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  1. Sikhism tells us to be away from such dhan daulat. Making to the list of Forbes is not in our religion and culture tells us to do so. It is against our religion. Sikhs are living example of human going against massing wealth of that much amount.
  2. Agree ! Also Delete Social network profiles ! Watch https://www.thesocialdilemma.com/ The Social Dilemma Tech experts sound the alarm on the dangerous human impact of social networking. Initial release: January 26, 2020
  3. Not sure what is the question here? - Keep up the simran, nitnem, prayers, seva - Encourage your near and dear to go in sikh religion purely - Spend time with sangat - Do ardas for all brothers and sisters to keep keep their haumai in control - Do ardas for weak ones - farmers protestors an example.
  4. You reach saachkhand after death (gurmukh saints) Blessed gurmukh saints soul gets away from 84 lakh joon. Saying saachkhand is not in existence is saying hell is not true as well Saying you get saachkhand while you live on earth is same as saying you will get punished while staying on earth. Saying saachkhand is not there after death is like hell does not exist; which means papi like KPS GILL will not get any hisab kitaab after he died. Saying saachkhand does not exist after death/mukhti is saying there is no dharamraj or lekha dekha after death/mukhti. Same what missionaries are saying that hell and saachkhand are on earth and there is nothing after death. Dharam raj is there and soul will be answerable for everything in the court of dharamraj. Living and practicing gurus teaching will progress your soul and also convert your past bad karam to good ones. With good deeds on earth and doing bhagti and naam simran in every saas (breath), you will get blessings of gurus and protection. Take one step toward waheguru, Akal Purakh takes thousands out to reach you.
  5. Good effort for the beginners but full caution. - Gurmukhi and Punjabi is important - Protect our scripture language at all cost - Guru sahib would have never started a new language for no reason
  6. - You need to learn more about the establishment and history of the Sikh Rehat Maryada. - Nothing is compulsory - such as following sikh dharam as well. - Sri Akal Takht SRM is the most basic code of conduct that all organizations must follow. Adding anything over that is then their own code of conducts. In the end, you need to learn the basics first.
  7. Why OP desperately only wants to hear yes for drinking SRM says NO >> Means NO
  8. Then you have a problem with Sikh Rehat Maryada ?
  9. Here's the answer : Intoxication: Consumption of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and other intoxicants is not allowed for Amritdhari Sikhs and Keshdhari Sikhs. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are forbidden for all. --- Chapter 10, Artice XVI - Living in Consonance with Guru’s Tenets j. A Sikh must not take hemp (cannabis), opium, liquor, tobacco, in short any intoxicant. His only routine intake should be food. Source: SRM
  10. Looks like i pushed a button and you went thru the roof. Not my intention.
  11. That is not right. If he wants to hit then hit the organizer.
  12. - Every human has their right to live as per their own wishes (karam). - Sikhs do not hate anyone whether be it gay, sick, poor, rich, kala, gora, peela, nationality, caste etc etc. - Sikhs want equal rights for anyone even if it goes against their own personal belief. Giving all above reasons - People are taking advantage of us. So read below: - Sikhs also do not want those who go against Gurbani to represent sikhi - Sikh also do not want LGTBQ to justify their lifestyle as "allowable per gurbani". - Sikh also do not want them to be present at any sikh stage to preach, leadership or any other religious matter (which is same with other religions) Stop representing sikhism if you do not practice. Any sane person knows that. In above case, someone suffers from inferiority complex or any mental issues where she felt the need to occupy the center of attention by target focusing on sikh religion. Yes, waheguru loves everyone but what is your point?
  13. Guys, this guy is one person who happens to belong to muslim religion He is not a jathedar of muslim group, religion he is only being himself to show his way to thanks sikhs for showing support to another minority in india
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