been done by non-sikhs. Punjabi is a very difficult term, because who does this apply to? Hindus? sikhs? muslims? atheists? Or anyone one in that region is punjabi. Well one thing is certain - you don't have to be from punjab or originated from there to be sikh. Anyone can be sikh. :TH:
  10. I guess the old conflict of sikh religion and punajbi culture comes up when ppl talk about this. Can someone be sikh and punjabi at the same time? Or can you only be one? Ppl from other lands also have this problem of religion/culture. They don't mix, but we can't escape it - it's all around us. How is one supposed to seperate the two.
  11. If you closely read my thread, you would have noticed that i said "popular bhangra music that is produced today." This applies to the popular singers that come out of NA, Uk and Punjab. The other forms of bhangra, from what i have seen have remained intacted moslty. I'm not talking about old bhrangra and other forms of this style.
  12. I think the other forms of bhangra (if they are not vile as well) can be listend to. However, if you really want meaningful music - listen to kirtan, you can't go wrong with that. why listen to garbage when you can listen to the beautiful lyrics of the kirtan? when amritdhari, listening to popular bhangra may be a shot it the foot. It's is strongly recomended that you don't listen to it.
  13. Bhangra is vile By the Kahlsanator I'm sure a small portion of the community here on ss.net listens to bhangra. and many of us have heard the catchy tunes of this form of music. and the odd time have seen it live in action. But is bhangra clean? think again - many songs now include many unclean acts that directly conflict with the values of sikhi. Yet, many sikhs still listen to it. I think bhangra has turned into something ugly and has become vile. However it wouldn't be fair just to state my opinion, I supplied a short little excerpt from Punjabi Online about bhangra... What is bhangra? It's a traditional music and dance of the punjab region, it originated sometime in the 14th and 15th century. It was performed mainly by punjab farmers in the beginning however it soon showed up in local festivals. Bhangra has many sub-dances and has recently fused with other forms of music. But for today, I am talking about the popular bhangra music that is produced today. NOTE TO ALL Some ppl are not reading my post correctly. I am not talking about the smaller lesser know forms of bhangra dance. I am only talking about the populor bhangra vids and songs that are produced today. Many well-known singers claim to be sikh and market to sikh youth - this is a very bad mix because as we all know, culture and religion are two separate things. And what's worse it that a good portion of these sikh bhrangra singers don't appear to be following the basic sikh values in the vid's and lyrics. Several things if noticed: they claim to be sikh, but they don't wear head covering. The wear the khanda symbol, but they drink and commit adultery. Some even glorify the gangster way of life and encourage aggressive behavior. This is not good, we may forget them today, however it all goes into our subconscious memory and stays. And id it's bad stuff, we may be influenced to act on it. I used to listen to bhangra, however i got tired of it when i learned the lyrics and the fact that it is not a khalsa oriented. So i quit listening to it. Several ppl i know online also don't listen to bhrangra anymore because of it's increasingly suggestive lyrics and video's. Now i wonder why other sikhs continue to listen to some the **** singers that are out today. Why do we tolerate these ppl in our midst? I have made up my mind and acted upon it. Bhangra used to be clean, but has tuned into something that is very bad (at least most popular bhangra music). I ask for all sikhs to stop listening to the so-call popular bhangra music. Jazzy b, Surinder Shinda, Manak E - all around... ...bhangra sucks -khalsa starr
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