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  1. Personally i would like Maywether to Lose... But no I would Not Put money on It. JUST ENJOY THE FIGHT FOR ENTERTAINMENT
  2. Sometimes there are those that you can never forget. Its just a matter of dealing with it... it takes time but eventually you dont feel the same pain when you think of them. Believe me, I know that feeling. I always think about those few but it does not feel the same anymore. You kind of realise that if you really knew each other you would be with each other... If you broke up and you no longer have contact then its probably for the best. I like to think that Mahraj had a plan in place but our limited thinking does not think that way. So just let time take its course and let Waheguru Ji do what He needs to do. MAHRAJ KNOWS BEST WJKK WJKF
  3. There are many in youre situation. Including I... You are not alone. Stay blessed
  4. I never met him but from all the videos i have watched he was truly and intellectual being who was blessed in this world. Such a great soul, deepest condolences to his family. WJKK WJKF
  5. I personally think that men with beards look more like men and are quite handsome. If you use the right products such as oils and what nots you can get your beard to still look neat and clean. Basics of Sikhi once said... Be Brave Dont Shave... I dont have a beard depending on how close you are to my face but i like to follow that particular quote!
  6. I find that actions are equally expressing.. For example if i hold a knife in my hand and aim it towards my partner it means i am angry... He doesn't necessarily have to move either that just ends up 10 times worse becuase then it turns into a high speed chase! Police and what not!
  7. Wingz23


    Ja Tu Mere Val Hai Tha Kya Mushundha... Mahraj is Always with You Sweetheart. Be brave and follow the Path you were Destined for. Beileve me When you are Done with School These People Will Not Even be Worth a Thought and You Will have Learnt so much and You My dear will come out a better person... Why? Becuase Mahraj Is Truly With You STAY STRONG BEAUTIFUL.
  8. This is Wingz23 saying goodbye.. The thread has now lost interest
  9. Lmao i guess its time i unfollowed this topic then. Ciao
  10. Its interesting to see the start of this post and where it has actually ended up going
  11. Seeing as howi already suffer with both those thingsi wont bother getting married. Thanks for the headzup Singh
  12. Wingz23


    Love is in the air.....
  13. Wingz23


    Awww 7th grade crush... Thats cute! Hahaha
  14. That escalated pretty quickly! Lol!
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