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  1. couldnt see a kirtan section so posted it here
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7bMywpML_U&feature=related Apprantly muslims rate this guy highly so It would be great If a sikh person who knows alot about sikhi could have a discussion with this guy and finally put a rest to the false rumours muslims put out there about sikhs. in the past he has slated the hindu and chrsitan religion in a bid to get them to convert to muslim, when it comes to sikhism it sounds like he either knows very little or he knows if he gets into a debate about sikhi he wont have a leg to stand on.
  3. I didnt mean I myself would make the DVD myself it was just an Idea, obvioulsy someone with a lot of knowledge of sikhi would be needed to make this. I have limited knowledge of sikhi myself. I mean if we could get all of the information on how the tactics muslims use to lure young girls in and prepare the youth and parents in advance (aim towards 16-21 year olds who are leaving home for the first time) they may think twice about going off with these boys and leaving their families. These youth and parents who know little about sikhi will then have something to say back if muslims start t
  4. Within the next 3-4 days I will compile a list of many questions on this board, that a muslim asked me about sikhi trying to fool me into thinking sikhi is false and islam was the only way I would be greatful if someone with lots of knowlegdge on sikhi could reply to these questions in detail. and then maybe someone could post these on existing facebook or twitter sites.
  5. Hi, after travelling up and down universitys around england its obvious conversions to other religions especially islam is a massive problem. with most girls knowing very little about their own religion. many indian families concentrate on making money teaching them the basics of sikhi when they are young and then from the age of 16 years of years onwards allow them to do mostly as they please aslong as they do well in education. Anyone who has been to university in recent years knows how girls act in clubs these days especially sikh girls, most of them get into proper relationships for th
  6. Maybe thats because they dont want to do their parents besti in, and go to jail. how hard is it to go to jail these days, all it takes is one punch or kick, and you get 6 months in jail. A few sikhs who I went to school with, failed all of their exams, started dealing drugs and now drive range rovers, and own their own houses and are just 21 or 22. they hand around in small gangs, and wouldnt back away from fights against blacks, whites or any other people. IS THIS REALLY THE IMAGE YOU WANT??? Mots of my mates dont have fights because they are well educated and know the difference from
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