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  1. could someone provide pics of old birs of dasam granth that show dates when they were written? also can someone provide a snap of benti chaupai in old birs too? thanx
  2. Kulwant Singh dhesi was not at yesterdays meetin, neither was major sandhu or babbu lol. Yes wrong things were said at the meeting and the way the two lads who objected WERE RUFFED UP was way out of line, but a number of guys at today's conferance gave speaches that incited violence against the opposing crew, is that wat these guys are good for? Kicking off with their own? Both sides have acted disgracefully. Today's guys even said that those that don't accept all of dasam Granth and raagmala are not Sikhs. Those that diss their sampardas or leaders are not Sikhs? Is that wat sikhi is to them?
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