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  1. In regards to training only: If you tie a decent patka, tight joora, and wear a wrestling cap you should be fine in BJJ/Wrestling/Sambo. Even if you get choked/taken down it should hold up. IF it doesnt, get on with it. Re tie it and get back into training. These small things shouldnt affect your participation. We have this notion nowadays that we cant do this due to maryada etc etc. How do you think singhs did in Jung? Worried about their dastaars? Or their lives. My two cents and opinion. No harm done. Love to all. Note:
  2. Buffalo Milk was used when Degh was originally made. No hormones, no injections, no dilution. Simple. Effective. Useful.
  3. Hunji thats right. From that website. Havent heard anything, I was wondering whether its worth disputing it with paypal, and claiming my money back. Its been 4 weeks now.
  4. As usual when a bibi starts a thread, people go off topic
  5. Bump! Fateh all, Aap ji, Ordered from this website 3 weeks ago, payment through paypal. Havent heard anything from the website, in terms of delivery or even acknowledging the order! They have a contact email, which doesnt work at all.! What is going on? Is this website a fraud or a front? :blink2: Please help Daas
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