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  1. for street fighting without weapions boxing muay thai for street fihgting withing weapions then krav mega training for war then join the military best thing to do is train in the best
  2. listen from 14 min 30 second mark to 15 mini 30 second mark this is why i say sikhs need to train and join armys
  3. people need to learn to defend themselves and learn the best learn the system that is most effective
  4. every girl out their wants a true singh cause a true singh has what women want, confidence health which means take care of yourself take care of gut ambition be driven with goals excitment try new things live outside the confort zone smarts loving and caring which sikhi preach's
  5. Translate gurbani into english for the youth Have punjabi classes and make them fun team up with mma schools boxing schools to get more youth into sports and self defence Have groups that help people deal with community issues, a group for people who have substance addiction and groups for people who suffer or suffered from domestic physical sexual assult \ also different groups people can join to learn about leadership buisness goal setting health program to help youth with low self esteem and courses to empower Have open debate so people can debate and talk about exchange idea's on how
  6. If you want to learn how to fight then you want to learn the best systems out their in the 90's in no rules tournments we saw boxers muay thai fighters ji jitsu artist wrestlers defeat the top traditional martial artists So for stand up boxing and muay thai for ground ji jitsu and wrestling shastar vidya unless they compete or spare then i see it as a waste of time
  7. and then they cry girls only want to date mona singh's are spose to be strong but its hard to find singh's that are in shape
  8. Alot of threads by people talking about martial arts who clearly know nothing about combat Watched the video's of shastar vidya on youtube even new once its a waste of time. If you are to scared to train in real combat then yea go to niddar singh traditional martial arts are better then learning nothing and if you have the right trainer they can be effective in a street fight but remember that the top kung fu fighters and ninjitsu fighters from asia and all these other traditional martial arts got their butts kicked by boxers muay thai fighters wrestlers ji jitsu artists in the first ufc's
  9. the constitution is good point and they do agree the criminals behind anti sikh riots need to be punished what they believe sikhs are victims of the criminals in power but so are majority of hindus and the minority's in india What i try showing is that sikhs are used for political leverage hence they have more crimes commited to them then most the hindus and minority's in india do plus with caste alot of hindus don't believe in caste its only the high caste hindus who try following this same way jatts rajputs tarkhans consider themselves high caste sikhs
  10. its true you have to read both sides of the coin. very credibile historians will provide evidence which contridict the evidence of another historian
  11. Ive used how sikhs get raped by the constitution and how they are spit on cause of the wording in the constitution and the marriage act and they usually have no reply to that When explaining why sikhs need their own country i usually cant get my point through and reason being is i need neutral sources well researched and referenced points of view cause websites so people can't call them one sided propaganda
  12. Ive actually used neverforget84 as a reference with some friends when talking about indian politics but the thing is i need references cause when i present websites like these they start questioning it as propaganda. I need references from neutral sources cause websites like neverforget don't reference their sources so can't tell if its true or propaganda. Like from your reply one thing that would get pointed out easily is sikhs contribution to india's freedom movement cause ive seen those numbers a thousand times but the source to those numbers never can be found. What I need is references
  13. that website given is way off not really credibile especially its numbers going from 40% to 2% in the military and then war time 98%. Those numbers are to off but during war time its around 30% I can't use that
  14. green revolution brought wealth but most that wealth wasn't invested rather used to leave india or hire workers and get drunk
  15. lol not looking for conspiracy thearies and many hindus don't follow caste and sonia gandhi cathlic is the leader of the congress party with india having muslim president with bollywood being dominated by muslim. Many sikhs also follow caste cause of their ego's and discriminate Im looking for answers that are researched and not isi propaganda fed to sikhs in 80's LIke how india's corrupt politicans use divide and rule policies that they learned from the british to exploit india and how sikhs get hit hard and hurt by these divide and rule policies Don't like the part of the reply that makes
  16. no problem attacking defencless people with weapons over gurdwara issues yet i never saw any of these cowards in newyork stand up to anyone after 9/11 when sikhs were being attacked instead they were hidiing. Sad what happends in sikh community
  17. jassinghkhalsa we didn't get much strength after 84 instead small handfull of sikhs got stronger but 90% of sikhs took the easier root, the sikhs in the west screamed for khalistan but I can only find names of 14 sikhs who went from the west to india to fight for justice while thousands just screamed khalistan sikhs in punjab vote in corrupt politicans who protect the corrupt cops who slaughtered 200 000 sikhs after 84 majority of sikhs didn't show courage and do what was right they just did easy stuff, like get a mob of sikhs together to scream khalistan, or vote for corrupt politicans
  18. what are some changes you would like to see I want everyone to share ideas as to changes needed I believe get good teachers into the gurdwara teaching sikhism and the history of sikhism who can simplify it and make it exciting, in certain schools you have teachers who can take kids who are behind who struggle learning the subject so in turn hate learning hate going to school and their failing all their subjects and when they have a good teacher all of a sudden they catch up and start scoring at top of their state when it comes to government exams and these kids fall in love with school I b
  19. This use to be the case but most sikhs forget and take the easy root to get stronger when attacked you have to get mentally stronger. When attacked you could have the courage to do what is right or coward out east time we face a challenge we can either make ourselves mentally stronger by conquering the challenge which makes sikhs stronger or coward away. Look at punjab sikhs get humilated and vote in the people who hurt them cause rather then having courage and taking the time getting unconfortable and doing the right thing they take the safe pick and vote in the corrupt politicans cause t
  20. I have friends that are gujarati and when talking to them i don't think they see how sikhs are discriminated against, when i try explaining to them i don't think they get it. When i try explaining to them I bring up how sikhs are used as political scapegoats like when the media in india pumps up sikh terrorism when nothing really is going on to get people's minds off the real issues Or how sikhs were used for politics in 84
  21. sikhism requires the students of sikhism to be mentally strong and work on getting mentally stronger every day, sadly this is also lacking from alot of sikhs At young age the gurdwara need to inspire youth to come to the gurdwara and start teaching principles of sikhism
  22. no you need thousands of trained sikhs in special tactics I didn't say we need an army like your conventional army i said train in special tactics we need itleast 2000 sikhs trained in special tactics warfare, you learn special tactic warfare in the special forces like green beret, soldiers inn special forces are elite soldiers who perform tasks that the average soldier cannot and are the army the enemy can't see
  23. 2 000 young sikhs trained in special tactic warfare how easy sikhs would be able to bring the criminals to justice
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