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  1. anything you would add or change here? http://visual.ly/sikh-beliefs
  2. Due to 75% of Panjab's river water being diverted to other states leading to shortage of water, approx 40,000 farmers in Panjab have committed suicide everybody popping gol gappays giving out oranges many garbage bags strawberry hill always up to no good they had 5 cotton candies double umbrellas people get to air themselves on tv guess which one is me got her drugs she was cold in the rain new turban style magic show scared of rain cops enjoying fresh pakoras and hot jalebi on duty got her drugs she was cold
  3. hahaha Thank You for giving this place hope! best post ever. but yea I will still need to find other OPEN MINDED sikhs that know how to live to support this idea. Probably best to ask the ones who themselves had their Sikh wedding outdoors.. I will share the answer for other Sikhs to know and reference..
  4. I see your point but Gurdwaras are man-made as well and an endless amount of them are allowed AND encouraged to be created so it is a good thing to create ANOTHER home for Guru Ji to enjoy being in. It does not need to be looked at as Guru Ji having to travel because he will get a RIDE the whole way as everything will be set up as every gurdwara has to be set up and all the SEVA will be done FOR GURU JI. *as for others here that seem to imply certain "acts" are "abusing respect" please be more clear if you believe a certain ACT is doing something and how...
  5. Its very cool as long as its respectful like this funny one i recently saw "Paying Guest" with johnny lever as a sikh. he was the most heartfelt character
  6. Yes it would be special and yes Guruji would agree that this is special and would be Very happy with it. Thank you.
  7. exactly and the whole thing will be a vegetarian and non alcohol event.
  8. it would be out in HIS nature therefore respecting his creations even more. thinking maybe by the water or maybe on a mountain. It is a problem if gurdwaras dont offer this option but I will find a way to do it eventually just hoping it wont be too much of a struggle
  9. or perhaps it is better to spread Guruji EVERYWHERE instead of just inside. I'm sure Guruji would appreciate travelling out of the Gurdwara once in a while. :6
  10. Where should one go to to arrange your wedding to be done outside a gurdwara at a golf course or something? Do many gurdwaras in Surrey/Vancouver offer that option??
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