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  1. Thankyou Kamaljit penji Can I just ask where you got the info from as I am struggling to find a translation or further info on when, why and how to read this baani...thankyou ji Gurfateh ji
  2. Maskeen ji..I'll have a listen...thAnks Laadlifauj
  3. Fateh ji Does and veer/Bhen have ANY information on brahm kavichh?I just heard it mentionned in some Katha in passing but was wondering if anyone knew more to enlighten the sangat... Thanks
  4. Akaalkaur84


    Fateh ji Amritvela is very important for a gursikh. Amritvela,ishnasn and naam jAp! I think maybe try and go sleep earlier,,, to wake up earlier, and be more alert at amritvela which as mentioned above in Katha is between 12-4am... Sleep is kaljug..fight it..do ardaas to guru ji who will help U..as the rewards of amritvela naam jAp are above anything as a chardi kala gursikh who doesn't miss amritvela will tell u..and please fit in an ardaas for me too
  5. When u take Amrit, Panj piaare tell u that the 5 kakaar must remain on u at all times...the above response is a joke written by a moderator and i Urge for those who run this site, to watch the person above as it's not about doing ut best to keep them on u..it's like saying tonight I'll sleep without an arm or leg...our kakaars are like limbs...! If a Bibi is wanting mire detail on bathing and sleeping then please inbox me with specific details of ur questions and I will do my best to answer or get ur answers for u And we must wear kakaar whilst sleeping and bathing! If u are a Khalsa,it's not just s day time duty but a lifetime duty Snd wearing kakaars is part of that duty! Fateh jio
  6. Do ardaas, read baani, mahraaj will protect his child! The world is very superficial...and they move on very fast unless it was trully to hurt someone or mess with a life! If you know you were innocent and no bad intentions...i wouldnt stress
  7. Akaalkaur84


    Gurfateh ji Kachere are sewn in a certian manner to class as a kacherra....consult the panj piaare before hand if you are not sure! They are representing your Guru in Amrit Sanchaar so get in touch with them and they will guide you Fateh ji
  8. Gurfateh ji Being Amritdhari alone is not the be all end all...being amritdhari is about living the life and rehat set out by Guru Gobind Singh ji Fact is we shouldnt even be looking up to people for inspiration and nor should you let it put u off! Your Guru is the only perfect one, and you should look upto vaheguru only! So long as you do the right thing....dont let others' bad actions put u off or turn u away...Sikhi is beautiful...read baani and it will give you contentment and you will realise that peoples actions in kalyug arent for us to be influenced buy, but an inspiration to fight for the truth and the right cause! Fateh ji
  9. Gurfateh. Just a note on the 'when does it become dishonesty or deceipt'....please think about how hard it may be for someone to even talk about this subject in the first place...as it can take time to build up the courage to discuss this. I think if its been discussed before any final confirmation of the rishta via a ceremony/engagement, then this is ok but its ones individual perception of the situation How do u know that someone cant have kids…has the person told you or someone lse told you as it may not vene be true? also, men can have this problem and they wouldnt know until they tried as there are various medical problems for men and conceiving including low sperm count and poor sperm function abilities! how would a male know he has these problems....? he wouldnt so it seems quite low of someone to be saying no for this sole reason! Problems to conceive more often are un known until one tries so go ahead and marry a bibi who hasn’t got the problem and you may find that she cant conceive, just that you didn’t know before hand! There are health problems out there, but the real Dr is Vaheguru so if there were problems, you could do arddas and he will listen…but the result will be his bhaana Don’t marry for kids, but because it’s the merging of two souls into one…’ ek jot dooe moorti’ And 788 of Sri Guru Grant Sahib ji..please read the shabad and it meaning What does your Guru say…have you tried taking hukamnamma? may help you with your decision Adoption is not an issue these days…especially for asian couples as there is so much need for asian parents willing to adopt ‘own flesh and blood’?-nothing in this world is our own…it is all vahegurus! Mahraaj has created marriage as a unity to merge two souls into one, to do good things in the world, and to practice gurmat to the fullest….if this is there, and children are in your kismet , it will happen….its almost as if you feel its ur decision about who u marry and that because YOU want kids, you will get them…you’re forgetting…we are mere puppets of the game of vaheguru..dont forget that! There is so much panthic seva needed out there with others' kids that if if both couple have chardi kala jeevans and have something to give to the community, then the couple should marry to make a difference As previously mentioned, there are more important factors that you should be considering, ie gurmat jeevan, rehat, etc than a minor issue that Guru ji can change if he wanted to Parents…so long as the couple stick by eachother, no one else can ruin anything for them….just don’t forget…what happens is because its what pleases Vaheguru..who are we? Please remember that as gursikhs, our actions reflect on the panth and our father Guru Gobind Singh ji……we are here to sacrifice our head for our Guru so what minor issue is this possibility of not being able to have kids? It isn’t an issue and if an issue is made of it, then it is shallow as if ardaas is done for something, your guru will sort it for you….put ur faith in mahraaj! Hope this helps the concerned brother or sister Gurfateh
  10. Akaalkaur84


    Fateh jio..be confident with your gut feeling ji.Im no Gianni but if you listen to Katha about experiences and brahmgiannis experiences of realising wahegurus presence,u will know what I mean.. There was a gursikh who had started doing a lot of Simran n continuously reciting gurbaani and something happened to his eyes.,he started suffering with flashing lights and was being investigated for all sorts of eye disorders...nothing was working to resolve his symptoms... This gursikh then spoke to a giani gursikh who told him that he was realising the light of waheguru due to all the bhagati he'd been doing and that nothing was wrong with him! Be confident in ur gut instinct and keep on the true path n read as much baani and do as much Simran as you can and you will find peace..
  11. Akaalkaur84

    Amrit Vela

    Fateh jio Ardaas is the powerful prayer that will help you...go to guru ji, do ardaas understanding every word of it, listen to and feel the ardaas, as ardaas remembers the most blessed souls of our panth and when you remember them rather than just reciting ardaas, you will feel a difference. When you recite, the ardaas, imagine what you are reading infront of you, ie, panj piaare, chaar sahibzade, shaheeds who had their scalps removed..and you will feel content that guru ji is listening, and guru ji will wake you, and make sure to ask guru ji to give u the push to get out of bed when you to wake up too..and he will listen Then maybe do amritvela with someone...a frined or family member who does it with you can only help. We are moorakhs, and many of us struggle, but dont give up on it and keep fighting the kaljug inside you that tells you to put the alarm on snooze..ill be hionest with you...my alarm clock has many cracks on the screen as i end up slamming it off the floor as i jjust dont want to get up in the morning...but we got to keep trying Fateh ji
  12. Akaalkaur84


    Fateh Jio In response to your question about hukamnamma...it is a commnad from mahraaj. When a hukamnamma is taken at Sri Darnaar Sahib everyday, many sikhs take it as their daily command across the world. Now the same hukamnamma goes out to us all..as the interpretation is very individual to us all. I have issues going on in my life, you have things going on in yours, but dhur ki baani alone is the answer and guide for all of us including you and me.... Im not sure that anyone else caninterpret this hukam for you for your individual situation, but I think if you go to guru ji, do ardaas, and ask guru ji to let you find the answers to your questions, that mahraaj will grant you the ability to interpret and understand it to answer your questions. Just so you know...you;re not the only one who feels like this....many of us do....including me But only baani and your Guru can help you, so only turn to Guru ji and you will never go wrong, and dont rely on others to interpret hukam for you, as we as gursikhs, do not need a middle man as our way to waheguru is via Sri Guru Granth sahib Ji alone. If your heart desires answers, and you turn to guru ji with unconditional faith and love...he will answer. He is ang sang..always...so your tears are just a way for your emotions to be expressed.....dont see it as a bad thing, but its all a gift..you are not going crazy...maybe ur just realising something? Just read baani, and turn to the have sangat of the true saints, try and fight the 5 evils that are in us all with baani and simran, praise mahraaj, and do as much seva as you can Fateh ji
  13. Fateh ji Just wanted to ask if anyone has come across any katha on Sri Dasam Granth baani. I am struggling to find much, apart from on Jaap Sahib, Chaupai Sahib, Svaiye, Shabad Hazare P10, and Shastr maala. f anyone can help, would really appreciate it.. Fateh ji
  14. Fateh jio These are truly amazing experiences you guys have shared. Guru ji has different ways of communicating with each of us and maybe this is one of them I'd say you are very lucky to have these experience so keep doing whatever you are doing n push urself further on guru jis path Gurkirpa Fateh jio
  15. Akaalkaur84

    Wierd Dreams

    Fateh jio Confused kaur bhenji... Just wanted to ask..do u go to gurdwara regularly? Also, when u do go, when you bow it head to mahraaj, what's going through ones mind? When we bow our head to guru ji, one should try n see n feel guru maharaj ang sang on the throne...then ones sharda is expressed from inside..it's an action of giving it head to your guru....It seems there is a reason that guru ji isn't present but if you can answer the above questions, it may help make more sense to you? Fateh jio Fateh jio Confused kaur bhenji... Just wanted to ask..do u go to gurdwara regularly? Also, when u do go, when you bow it head to mahraaj, what's going through ones mind? When we bow our head to guru ji, one should try n see n feel guru maharaj ang sang on the throne...then ones sharda is expressed from inside..it's an action of giving it head to your guru....It seems there is a reason that guru ji isn't present but if you can answer the above questions, it may help make more sense to you? Fateh jio
  16. Gurfateh jio First of all...a gursikh never turns away from A plea for help. Secondly a gursikh is here to serve wahegurus creation regardless of background. Its not pleasant that this bhenji has no one else to confide in and nor do we know the reasons behind her pains of not being able to tell others.the one person she has turned to shouldn't turn away either as this I feel would be wrong However paaji, I think u need to be very careful about how you handle this one as kaljug may be testing you to see if u break.... I think as your sister, id advise you to encourage this bhenji to turn to waheguri for help...however that may be for her bring Hindu. If she has belief in guru Nanak dev jis teachings then maybe encourage her to read baani which will help her n give her strength. Male n female friendships can turn difficult at such times as u do not want to get on a level where she or you may start to develop feelings for eChother. You can't solve her problems for her but only help her deal with them. I think it would be a good idea for her to speak to s female family member or friend about this matter which will hopefully give her comfort too As per Sikhi,baani has answers to everything so maybe you should put your concerns to maharaj and ask for a huksmnsmma to help you realise how u cam help this bhenji...and maybe just read a chaupai sAhib path a day with ardaas for maharaj to help this bhenji through a tough time may be an option Gurfateh jio
  17. Gurfateh ji There are some bibis who are doing some parchaar on a local level.if you can be more specific on what you are looking for ie parchaar subjects or general Sikhi parchaar, and the bibian will get in touch. Fateh ji Akaal
  18. Akaalkaur84


    If brothers happy then sisters happy too May guru ji be ang sang always Fateh jio
  19. Akaalkaur84


    Fateh jio...I'm sure others could give u a much better response...I just shared what little I know
  20. Akaalkaur84


    If one didn't have the pain of being let down by friends, family and associates, we would not realise the beauty and love of waheguru. It's all part of wahegurus play but you have realised the message that waheguru is trying to teach us all...waheguru is our only true friend..he is our everything Fateh jio
  21. Paaji, Few things I wanted to say: - waheguru works in mysterious ways. Maybe if you had gone down the education path back then, something bad may have happened and waheguru saved u from something. I know it's difficult to understand but we aren't meant to know the reasons why waheguru does what he does and accept his bhaana! -you have been able to reflect on your life because of what happened and hopefully it will ou bring u closer to waheguru -NONE of this is your fault..it's all gods play...please don't blame urself -I think as a sister, My advice is,read basni,dorms time st gurdwara,do Seva (bhande and jore) as this will help wipe away the mist that is clouding your mind, have faith in waheguru and know that he is the only doer...not us. This is how he wanted it to be. -be happy,and as psji mentioned above, know what u want, fo ardaas, plan how to get it and achieve ur dreams. Waheguru is ang sang...ur never alone. N it's never too late If this sister can help at all then please do get in touch
  22. Fateh jio U really are a blessed soul! Guru ji themselves came to protect you...could have just been a wakeup call to get u back on track and whatever it was has worked do remain in chardi kala jee
  23. Akaalkaur84


    Grow up!if u want to call urself nihang...or a gursikh, behave like one!what kind of filth are u posting! Watch what u damn write!
  24. Akaalkaur84


    We can only answer for ourselves, not others so don't even waste ur energy thinking about answering for ur brother. And u are doing right in continuing on guru jis path rather than listening to ur friends' advice!listen to ur guru and he will sort all your affairs out! As Gupt said...continue and have faith and u will get what you want! But if you are going to doubt waheguru then you are just delaying the rewards mahraaj has for u! Remain in chardi kala and guru jis bhandaare of happiness will follow u. Gurkirpa mahraaj will bring ur jeevan Sathi to u real soon Fathe ji
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