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  1. What is this. Unfortunately I'm not going to take my knowledge from someone who's sitting there insulting people who choose to follow rehat and not wear jewellery.
  2. No. Clearly the desire to do things with children or dead people is different to the homosexual attraction to the same gender. Paraphilia is characterised by an arousal to: Non-human objects The suffering or humiliation of oneself or one's partner Children Non-consenting persons Homosexuality was considered a paraphilia until 1973, but it no longer is.
  3. Are you honestly comparing homesexuality to pedophilia and necrophilia? Wow :blink2:
  4. First off I heard that Dilawer Singh blew himself and Beant Singh up in a bomb proof car, and nobody else was hurt. Now, apparently, 17 other people died in the blast. What's the truth, and how can the latter be justified?
  5. What a great Singh, sticking to his convictions like that!
  6. I'm trying to read up on him, as I've heard he's been given the death sentence. From what I read, he was involved in the killing of Beant Singh- and now I'm confused. I have two questions- 1. I thought it was Balwant Singh Rajoana and Dilawer Singh who were involved in the killing of Beant Singh, and if so what did Jagtar Singh do? 2. He's been sentenced to death along with Balwant Singh, so why isn't anyway talking about him? Did he do something wrong? If someone could enlighten me that'd be great
  7. Lol to each their own... personally I can't understand how a couple can do a horrificly cheesy video, knowing that their friends and family are going to see it. Makes me cringe just thinking about it. I must be the only one who wants a rainsbhai after the anand karaj. :D
  8. Girls in general suffer from low self esteem. The majority of men do too. It's simple, girls grow up feeling insecure and ugly, and when a guy shows them attention they feel flattered and happy. Obviously. It's all about the hugeee emphasis on appearance, society's obsession with looking a certain way, the media etc. It's not exclusively Sikh girls, everyone has to deal with this and most people find it very difficult. Hence appearance related disorders such as BDD, anorexia, bullimia.
  9. Then why did they film an amrit sanchar at Soho Road Gurdwara?
  10. Sukhmanii

    Fear And Sikhi

    Always love Bhai Sahib's talks Thank you!
  11. EDL present themselves as a bunch of uneducated thugs and the majority of the members cannot differentiate between the BNP and EDL values. The extremist Muslims are absolutely ridiculous in attempting to impose Sharia Law on this country and they should really just shut up and stick to themselves rather than causing offence to everyone.
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