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  1. Hi, When is Sikhi Camp this year? Are children (babies) allowed to attend with parents? Any other information available yet? And if not when is it likely to be? Thanks!
  2. that is very true - but numbers do mean a bigger voice
  3. Kaljugi - you are spot on - it is a massive task but not impossible. It would take us years to do the planning but still possible. There are plenty of motivated people to help. I would say the starting point being simply listing the international organisations we need to get involved. then get together - skpe or whatever - mind map all the possibilities. from there we can draw out priorities and risks. Then the recruitment begins - share with wider sangat. Is this really naive of me?
  4. what about getting a high profile person involved like the Gurkas did? Get the protests treding on twitter like the save libraries protests did? I like the idea of turning up to high profile indian events too. A plan needs to be put together an a campign with dates and actions etc The media rely massively on twitter for news sources - it should be pursued
  5. I was thinking the exact same thing. But there are some key obstacles: 1) Throughout the entire Egyt protests, any police/army or any government reprsentation was no where to be seen - they just left them to it. If we were to do this in India, the army (with sikhs included in it) would come out in their masses and repeat 1984 riots. We would be outnumbered easily, mass loss of ilfe and still not got any further. 2) India would not get this kind of Media coverage - possibly from Al Jazeera the only unbiased/non-corrupt media channel in 2011. but to be effective it needs to get the attention o
  6. Hi Anybody out there familiar with Adobe InCopy? Are you a designer? Would appreciate any feedback you may have, what is it like to use from a designers perspective? thanks everyone
  7. Enraged to see this: A Sikh man who has campaigned for the BNP in support of its anti-Islam stance has been put forward to be the party's first non-white member. Rajinder Singh, who is in his late 70s, has twice lent support to Nick Griffin during the British National party leader's court appearances and appeared in an election broadcast for the party in 2005. There have been suggestions that he could stand as a BNP candidate at next year's general election. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2009/nov/20/sikh-man-bnp-member http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/nov/23/bnp-racism-del
  8. Does anyone know the tour dates please? thank you
  9. RE: Notrious Jatt Khanda song haha "ASAL PEHSHAAN PUNJABI DI, GAL PAIYA KANDA" what about the Sikhi roop? Mean nothing to you pillocks? haha these people are so far from being Sikhs it makes me laugh
  10. wow. thank you. i think thats all i need to know...
  11. penji that is a very advanced state which i am very very far from...
  12. I must stress a key point that seems to be overlooked in my last contribution. I wear make up not for the approval of others (though i appreciate your argument and see how it could be interpreted in that way) it is so that i can control my mind and focus on what is important. Instead of it jumping around and being self conscious. I know that many of you are right in saying that this feeling will control itself without the make up and other so called materialisms once my sikhi, knowledge and understanding increases, but until then i see this as a short term solution, i would love not to care
  13. I've been watchin gthis topic for some time and it has been interesting to see what people think. I am female, amritdhari and wear make up but not jewellry. Let me explain my logic. For me, I am quite insecure about my looks, if i were to go to the gudwara or to a public place without any make up (bearing in mind, this is not shed loads of colour, or fancy make up, just a thin layer of foundation to make my skin appear mark free) I would feel as though people are staring at me and feel really insecure. Therefore I wear a tiny bit of foundation all over just to smooth over my skin to allow m
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8002579.stm
  15. This too has happened to me in the past. I did ardaas from the bottom of your heart and completed a jap ji sahib. Just do whatever you feel is appropriate.
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