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  1. for street fighting without weapions boxing muay thai for street fihgting withing weapions then krav mega training for war then join the military best thing to do is train in the best
  2. listen from 14 min 30 second mark to 15 mini 30 second mark this is why i say sikhs need to train and join armys
  3. people need to learn to defend themselves and learn the best learn the system that is most effective
  4. every girl out their wants a true singh cause a true singh has what women want, confidence health which means take care of yourself take care of gut ambition be driven with goals excitment try new things live outside the confort zone smarts loving and caring which sikhi preach's
  5. Translate gurbani into english for the youth Have punjabi classes and make them fun team up with mma schools boxing schools to get more youth into sports and self defence Have groups that help people deal with community issues, a group for people who have substance addiction and groups for people who suffer or suffered from domestic physical sexual assult \ also different groups people can join to learn about leadership buisness goal setting health program to help youth with low self esteem and courses to empower Have open debate so people can debate and talk about exchange idea's on how
  6. If you want to learn how to fight then you want to learn the best systems out their in the 90's in no rules tournments we saw boxers muay thai fighters ji jitsu artist wrestlers defeat the top traditional martial artists So for stand up boxing and muay thai for ground ji jitsu and wrestling shastar vidya unless they compete or spare then i see it as a waste of time
  7. and then they cry girls only want to date mona singh's are spose to be strong but its hard to find singh's that are in shape
  8. Alot of threads by people talking about martial arts who clearly know nothing about combat Watched the video's of shastar vidya on youtube even new once its a waste of time. If you are to scared to train in real combat then yea go to niddar singh traditional martial arts are better then learning nothing and if you have the right trainer they can be effective in a street fight but remember that the top kung fu fighters and ninjitsu fighters from asia and all these other traditional martial arts got their butts kicked by boxers muay thai fighters wrestlers ji jitsu artists in the first ufc's
  9. the constitution is good point and they do agree the criminals behind anti sikh riots need to be punished what they believe sikhs are victims of the criminals in power but so are majority of hindus and the minority's in india What i try showing is that sikhs are used for political leverage hence they have more crimes commited to them then most the hindus and minority's in india do plus with caste alot of hindus don't believe in caste its only the high caste hindus who try following this same way jatts rajputs tarkhans consider themselves high caste sikhs
  10. its true you have to read both sides of the coin. very credibile historians will provide evidence which contridict the evidence of another historian
  11. Ive used how sikhs get raped by the constitution and how they are spit on cause of the wording in the constitution and the marriage act and they usually have no reply to that When explaining why sikhs need their own country i usually cant get my point through and reason being is i need neutral sources well researched and referenced points of view cause websites so people can't call them one sided propaganda
  12. Ive actually used neverforget84 as a reference with some friends when talking about indian politics but the thing is i need references cause when i present websites like these they start questioning it as propaganda. I need references from neutral sources cause websites like neverforget don't reference their sources so can't tell if its true or propaganda. Like from your reply one thing that would get pointed out easily is sikhs contribution to india's freedom movement cause ive seen those numbers a thousand times but the source to those numbers never can be found. What I need is references
  13. that website given is way off not really credibile especially its numbers going from 40% to 2% in the military and then war time 98%. Those numbers are to off but during war time its around 30% I can't use that
  14. green revolution brought wealth but most that wealth wasn't invested rather used to leave india or hire workers and get drunk
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