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  1. Exactly what the thread title says... anyone still here from the early days of the forums?

    A few questions for some of the older mebers:

    Q: Is there any differences from the feel and users from the early days?

    Q: Why did you sign up with the forums?

    Q: What would you like to see be improved?

    Q: What is your message to the younger members (age) of the forums?

    Let's get everyones responses!


    Q: Is there any differences from the feel and users from the early days?

    Yeah, seemed more relaxed before.. with more jokes.. Remember Kumi? *sighs*

    Q: Why did you sign up with the forums?

    No youth sangat available down here. I must admit, I've learnt quite a lot from this forum; Such as how not to beleive what everyone says, and be able to mentally filter out them, and ofcourse, about Sikhi. Since joining at December 05, i've changed considerably - Good AND bad - but generally have grown closer to Sikhi - Up to the point of Taking Amrit. Before, i was the average Punjabi Bhangra-remix-fanatic boy.

    Q: What would you like to see be improved?

    Nothing, its perfect :@ . LOL nah, I mean.. it will spoil the fun if things are improved.

    Q: What is your message to the younger members (age) of the forums?

    At first its extremely easy to beleive what everyone writes. Before taking account of an issue, ask lot's of users for their opinion, or even discuss the issue with someone in real life.. It helps!

    Once you learn to do your own research and find a way of filtering out "wrong" answers.. You will find your knowledge has expanded so much.

    O yeah, another thing; Theres nothing wrong in joking tongue.gif - We oldies have fun too!

    ** not dec 05 but jan 05 blush.gif

  2. Oh I think I got over excited. He has only asked them to drop the word Akali. Considering Badal said his party was secular more than 3 years ago, it is good to see the quick response form Vedanti. At this rate he may look at the UK beadbi cases by 2012.

    LOL.gif lol veerji you miscalculated..

    its actually 2014 rolleyes.gif


    ok jokes aside, I bet theres a catch in this.. maybe Badal and Vedanti had a recent arguement?

    Vedanti: Sort me out for the jathedaar position next time

    Badal: No!! time for my son wid the tilak on his forehead to have a go.

    Vedanti: GRR how DARE u! *goes home and searches through 1000s of reports of Badal but picks his favourite one* AHA! Badal not akaali eh?? Good idea!

    PS: lol cant stop now!

    If the SAD cannot maintain its Panthic image or identity, it must drop the word Akali, he said.
    2 points

    a) Ok, get rid of akaali.. by killing it off! (akali means undestroyable huna?)

    b) Let jathedaar sahib have a quick taste of his own medicine : If mr Vedanti "cannot maintain its Panthic image or identity, it must" GET OFF THE SEAT OF JATHEDAAR!!!!

  3. dont treat waheguru as far away.. nor as a "god"..

    actually try making them your mate.. someone to talk 2.. someone 2 ask 4 a fava.. dont be afraid of them.. fall in love instead.

    JIN PREM KEEYO TIN HEE PRABH PAYO - Those who feel love for him can reach Him.

    You are one brave singhni, no matter how bad your circumstances have been you still managed to get this far.. All Guru Ji's Kirpa. Dont worry about anything, it all happens for a reason ie: You may not have been a humble person if you got into Sikhi the "easy way".. if you get what I mean.

    just leave everything In Guru Ji's hands - Your best mate :lol:

  4. Bulay Shah, a celebrated Muslim sufi saint of Punjab was a contemporary of Guru Gobind Singh. He pays a glowing tribute to the Guru thus: "I neither say of the past, nor do I speak of present, but I talk of the time of Guru Gobind Singh and declare:

    "Na kahun abh kee, na kahun tab kee, agar na hote Guru Gobind Singh, to sunnat hoti sab kee"

  5. Now, onto the family issue.. This is a test from Guru Ji.. to see how much you're devoted to Guru ji.

    This world is practically a war arena.. We are all fighting in it and some win, some lose, some cary on fighting.

    Doing naam jap amritvela before nitnem and just breathe wid naam...

    ie: breathe in:wahe ... breathe out: guru in whispers. Listen to raag kirtan.. it makes you think about the world beyond and gives u a yearning of wanting to go somewhere speical. This place is: Guru ji's laps.

    Be the lotus flower Guru Ji describes, and dont be affected by the muddy waters. Be the SINGHNI like Mai Bhago Ji, who led an army of Singhs to battle. Be the DAUGHTER of Guru Gobind Singh Ji to whome you gave your head. Keep rethinking about the scene, when the panj pyare gave you amrit..Dont forget the magical moment.. and smile in its memory

    Taking amrit has made your janam suhela. Its up to you to keep the rehit and seva.. dont waste time.. everything you do is accepted in Akal Purakh Waheguru ji's court. Who cares about Anyone?! As long as Guru Ji;s knows you have improved, that's all that matters. Just be strong.

    Dont worry about being in the war, just think about HOW to fight and be VICTORIOUS -


    Be a fighter, penji, be a fighter

  6. Penji, just hold on tight.. Guru Ji will help you. Cary on with your rehit.. looking back at the past and crying over it won't change it :lol: Move On and become a better Gursikh.

    Mistakes are like the borders of the path.. we all learn by mistakes. If we never committed mistakes we would be so Chardi Kala so soon and then hankar settles in our minds. Its through mistakes and experiences that we can go forward in the path. Roses are beautiful, but they have thorns on them too - Without them they wont have the chance to grow since any animal can just eat it up.

    On the other hand, normal humans make mistakes once. Fools repeat them.

    Dnt worry about paap.. I'm quite sure you cant have done as much paap as me..

  7. Guru Ji will do Kirpa himself.

    Some Gursikhs cant revise, yet achieved AAA in bio chem and maths in A levels!! 1 of them is aiming for medicine..

    Waheguru.. Your lucky your motivated into Sikhi.. people usually have the problem of motivation into Sikhi etc. But yeh..discipline works best... Let revision be "part" of our nitnem.. like aim to do 1 subject and a topic u like just before rehraas sahib. Should always be variety to avoid going to sleep(..or moving onto sikhsangat.com lol)

    Anyways, What works for me(only recently started revising) is do an exam paper.. and then you'll find wot ur misisng out on.. i was lyk OMG i forgot how to solve integration in maths! Got my book out and began practising.

  8. I actually never liked Firefox with the tabs and all. But IE7 is all about tabbing and what not, it's exactly like FireFox so I guess I'll have to get used to it. rolleyes.gif

    Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa!

    Waheguroo jee kee Fateh!

    In IE7, you can just turn off the tabs... (its under options)

    Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa!

    Waheguroo jee kee Fateh!

    same with firefox and opera.. lol

    but opera got its own server thingy, so it wont have the same problems/crashes/security holes like the IE7 or Firefox does.

  9. lol o waheguru.. u lot at this persons throats now...

    but yeh i disagree both sides.. if footballers are allowed 2 wear earings like women do then why cant us men wear karre?!

    on the other hand, if the goalie was amritdhari he woulda walked off.

    Both ways, its past tense now. The decision was made then. whats the point going to court on something he decided to do but changed his mind later? End of day, he chose to get it cut off.. so y regret it?!


    Dont do any deeds which ull later regret

    PS: cant beleve how trivial this is.. are sikh soccer players allowed to wear religious bracelet.. it woudla made more sense if the kirpan caused this much controversy :lol: @

  10. simple logic: "A guru in a human form is ur link with God...thru Naam Shabd. where do u get this naam shabd??? thru a GURU only. this highlighted thru out the Gurbani."

    So Guru Granth Sahib Ji isNot our Guru?? If you beleive Guru Granth Sahib Ji is Guru Ji (SABH SIKHAN KOH HUKAM HAI GUUR MAHIYO GRANTH) Then Guru Ji has given us that naam

    We got our naam... GURMANTAR: WAHEGURU

    Now we've got naam.. so why waste time finding the naam u alredy got... another example of simple logic :lol:

    Ooooh By the way, In Sidh Gost, When Guru Nanak Dev Ji was asked: Who is your guru? Guru ji Said: SHABAD GURU. Its written in black and white.. just read it. 2nd example of simple logic: Read and Understand

    So whats the fuss about..? wacko.gif

  11. "No hard feeling.. they only insulting Sikhs... nothing too bad we should never test our (step) mother india!

    How dare you go against india! So what if we are laughed at? At least our mother india is happy. We dont need Khalistan.. we are respected enough (as clowns)"

    ^^The selfdestructive Mentality of Indian Sikhs.


  12. The use of dream as a similie makes it clear that maya is nothing but an illusion.

    When we dream, we appear to be going everywhere.. our mind is being tricked and assumes that we are actually at that place but we in bed all along.

    Same applies to the mind.. We think the whole maya is real but its nothing but a shadow which will suddenly dissappear.

    Hope i made sense blush.gif

  13. LOL pakhandi baba in his flash mercedes... hmmm

    anywho... Crashing into the garage door is normal for anjaan.. chek her blog if you dont know wot im on about lol

    Im telling u.. girls shouldnt drive :lol: emi... either too cautious (only turn into the road when the whole road is empty ie: 2 hours later).. or just panic at sight of another car and hit the tree (not pointing any fingers penji.. lol)

    Ok enuf of that.. i wana learn! My mate recommeneded this gora.. charges £17 and £150 for 10 lessons... i mean WOT?! dats CHEAP!

    hmm yet i cant be bovad grin.gif stupid me

  14. Iff u feel down, this is what i do, take a couple of mates with u, nd start singing nursery rhymes at nite time, like about 10 ish or 12 ish, ill gurantee sum1 will either scream or sware, denn u just shoutt bacc, den eventualli u will gte called a paki or sumut, den juss call dema  council or a honkey.

    I was singin O Mac Donald

    Its funi cus last time i dun dat was 2 days ago, nd dis gyall srted to shout at me,  so i screamed, lol she called me a turban head nd a rag hed, lol we cussed her down soo muchh, ano it rong but, we neva get in to fites. buh we got cussed dwn dis one time, no.gif we got told to go bac to our country i didnt kno wa to say. so i sed im sori nd burst out laughin. Its a laugh try this out b4 gettim married?

    BTWww are u a teenager or a grown adult?



    i miss kumi too!!! hug.gif

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