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  1. Vaheguru jee ka khalsa, Vaheguru jee kee fateh! This is an open invitation to all sangat to the Toronto Gurmat Class. We all know that the youth are in dire need for english parchar so they can learn more about Sikhi and this class has been doing just that for almost 20 years. Alot of sangat still does not know about this class including some of the Dixie Gurduara committee. We would really appreciate if you could please do ardaas for the class and chardi kalaa and get more sangat to come out. The one and only thing you have to do is share our website, facebook and youtube pages with y
  2. I was actually wondering the same thing, since I do that sometimes. One thing I would mention though is to also try to memorize the translations of all punj baniaa so your mind doesn't wander off and when it tries to think of what each tuk means it can feel more anand doing it.
  3. Singh sahib was at my wedding, family friend of my wife, great gursikh! Many wishes of success to him!! Make us proud!!!!!
  4. Akaali


    When daas did seva in punj some singhs who have come to pesh would say stuff like "mai kaam de parbhaav vich aa gya see te mere to hath saaf ho gya see", one way you can put it in front of the punj pyaare. Look at it this way, think of what you are looking at when you are getting aroused is made up of blood, puss, guts, bones, veins, etc. all contained in flesh that most of the world eats and when you think of it in this sense, hopefully it will disgust you enough to put your mind off of it. Whenever you're alone at home, wear a chola with sri sahib on top, stay tyaar bar tyaar and these thou
  5. Unfortunately at most Guduaaraa Sahebs, Guru kaa langar is no longer guru kaa langar as any sharabi/kababi is allowed to make food in langar which cannot be accepted by Guru Saheb let alone by Gursikhs.
  6. Decided to check out the Sikh Sakhia section today for some inspiration and to my amazement I run into an old friend's sakhi. This sakhee reminds you of the protective power and importance of chaupaee saheb and how complete faith in maharaaj can accomplish anything. Sikhi is all about faith and trust, but it all depends on how much faith and trust we have in Guru Saheb, if we surrender our everything in his feet he will keep us in this world and the next. Like the sakhi of dhru prahlaad and harnaakash. He had complete faith and was saved. Dhan Dhan Gur pitaa jeeo please bless me with such fai
  7. The reason why there's so much resentment towards Ravidassi "Sikhs" is because they are pretending sikhs, who are claiming to be sikhs, but not following the code of conduct passed down by the Sikh Gurus. They are distrorting Sikhi in the eyes of others telling them that they are a Sikh, when they are clearly not. Sikhi doesn't have any sects, some people still beleive Sikhi itself to be a sect. The rules of Sikhi are simple. If you want to follow a bhagat whose bani happens to be included in Sree Guru Granth Saheb jee then why not call yourself a student of the bhagat, why do you have to call
  8. Yea, maybe this "sikh" channel has an agenda of their own, who knows. But if you're telling the sangat that you don't need the sangat's support and telling them "If you want to go down that road, thats fine" then, well the sangat can make their own decisions on this channel.. I don't think its gurmat to have a non-amritdhari to talk about gurmat in any way shape or form, and be an advocate to the gursikh sangat out there, by doing this you are basically saying there's not any amritdhari gursikhs out there who can do the job better so we're going to elect non-amritdharis to. If you're not wil
  9. They should be amritdhaaree you should have someone who is actually a living/practicing gursikh to be the voice of your channel not someone who hasn't adopted the basic fundamentals of the faith. avar updese aap naa kare| aavath jaavath janme mare|
  10. Veerjee/Bhainjee, when meditating one goes through many experiences. It could be an out of body experience you're going through, you should google it see if it makes sense. Anything that you go through when japping naam CANNOT be bad. If you are getting this vision or experience, its with maharaj's kirpaa, he says so much about naam in gurbaaNee.. all we have to do is read and understand, bhul chuk maaf jee.
  11. You should get a bread maker, and make your own bread. We're gonna get a chakki soon make our own atta.
  12. What if someone asks you to do punj piare di seva, but you feel that you're not upto it, can you say no to that?
  13. He's amazing, first time I met him he went to touch my feet, knowing I'm like his son's age. I said ehda da paap na sir te lao jee, and gave him a huge hug. Hear so many stories from singhs about his funny visits in India.
  14. Daas, came across this shabad by Bhagat Jaidev jee who was born and bred in bengal, 2 of his shabads are included in Sree Guru Granth Saheb jee. The line first line of the shabad intrigued me and so I started to do vichaar on the shabad and do some research, what I found is that there have been claims that Bhagat Jaidev jee promoted Yoga through his shabads, which is incorrect because Guru Naanak Saheb jee also writes a similar shabad in the same raag about haTh yoga and breathing techniques. This intrigued me even more and prompted me to read what Bhai Saaheb Singh has to say about this, wh
  15. I'm gonna remove that 'I'm stupid' emoticon so you don't use it
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