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  1. so he always faced the direct of the SGGS at all time? what about the other gurdwar's? Hmmm...

    On a similar side note - we should never turn our back on the Guru ji in our minds and hearts.


    parji STOP using logic to conquer...

    i mean, its all about love. Love HAS no logic. I know Sikhi is practical and that, but love is the backbone of Sikhi. Guru Gobind Singh ji said himself "JIN PREM KIO TIN HEE PRABH PAYO" - he who is in love with the Lord will meet the Lord. (dont worry, its not in any controversial parts of Dasam Granth.. its part of Akal Ustat.. even Missionary lot agree - init Khalsa Fauj!)

    Sometimes, love outweighs logic. No logic can define the feeling of love so why try 2 bound love by logic?

  2. Sat Sri Akal:

    Amateurs...shoulda had that IM stuff installed on your cell phone a long time ago...that $10,000 bill is so worth it to find out if Banta Singh will be coming to the Rehansabhai with a Kesri Hazooria while asking Santa Singh about his problems with the proper way to Chatka a pizza...



    yh how about... time urself... how long u spent on msn... den ull be lyk ohmy.gif

    enuf 2 turn ne1 off..

    hence i dont do it :wub: lol

  3. I know the Shiv Sena had such a camp in Ludhiana and they used it to store weapons under the patronage of the then Badal sarkar in Punjab. It was raided when Amarinder Singh came to power and sword etc were found as well as pornographic CDs. These so called Shiv Sainiks were big time distributors of VCD porn.


    lol LOL.gif

    bigup the retired men in shorts! :TH:

    budhhe nu jawaani ageyii

  4. True say veerji..

    i noticed that more females are getting away from Sikhi than males.

    THis might be due to the fact that sikhi parchaar is focused more on the macho side of Sikhi. As in first introducing the Soldier side of Khalsa then slowly getting them inot the Saint side from there.. which i quite like as a technique.

    So, it seems like the females are left out of all this.. There should be more parchaar for females.. as much as males.

    Until we take this issue seriously, as a nation, we will continue to learn about more and more stories of how "sikh" girls are converted to Islam etc.


    incase u dont know punjabi: This is an ORDER for ALL sikhs, Respect Granth as your Guru.

    Therefore, if you dont follow Guru Granth Sahib Ji as a Guru and follow someone else as a Guru... you are not a Sikh.

    Cant get any simpler than that.

  6. GuruFateh!

    I have seen this documentary and also own the DVD. I say that it is an excellent film and I recommed that everyone watches it. It is superbly made and gives a wonderful insight into Sikhi and especially Guru Gobind Singh.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


    me second it :wub:

    But i fink i downloaded it lol

    anywho... still worth the money.

  7. Guru ji isnt stupid, sooner or later, you will have to go in the oposite direction of the GGSJ...  that is just a mindless ritual that is now "popular"

    Spend time reading the script of the guru and less time on needless rituals.


    :wub: Good Reply

    to add onto that, some poeple dont face their back to Guru Ji due to their Sharda - ie: devotion and respect. There are other things that people do to show their devotion, but just doing these things for the sake of it (like walking backwards when exiting diwaan hall because so and so says so)..thats when sharda turns to ritualism.

    Its quite interesting how we tend to concentrate on little details, but we never usually look at the basics of Sikhi. If someone asks you "What does Sikhi say abt sins and punishment?" Simple question, but will you be able to answer with confidence?

    Hope I made sense.

    PS: just read the original quote.. maybe its a metaphor.. as in when you become bemukh of guru (ur soul doesn't face guru ji in that sense) then you a tankhaeea for sure.

  8. The money you put in golak goes to Gurdwara parbandakh.. not Guru ji.

    We get tired of accepting from Guru Ji, Guru Ji never gets tired from giving!!!

    so how can we even IMAGINE giving Guru ji ANYTHING?!

  9. Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa!

    Waheguroo jee kee Fateh!

    A side question then: why did we hunt? If we hunted people, we'd be arrested, but our Gurus even hunted animals.

    It may be that if there is a good reason, then it may be OK. (I really don't know).

    Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa!

    Waheguroo jee kee Fateh!


    There are Sakhis about how Guru GObind Singh Ji gave mukti to souls in animal joons.. Its all about Guru Ji's apaaar kirpa...

  10. I think someone should talk to Mr. Jazzy B about this issue, in most of his music videos hes dancing amongst half naked girls wearing what? a massive gold Khanda.

    Having a khanda drawn/painted on a dhol is pointless, there is no religion behind the dhol, its cultural!!!

    Anyway, we dont even *need* to have the need to wear a Khanda. Our Saroop of Dasam Pita is enough to tell the whole world we are Guru Ji's sons. I noticed mostly monneh wearing the Khanda, because they are mistaken for Hindus/Muslims. I mean, if you want to be proud of Sikhi, show it! Not by gold kara/khanda around neck.. But by folowing Guru ji's Hukam; Keep Kesh.

    Guru Ji gave us this bakshish, so that we can be recognised amongst millions. If you wearing a teensie winsy khanda sign around ur neck, no-one would be able to pick you out from the crowd! Kesh is obviously more visible.

    On another note, isnt the Khanda only made recently, like 1930s? Or is that TOO recent? :wub:

  11. agreed. but i refuse to accept the argument that doing any meditation for spiritual benefit has a zero value because you're not amritdhari.

    that's like saying we should not enocourage kids and young ones to do simran and seva and paath when they're young because it won't provide any spiritual benefit to them, if they're not amritdhari, and based on what khalsa4ever said, very few children can make the conscious decision about when the time is right in terms of saying

    "Your teachings are the best, so I promise to lead the life in the way that you have set for me, with your and Waheguroo's blessings"

    what about converts who come into sikhi. they'r enot amritdhari the day they decide to become sikhs, yet the arguments would sugest that they gain absolutely nothing by doing paath and seva while they're still learning!

    so how can you make an argument like that ?


    Sorry my bad, I didn't *MEAN* to say rehit and seva worth Zero.. it was meant to say something else wacko.gif ARGH im so stupid!

    thanks for pointing it out :wub:

  12. dont know about you I havent really herd other names for Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

    Note: Guru = teacher, Sahib and Ji and other words are signs of respect

    People may add words such as "dhan dhan" at the front, in effect to "bigup" Guru Ji..They are not different names

    Eg: someone called Jarnail

    there can be...

    Jarnail Singh

    Bhai Jarnail Singh

    Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji

    Bhai Sahib Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji

    etc.. Hope I helped :wub:

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