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  1. To build muscle you need a greater level of resistance and fewer reps. I would suggest a set of 3, comprising of 6-8 reps for each exercise. I'm keeping this fairly generic as I not a personal trainer and I don't know at what point you are starting, your fitness levels etc. Exercises you might want to consider, after a warm up, might include dead lifts, press ups, squats, lunges, chest press etc. Just make sure you do the exercises correctly and stretch properly afterwards as well.
  2. MODS please could you close this topic. If sangat wish to continue the conversation that is not relative, they can start a new thread. Thanks.
  3. Try doing a mindmap to start with, so think about everything a Sikh believes, then in another colour mark up the behaviour and actions or fold a page in half and then draw lines between the two. Beliefs (key words): See god in all It's good to share One god Saint/ Soldier 10 gurus/ GGSJ Natural appearance Actions/ Behaviour: Humble/ Humility Honesty Brave Content/ Positive Share From this, you maybe be able to pick out a Sakhi or a Shabad to help you.
  4. let me give you an example... over 25, female, uk Goals: Tone and increase fitness levels, reduce body fat/gain muscle -- aim to go swimming twice a week and weight training twice a week I have been training since I was 21, so I would looking for someone at more of advanced level of training However, for this to work more than two people need to be willing to partake.
  5. lol guys come on ... you haven't said anything about what your goals are ... or where you are at with your fitness
  6. ok, if it helps, let's go for inclusion (just remember to add where in the world you are from then in your post). I am hoping it's not just going to end up as two people.
  7. I think the one on Saturday at Guru Har Rai gurdwara is at 1pm but check, I could be wrong. They usually provide kakaars if you don't have them. God bless.
  8. Are there any fitness enthusiats in the UK? Anyone interested in becoming a fitness buddy? The aim is to inspire, encourage, motivate others to maintain a heathly lifestyle through regular fitness. If you are interested perhaps reply with the following Age bracket (under 25s/ over 25s) Gender (male/female - in case it's not obvious) Goals (loose weight/ maintain weight/ gain muscle/ enhance fitness levels etc) Additional info (Stage of training/ Area of expertise/ Sports you currently partake in) Please note, the purpose is to provide support to your online fitness buddy and to help you
  9. GuptKaurUK


    Penji, what is actually causing you to be sad, why are you crying, what are you crying for? The reason I ask, is sometimes it helps to do some self reflection. There maybe some very simple solutions but first of all you need to understand what is causing you to be sad in the first place.
  10. GuptKaurUK


    Penji, I would strongly recommend that you partake in regular seva. Also, do something you enjoy, that will help you feel more positive, pursue a hobby or interest.
  11. The water goes through a cylinder (rather than a jug) system for drinking water, it's built into the kitchen (that's as much as I can remember). I personally don't eat out, even at weddings, in fact I ususally only go for the anand karaj and then have langar.
  12. VJKK VJKF When I went to India last year, guru kirpa, I experienced no issues with my health. I always drank boiled water, even when travelling I took boiled water that had been cooled and I bottled it myself. I never used bottle water (at the house I was mainly residing, the water had been through a water filter) to brush my teeth but I made sure I didn't swallow any. I mainly ate home made food (roti and sabji), I ate langar at certain gurdwarae but I didn't have jal. Sometimes I took a packed lunch. I did have cereal and milk for breakfast (I took my own cereal and the milk was from the ho
  13. It is not clear to me either. Are you asking what food to serve or when to serve or something else? Usually when you have guests you would do as "Seeking the light" has suggested. If the guests were coming at 1pm then you may be able to get away with offering soft drinks and then serving roti, shortly after arrival... if they were coming at an odd time like 3pm, you would usually have a starter... it depends how long you are expecting them to stay, what time you have invited them over.
  14. People might not like what I have to say... but to be honest, sometimes we have to accept that people sometimes learn best from making their own mistakes. If the relationship with the guy is fresh then you might be able to get someone to talk her out of it but if she has been dating or whatever for a long time then I am not sure she will be willing to take on board advice. I think we all go through a phase, when we are growing up, we think we know everything we need to know but we don't. If you can't talk to her, maybe write her a letter, expressing your concerns but then leave it up to her t
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