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  1. I really want to thank you for taking time to post detailed info. Finally, I hv some sense nockd in to me loll ...I can share all this with my family I needed to know all this for so long now you've made it sound soo simple for me. Everyone loves my cousin sister's name and people always ask for meaning etc of Sujaan. Now I can tell them the meaning with confidence. Sujaan is certainly unique name esp for us but it has profound meaning for sure. Our whole family is full of Gorayas nd use as our surnames loll and we happen to know loads Cheemaz , chattahz etc too Anyway, I'll bookmark thi
  2. Indeed! ur right ... I'm from Lahore.
  3. Nahey veer goraya are not tarkhans but belongs to jatt tribe.. Most of the Goraya surname resides in Gurdaspur district (Kadiyaan etc..) though we don't believe in any caste thingy but just wanna point it out as our pind is close to the kadiyaan and knows lot of gorayass.. Aww thats nice to know and yeah caste rubbish is a huge turn off .......
  4. Thanks everyone for being great help. Much appreciated!! See ya!
  5. That is the best that I think i could do. But me and my cousin sister didn't know where to look for answers and got lil' obsessed with name thing nd to dig out some stuff in our heads.
  6. I'm glad to know ... thanks!
  7. Ah bless!! really thanks for being specific. That would be awesome if you have anything to tell about 'Goraya' ? any lilttle detail would be worthy for me...thanks!
  8. hey we dont believe in this crap either but just for my own info wantd to know ..thats all! what does 'sujaan' mean thou? Still curious! Anyway, I respect what you said... totally makes sense
  9. ^ Thanks for replying thou ' Harpal' . Its alright! Hope someone else does!
  10. dua1

    hey mod, i have joined today but pls ignore my repetitive posts and put my topic where you think is appropriate.

    Tussi theek ho ? : )

  11. madness takes its toll

  12. Hello everyone, What's happening at your end of the world? : ) I'm Sarina and I've joined this forum to ask few questions related to someone's name in our extended family. Please be humble when you reply to my questions as I've no knowledge of Sikh culture. Can someone tell me who are 'Gorayas' ? My cousin sister's family is Punjabi (Jatt I guess ) and they all use this as their surname. Also in our family is some girl named 'Sujaan'. Her parents say its pure punjabi name but we don't know the origin and meaning of this name. She was once at airport and everyone thought of her as Indian Pu
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