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  1. Sikhi will be spread through Seva :wub:

    Seva itself wil inspire so many.. why? Because no other faith really offers this as explicitly as ours.

    We noticed, whenever there is a conference/festival, the lack of food/drinks given out during the event. Now if a Gurdwara had this duty we would of had pans and pans full of different delights.

    Its Guru Jis Mehar and Kirpa wich granted us with this Bakshish.

    On the other hand, it would've been nice if our beloved Gurdwara Committees help set up a home for the needy under the name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji instead of buying golden plates with name carved into it saying so n so gave so much money.

    By the way.. I second that: Nice Post Bains :TH:

  2. The above link that Namstang veerji gave is quite useful..

    Basically the katha says the Ik Oangkar is too powerful for us being.. it contains too much Light - Jot - for us to take. Hence the Guru Ji added the rest of the Mool Mantar ie: Ik Oangkar Satnam Karta Purakh etc...

  3. Peopel set up roadblocks and try to force you to eat langar. There was even a case where a bus driver was beaten to death for not stopping.

    thats when seva turns into ritual ie: if u dont serve at least so n so many poeple ur seva ent parvaan wacko.gif

    and i also noticed the litter problem everywhere.. im surprised the council even lets us do it inthe 1st place!!! punjabis cant be bovad 2 chuk it in the bin.. but have bags full of cans that they got form stall :wub:

  4. hoie isK isr topI DrY ] swq jnm kuStI huie mrY ]

    hoe sikh sir ttopee dhharai || saath janam kushattee hue marai ||

    He who as a Sikh places a hat on their head; will be reborn seven times as a leper.

    --Thankhaanama Bhai Nand Laal Jee


    jo ibnu siqgur syvy Kwdy pYndy sy muey mir jMmy koVHy ] Eie hwjru imTw boldy bwhir ivsu kFih muiK Goly ]

    jo bin sathigur saevae khaadhae painadhae sae mueae mar ja(n)mae korrhae || oue haajar mit(h)aa boladhae baahar vis kadtehi mukh gholae ||

    Those who eat and dress without serving the True Guru die; after death, those wretched lepers are consigned to reincarnation. In His Sublime Presence, they talk sweetly, but behind His back, they exude poison from their mouths.

    --ang 306 Guru Raam Daas Jee

  5. Dearest Parji i am soo proud of u!!

    isnt it amazing when the Panj Pyare tell u who your mother is, who your father is? Its one of those things u just cant forget..

    I just hope you have fought well and hard for this oppurtunity, it will reflect in your rehit :wub:

    Guru Ji Kirpa Karan


  6. I can answer the question of Kesh...

    Its Saabat Soorat. We respect the way God made us, so we dont cut hair.

    Then we have poeple asking about nails.. Sikhi is practical. If you keep nails, they tend to curve over... Making it very very hard to work with your hands.. you wont be able to touch anything with your fingertips!

    Hairs all over your body help your naam kamayi.. how? Everytime you Jap Naam once, each hair does the name.. so it multiplies the effect. Therefore, it makes sense to keep hair.

  7. Hmm this seems to be going the wrong way.. Jessica penji, all religions are meant to propagate Naam.. eg: Islam - Allah and Christianity - Yahweh.. yet they weren't known to be THE name.. only reffered to (such as bible talkin abt it.. but no christianities japping Yahweh)

    ...but thats a completely diff topic

  8. thanx.urmm bt "sincere ardas"...? and i hav alredy changed and am living a good life its jus the fact that i dont want it 2 get out 2 family etc as i am nt like that anymore and am greatly sorry n totali know i am wrong


    penji it wont dont worry :wub:

    Guru Ji will save your honour.. as long as u have changed. Guru Ji knows

  9. This was bound to happen one day!

    If you are going to bring dhols and dholkis, what is expected?????????????

    Puratan marayda has nagara, not dhols and dholkis. We aren't maraasees. Serious manmat. That looked more like a party dance than nagar kirtan.

    What can be done?????????


    ohmy.gif he talks sense!


    Nah you're right.. dhols were used first and then came the bhangra dancers. Dhal has got nothing to do with Sikhi! Its all CULTURE!!!

  10. Its a 20th century design so I do not see why it would be of great concern if you used AK47. Although the AK47 is a rather old design now so why not use a modern weapon like the HK416, FN SCAR-H , Micro-Galil, AK 101, XM8,  or even the SIG 552 Commando.


    wow i learnt so much frm that post...

    as in the diferent weapons.

    try googling them and chek out the image results

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