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  1. gurfateh running is good...if your starting out do a mixture of walking and jogging and build it up.
  2. Gurfateh jee Someone was asking about receipes... I made 'curry' once with mushroom and potato instead of pokarai and it came out really nice, served with rice. You have to have a lot of time on your hands because it takes a long time to cook. I hope your change is going well singh559... I decided to stop posting to this thread on a regular basis as it seems as though there's not that many people that want to be involved after all.
  3. First of all, I dont like eating somosas or onion bharjees or indian sweets ... i dont like deep fried, spicy food... so im happy not toeat it. Secondly, this change is not 'for me' is not just about being eating heathly food Thirdly, I dont have any issues with relations eating different food (i have been eating whatever i want since the ages of 16, i have been buying and eating my own food... i dont eat with family so i have no problems upsetting anyone).
  4. That sounds like my idea of food hell (if you watch saturday morning kitchen those words will make sense). I don't eat samosey or indian sweets.
  5. Gurfateh jee This is great, I think we are starting to get a few more participants so I would like to take a register and a few more details, providing people are happy to do so. This will be used to keep track of progress, more importantly... I think if we know who is actively involved and their ambitions or goals we can try to offer more support as a group. I know as the original poster, I started off really well but then after a while started slacking, so even I need a push from time to time. SS Username - Age group (16-21/ 21-26/ 27-31/ 31-36/ 37+) - Gender - [Weight kg/ Height/ BMI (al
  6. A detox is when you give up certain foods (or could be alcohol if this is consumed) for a short period of time, like 2-7 days maximum, you follow a very simple diet (usually plenty of water, fruit, raw vegetables etc). The idea is that it cleanses the insides (although I don't think it's been scientifically proven) and we didn't do a detox because we are following a balanced diet that includes all food groups. What we are trying to do is reduce the bad fats and make healthier choices. I am trying to cut out as much processed food as I can. s1ngh from what you have said so far, I don't think y
  7. very off topic but couldnt help asking after this message... you getting married HDSH
  8. well done bhajee, you really are setting a good example.
  9. Bhajee, you need to have a sensible breakfast, don't skip meals. Tea/ coffee for breakfast doesn't count. What snacks are you having? Well done for getting the hike in.
  10. Training 7 days a week is not recommended... unless you are talking about a 30 minute strol or something light on some days. Recovery is equally as important, especially when doing high intensity training as mentioned by RavindaSingh.
  11. Ravinda Singh "Interesting have u guys been doin excercise whilst on thi detox ?" Gurfateh jee This is part of a bigger process which I haven't explained/ shared yet, the first step is to tackle the diet which can be harder than introducing exercise.... having said that we are all doing this for different reasons, some people want to loose weight. There's not that many of us actively involved yet. I know that one or two of the regular posters or active participants are partaking in regular exercise, one person visits the gym on a regular basis and has a trainer to support them, others are go
  12. Day 9, how's it going? I know weekends can always be that little bit more difficult... it certainly has been for me as I stupidly ended up baking cakes yesterday!
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