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  1. it's like going school up until graduation-10 years or so... and not taking amrit is like graduating but then finding out you haven't enrolled at the start so the degree is meaningless.


    2 make it clearer...

    Amrit is lyk admission to the school of Sikhi.

    No matter how much you study without admission, even if you are a A******* student, you wont get a official qualification. Why? Becuase you haven't enrolled in the first place!

    Amrit = enrolling onto the path of Sikhi. People say "yeh we can folow rehit without amrit bla bla.. but at the end of day.. it wont be recognised as much as if u took amrit.


    A giani was doing katha on this too (i love him!! lol)

    Imagine seva adn rehit as 0 and Amrit as 1.

    Now lets so loadssa rehit adn seva without amrit...


    the value? 0

    Now 1st take amrit THEN seva


    THe more seva you do.. the more u benefit out of it! (add one 0 onto the end, you times the number by 10!)

    :wub: hope i made sense

  2. here's another one: http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/art.../603270308/1001

    anyway, Sikhs have got to make their own Identity as SIKHS clear, and that they are neither Middle Eastern, Muslim, Pakistani, or Indian (Hindustani), we are Punjabi's...this stuff will only increase if nothings done about it soon...

    The Police wont do much unless there's an Organisation of Sikhs who warn the Police that they might have to take things in their own hand if the Police dont do anything about these situations soon, even if that means Killing or Smashing the person to Death to protect our Gur Karh...

    Some self fashioned "Natzi" Gorehs who believe in "White Power" only target Sikhs because they know we wont do very much about it because of the lack of unity, as Sikhs are to busy building new Gurdwara's and ripping Sikhs apart by deviding them into caste's etc... instead of bringing them together and uniting the Almighty Khalsa...

    Plus some new younger White Generation is so dumb they will become a Nazi even when they know there Great Grandfather or Grandfather died fighting against Hitler's army in the WWII...

    Every single White knows that Muslims worship in a Mosque and most of them dont wear Turbans, they wear Hats...but a Gorah wouldn't dare set fire to a Mosque or bomb it because they know some BIG MUSLIMS FROM COLLEGE OR UNI will smash up into bits, chop their head of and get a knife and circumsize them...So they decide to mess with a Sikh instead and manage to show the rest of the world how "hard" they are, although they wouldn't dare do anything in place's like Southall where they know some hardcore Sikh Unity still exists...I may sound a bit crude but thats the way I think it is...

    PS: Im not saying all Whites or Muslims are bad...there are some especially well educated and inspiring Whites out there who can tell what Sikhs have dont for Britain...especially the older generations...

    Bul Chuk maaf kareo ji...



    we are NOT sheeps!!!! we are lions.. lets at least ACT like them

  3. lol :wub:

    Firstly, Karma is soo simple when you base it around yourself (ie: everything happens for a reason... for you) but when you try to think about everyone's karma at the same time, how your karma affect theirs and vice versa etc, it all becomes interestingly.. wacko.gif (thats the best way to show it)

    It's impossible to try and work out how God works.

    So why waste time.. praise him instead :@

  4. Plus, Did you know poeple used to Call Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji "tegu kamla", coz of his bhagti.. until he was recognised as the Guru - he Sakhi which all you should know about..

    And Did you know Guru Arjun Dev Ji was the only Guru to have mum's sides in Guru's family, Dad's side in Guru's family and folowing generations as Gurus as well.

  5. You do it with sharda. DOesnt matter how to do it.. otherwise it turns inot a ritual. Just relax, and do seva of the sangat as if you're doign seva of Guru Ji Themself.

    On that note, would you ask people how to serve Guru Ji, when Guru Ji was in human form?

  6. First I thought it is hindi, I was like what?

    Why does balait want hindi font?


    Depends how you interpret it.. u can say it looks like punjabi

    Ofcourse, Mr Khalsa Fauj seems so paranoid and anxious abt hind.. he would only see the hindi side..

    he may even denounce punjabi as a language since its similar to Hindi

    did i say too much? :wub:

  7. it was nothing interesting..

    The poor kid was so narrow minded, thats why he wasnt too god with practical side, because that involved thuinking outside the box.

    He has ideas, he is able to craft his ideas from what he knows.. From waht I know, anyone can do that.

    The way Ch5 advertised it like "the kid who founda cure for cancer" is a twisted fact. He said stuff like "We can find a chemical that can detect the gene tht causes this" Its simple as it sounds.. until you wake up to reality.

    ..But it was a good prgram on the basis that it is necesary to get grips with reality rather than staying in the dream world, hence scientists don't have a break through everyday.

  8. I heard about his accident but not death..

    He was a good singer, stupid western bhangra poeple put stupid videos and remixd his songs and displayed it on Zee Music (eg: Kali Kitte Mil). The artist was never shown, usualy the remixer/producing, who's having a glassy while half naked girls dance around randomly.

    He was a good singer... Hope his family are ok.

  9. Whatever sangat you do, it will have an effect on your mind.

    Imagine a big rock in a cave. Its so tough that no matter how much u hit it with a sledge hammer it wont break. THere is are drops of water falling onto this rock..

    Come back many years later, the rock has defaced. Why? How? Due to the little drops of water, continuosly and slowly wearing the rock away.

    No matter how strong your mind is (rock), sangat with particular types of people will have that affect on your mind (water driping) slowly wearing away your bhagti.

    Hope i made sense.

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