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  1. Sikhi4Ever

    Sikh History

    Have you ready any sikh history books? if you did, can you name some here?
  2. Sikhi4Ever


    We need to trust Panj piyarays. If there is no trust then that person is not ready. In the olden days, out of a Sangat of say 100 who wanted Amrit....possibly 30 were accepted....the majority were turned back and asked to prepare more thoroughly and return next time. Infact, many were refused several times. Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh Jee was turned back the first time and when he came back the second time, the Panj Pyare refused again...but this time Bhai Fauja Singh Jee refused to leave without the Great Gift of Naam/Amrit....so the Panj Pyare told him to go and lay down on a railway track until told otherwise. Bhai Fauja Singh rushed off to obey Guru Sahib's command and one Singh was sent secretly to observe him and told to pull him away before the train comes. Bhai Fauja Singh Jee lay on the track and even upon the obvious arrival of the train did not shift at all. The Singh who was sent behind Bhai Fauja Singh Jee ran out and tried to pull away Bhai Fauja Singh Jee before the train killed him, but Bhai Fauja Singh Jee refused to leave...not wanting to disobey his Guru....eventually he was pulled away in time and they returned to the Panj Pyare who ONLY then were satisfied with him.
  3. Sikhi4Ever


    Virjee, Are you one of them?
  4. Sikhi4Ever


    Again it depends on the panj piyarays. If they are ok with him coming for Amrit shak without his wife then it is ok. If they turn him away then it fine too. I can give few examples of gursikhs who did the exact same.
  5. Sikhi4Ever


    Yes you can. Also depends on panj piyaray. If they are ok then it is fine.
  6. Sikhi4Ever

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    Would you be interested in the public conference call to talk on this issue and posted up on youtube or here on this website? It will be related to this calendar issue? I tried to make it with col. Nishan Singh and purewal but purewal don't want to do either in person nor on call. Why not solve this issue by a 2 person call for public to hear ? Solve the matter right away yeh?
  7. Sikhi4Ever

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    300 sala in 1999. He based all dates from that year.
  8. can't find it. post some links.
  9. Sikhi4Ever

    New Zealand attack

    google - Sarcasm.
  10. Sikhi4Ever

    Taking relationship further

    Are you asking if our religion permits pre-martial relationship? I think you know the answer. It does not allow regardless of whether you will married to the same person or not.
  11. Sikhi4Ever

    i want to die??

    Give sikhi dharam a chance and see if that helps you. I would encourage you to start with Katha first. 1. Basics of Sikhi - Start this playlist with video # 2 2. Do Sukhmani Sahib Paath - Importance of it Share if it helps you or not.
  12. Sikhi4Ever

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    Those who claims that purewal is genius and solves the calendar issue are no different than deplorables of trump fans
  13. Why Hindu ? Why not other religion?
  14. I call them sellout who will sellout literally everything close to them including their dharam just to go along with the flow. Bujdil tola keh lavo. As per your ideology, sikhs in mughals should have just leave jungle and stay home and follow law and order because their population were getting smaller day by day??

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