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    i am instersts in sikhism
  1. no more shoes...only heads will roll!!!!! :D yes i know but if they want to do it then they in the wrong
  2. i cant forgive you only guru forgive u if u do bad thing you will get bad things if you good thing you will get good thing
  3. that is wrong the guru dont teach us like that is that what the guru teach us
  4. QUANTUM FIELD THEORY The famous double slit experiment used a set of single electrons (particles) fired one after the other through 2 slits. The result was an interference pattern which is characteristic of a wave and not a particle. This implied that each single electron would go through both slits; through no slits; through just the left slit and through just the right all at the same time! Quantum field theory explains this by stating that matter is neither a wave nor a particle. It is something more abstract and could be considered as a simultaneous co-existence of all possibilities. Thi
  5. yeh but bhai jarnail singh trow a shoe at him isnt he bad or is jagdish tyltter bad which one is bad
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYWyRn8_6vM watch this is it wrong to trow a shoe at someone
  7. It should be go on to google and write it on there
  8. yeah i knowed that you are coming to england next sunday so i am coming to watch you and so as the other people i hope Bhai harbans singh is going to be there
  9. In which gurdwara is it and when it is on so that i could come and watch him in live
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