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  1. sent u a pm... CHECK IT AND DO IT PLEASEEE lol

  2. Poster wont be printed in time for then which is why the dates before this weekend (including the live events on Sikh Channel) have not been added. Thanks
  3. Please see the attached schedule for Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Shimla Wale) Also, remember he will be on the Sikh Channel tonight, tomorrow night and Friday night from about 8.30pm onwards. (Revised Poster)
  4. Apologies, my mistake - he is on at 8pm tonight (straight after Smethwick) and not 7pm.
  5. Bhai Gurpreet Singh jee is on Sikh Channel tonight 7pm
  6. Tonight on LIVE 6pm : Bhai Balbir Singh (Damdami Taksaal) 7pm : Bhai Gurcharan Singh 8pm : Bhai Amardeep Singh - Significance of Jaap Sahib (Ep. 3)
  7. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa. Vaheguru ji ki Fateh. Sikh Channel will have a special broadcast premiere of "Rise of the Khalsa" movie by Vismaad productions tomorrow (Thursday 25th June 2009) at 7pm to commemorate the Shaheedi Day of Baba Bandha Singh Bahadur. Please encourage everyone you know to watch - including younger brothers/ sisters/ cousins/ etc. Thank you Sikh Channel
  8. Fateh ji It was Bhai Juggy Singh from Coventry - they will be performing again next week at the same time 8pm-9pm
  9. I tell you something, some 5 year olds out there know more about Sikhi than some adults i know. My point? Sikh Channel isnt trying to educate those who already know about Sikhi -- it wouldnt make sense. Our aim is to educate those who dont know what Sikhi is about. Who dont even know what the word Sikh means. We do have some great in-depth shows aimed at the older generation - what we have asked of Bhai Amardeep Singh and Bhai Butta Singh is to cater for those with very little knowledge and explain it in the simplest terms. Bhai Butta Singh and Bhai Amardeep Singh have been working with those
  10. TONIGHT ON LIVE (Tue, 02 June 2009) 7.30pm : Bhai Amardeep Singh (Derby) 8.00pm : Prof. Davinder Singh (Keshgarh Sahib)
  11. A promo has been playing constantly on the channel for 1984 rally which is tomorrow - it shouldnt matter which version is used - what is important is that the message is delivered which it has been. Any more issues, please contact us via our website www.sikhchannel.tv Thank you. Sikh Channel
  12. Gurfateh to all Please note todays special schedule (GMT): 2pm : Saint Soldiers - a talk recorded in Wolverhampton by Canadian guest Vikram Singh 4pm (Tentative) : On This Day - special guest talks about the FACTS around 1984 and events leading up to it. 7pm : Gurbani Keertan Special - Bhai Sukhjinder Singh & Jatha and Bibi Sheena Kaur will be live in the studio 8pm : A special one-off extended discussion and debate on 1984 will be aired featuring a guest audience and panel. Support : Participate : Contribute. Remember 1984
  13. Issues with sound, lighting, camera mixing, graphics, production and more. When we pre-record, we can edit the shows to make sure it all looks professional and is consistent throughout with more graphics etc and its less pressure on the presenters as well. Simple.
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