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  1. Mediterranean or Greek Food - Veggie Gyros, Gemista, any food or snack with Hummus Italian - Pasta (non-egg), Italian authentic Thin crust pizza with olive oil and less cheese Mexican - Burritos South Indian - Iddli/Sambar. Dosa with their cocunut chutney
  2. Relying on AI, Un-leashed and free range of industrialization will end this world. Watch his documentary series on netflix.
  3. Not sure from either side but to me it looks like an attempt by this lady to fix her image. This is the PR campaign to justify of what she did or her involvement. Typical showing of story of seeding theory of transformation of culprit into victim by one sided story. Well dead can't speak, so she is having the swing.
  4. Sangat should know punjabi/gurmukhi. Not granthis/kathakars learning english.
  5. Would be interesting to see what are your "Firm Traditionalist" views. Now don't do ghosting traditionalist male ji.
  6. Sikhi4Ever

    Life in india

    Do not need to go to India for this. plenty of beautiful and cheap opportunities here in western world. - Buy dozen acres of rural land, mountain side - Go off-grid - Solar, Propane/gas, Fireplace India is polluted - air, water, land etc.
  7. please post at least the small snippet of the post. hate click bait.
  8. He should not accept this; specially when farmers are suffering by the same hand who is giving the award.
  9. Sikhism tells us to be away from such dhan daulat. Making to the list of Forbes is not in our religion and culture tells us to do so. It is against our religion. Sikhs are living example of human going against massing wealth of that much amount.
  10. Agree ! Also Delete Social network profiles ! Watch https://www.thesocialdilemma.com/ The Social Dilemma Tech experts sound the alarm on the dangerous human impact of social networking. Initial release: January 26, 2020
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