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  1. This is false. Sure meditation gives rest but it is false to say that sleep doesn't or that it is negative. Sleep also gives rest in the same manner, positively.

    There are two types of sleep: dream sleep and deep sleep. Dream sleep can cause unrest if the mind is over-active. But it can cause rest as well, I've have had very restful dream sleep. Deep sleep gives full rest as the mind has gone in the void and becomes unconscious. There is no dreaming or mental activity at this point.

    U can do Ardas before sleeping and keep the simran going while u sleep, I don't usually sleep at all, but once in a while get a little nap before amrit vela. But I do simran while resting aswell.

    It's easy to get the naam going constantly- spirituality IS easy- if u perceive it to be difficult, then u run into problems as ur causing unnecessary complications I.e getting caught up in worldly drama.

    Just do amrit vela simran and stay grounded in it as much as possible during the day regardless of what losers may try and throw at u, through thick and thin, because it's all just a khel anyway- bhagats don't take life too seriously at all. Do Bandgi, apply Gurbani while ur walking, are at work, out shopping etc- let your service purify the air around u and try and recognise good and bad souls around u.

    Excercise and eat healthy-That's what's hard.

    And don't oversleep. And hopefully a whole new wave of Brahmgyanis and bhagats will be realised and Satyug can be ushered in. And they will recognise each other, because good people's mouths never utter a word of slander or act badly- their True Love for Truth through thick and thin unites them as the real Khalsa. A real Bhagat recognises the heart of another Bhagat.


  2. Teens/ young adults have access to gurbani online if they choose to read it. I did it when I was younger, they have a choice and its up to them if they want to take it.

    Parents could teach their kids not to be taken by the gimmick of society and not to just mimick what they see on tv and what their friends may do, but to recognise the freedom of choice to live Truthfully. To recognise maya and how to kill it(the 5 theives).

    To teach their children to never slander- I see a lot of children who slander these days, and it can manifest as school bullying aswell. They should teach their children that a strong person would never need to put another down, that only weak, fearful people do that(slander stems from jealousy).

    Children should hear stories about the Gurus and the way they chose to live life and explanations of gurbani that they can understand.

  3. This guy is an illuminati puppet, look for their symbols in Indian films, its really ridiculous- they're working towards their New World Order agenda.

    Every smart Sikh should start making it a priority to learn about these fools because they count on people disregarding the truth about them as conspiracy theories so when it hits the fan, the majority of the population won't see it coming. The Gurus have already taught us that in the Kalyug, the kings are butchers, and a sikh takes Gurbani as 100% truth-Kalyug isn't over yet and Satyug is not far off. If u read the facts of the illuminati and still don't believe them, then meditate on it.

    As Sikhs- students of the everpresent, All pervading Truth, we should ALWAYS be Ready, our Gurus, 1984 have taught us that. So wise up to the the bull*hit world leaders have tried to feed us, learn how to fight as the Gurus instructed, keep fit and practicing Gurbani and so when it happens, we won't be the sheep that they see society to be, but lions, ready to crush them.

  4. Ghosts exist and can stir a lot of trouble, leech off people, do Jadoo on people, possess people etc. if they come close, it's our own negativity that let them come close. If negativity exists, it's God teaching that a fault exists so work on it.

    Practicing truth, ie understanding that everything and everyone is just God- means that we are able to see past the illusion of symbolic reflections of the 2nd energy like negatively charged prets and nothing can harm us as we have recognised the truth.

    This is not protection- it is simply understanding the gyan of truth and applying it to begin to live in truth, and be the Truth and not illusion i.e maya.

  5. We were born with everything, the jewel is Nothing- this is the Truth that God discovered after many ages as per gurbani Truth has no form no image, na roop na rekh na rang.

    There is either truth which is Nothing- or maya which is Something.

    So what have we got to be jealous of- we already have the priceless treasure- the Only treasure- people are just too greedy and attached to image to understand it.

  6. Adulterors go to hell. People don't realise the demons that await us and even come to us while we're alive. Trust if people knew what is out there they wouldn't even think twice about committing adultery- even lusting after someone who is in a relationship before marriage is bad enough.

    The thing is that the devil loves fooling people into believing he doesn't exist so many people live thinking there will be no consequences for their actions- until it's too late.

  7. My faith is shaken- no matter what I do- seva, paart, nothing goes right. I see people all around me, who haven't got or can't be bothered to make time for waheguru yet they have it all. No worries in their lives. Why is my life filled with them? Abused by my uncle at a young age, I still believed, married into a family who make my life s misery, I still believe, debt up to my ears so that I can give my children what they need, I still believe. When is waheguru going to listen to my pleas? Please tell me that waheguru will support me through this difficult time- don't think I can take much more.

    We live in kalyug, born into an age where the majority of the world live in a hellish state of mind, so of course there will be crap wherever u go, the world is full of dic*heads. But this age is the most blessed for those who believe in Truth because it is in the darkest Pitts of hell that we are able to strike back and penetrate through the dark with the strongest light. Either u get buried by maya, consumed in and attached to your own pain/hell or u step in the path of the Bhagat and realise that hell/pain does not exist, only truth does. It is in dukh that we turn to truth hence dukh is the medicine- it leads us to detach from the khel and the bulls*it.

    Maya will always be there, learn to detach by applying gurbani to your life- practice it and reap the benefits of this darkest age. Also realise that life could be a lot worse, nuclear war, famine, torture etc- look at that town in Syria that was gassed- women and children massacred. Look at the holocaust of Jews, the massacre of Sikhs- the torture our gurus and ancestor endured.

    The pain u are going through can be detached from- that was physical torture.and pain. We see others who seem to have a lot of Sukh, but understand that is their own KAram- and if they are attachéd to it- they'll have the same amount of dukhi eventually- only in detachment are we free.

  8. What is meant by beginner and intermediate stages? Does that mean Sikhs on higher levels don't worship Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji? If not, then what do they worship?

    Can the body of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji be worshipped?

    Excuse me for jumping in, but Sikhs at a higher level realise God aka Truth to be everywhere, And to be everything and everyone. They recognise the Guru to have experienced this gyan first hand- they understand that the Guru is merged with Truth and so really the Guru is still worshipped but as a being who is merged with Truth- and hence is the Truth- as God discovered himself to be- truth in form. this is beyond logic and so only the high level Bhagat who has experienced and practiced this gyan first hand can truly understand it.
  9. No, during Satyug and other ages, many practiced truth and were liberated(although the truth is that we are liberated(free) already, we just need to realise it), gurbani states this. The Amrit is within, gurbani says that it trickles through the tenth gate, the 7 chakras contain it- the trick is to get them spinning and open and so to drink of them.

    Inner discipline is required- (applying gurbani to your life and practcing it 100%) and most importantly, love. True love is accepting hukam through thick n thin- regardless if how much he beats you, we accept it all as perfect, as truth. We accept I.e we do not react in maya aka the 5 thieves, in anger, greed, ego, lust, envy and jealousy. And we also live true, we don't lie in any circumstance, treat others with respect and do not judge how others choose to live their lives for it is all as God has willed it.

  10. Yes, although the loss is obviously devastating for you, try to understand an accept that it was hukam- it was in their KAram to go at that time- everything's karma.

    We came alone and we go alone- and our end could be at any time any day. These situations bring this fact home to us, if we're smart, we contemplate this and take steps to mentally prepare ourselves for death, to live this human janam without wants so that when we leave this false body, we don't remain attached to our old life.

    Remember that as painful as this is for you, it is dukh that makes us turn to Him- it is us paying off our negative karams- and we'll keep getting dukh and sukh- but for every bit of worldly Sukh we get, we get the same amount of dukhi. The cycle never ends until we detach by practicing the truth in gurbani 100%. Thn we pay back our karams really quickly and eventually can gain jivan mukhti.

  11. Guru maharaj never promoted segregation of any kind, everyone (spiritual seeker/good attributes-sikh or mona alike) was welcomed with open arms and love.. together gursikhs and sehaj dhari, sikhs, spiritual seekers all searched for spiritual truth, engaged in sadh sangat/sat sangat..surely everyone was at different state of mind, use different methods (gurbani,bhagti, shabad surat, gyan) in different different spiritual development stages but despite of diversity there was no disunity or dvaish(partiality) within sikhs of all different avastha because all consider guru maharaj as same and goal was same which is to connect with One (IkOngkar).

    My best freind is a mona.. one may be suprised but i am always learning something new (sikh is learner) about shabad surat from him whenever i see him ..he is been doing jaap of mool mantar since he was 14, right now he is listening to shabad dhuni (mool mantar) inside and at every advance stage of shabad surat marg which i rather not disclose but doing close to 5 hrs of naam bhyas every day so much so tribal cultish chelas at nanaksar did so much erkha against him because he was mona, he was told to sit in a corner as his sitting in meditation posture was "too distracting" to them -wth? Go figure....anyway, divine play is beautiful and it gives ones reality check when we least expect.

    i cannot speak for others but i don't consider myself better than moneh(all though i do admit i did in past) who is trying to connect with one, genuine spiritual seeker and slowly trying to take steps to improve their jeevan by applying sikh principles in sehaj as i came to understanding sikh means learner and is learning every day and i came to understanding recently all of us sikhs (regardless baptised or not) are in realm of panj chor/engaging in panj chor- some subtle, some little, some partial, some more thats until one gets their panj chor destroyed by guru maharaj kirpa and bhramgyan.

    Wow beautiful! :) lol I was sitting in the Gurdwara in deep meditation having a deep convo with God and a woman disturbed me to tell me to turn my feet away from my Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I told her that my God is everywhere, in the walls, on the floor, and she didn't know what to say.lol it was really funny!

  12. Yes, it gives everyone else an incentive to work towards that ideal. I appreciate historically there were moments when there weren't Gursikhs around for various reasons, and non-Gursikhs stepped up to fill the void, but where there is willing Gursikhs available to do seva then, without breaking any hearts or the shardaa of moneh, just make it clear that seva must be carried out by those who have taken Amrit.


  13. It's mad how we're meant to get rid of All Ego, yet people can't even shed the false status of class- such an easy thing to disown. In reality- we're Nothing- we're not even a person or gender- we're pure Nothing.

    The Truth is so simple- yet people hold on to their false identity as if their lives depend on it. All it takes is application of the simple gyan.

    'I am Nothing- God bas tuhee tu.'

    Then we understand that everything is just Hukam- it's all Truth/ Him.

  14. rather than having humility or understanding, he placed the value of his own gratification, his own reasoning above anything or anyone else. He got out what he wanted to get out, what did he care about what effect it would have on the other? What did he care of what might have been going on in that other person's life?

    We have lost our humanity.

    Just remember there is a human at the other end. A human with many complexities, much more than we can imagine. That human, that heart is more important than ANYTHING in this creation. More important than dogma, more important than some mission 'we' decided to embark on, more important than preaching. This human heart is so important that Vaheguru himself came to Earth in ten forms and revealed his own form of Gurbani to save it, to cherish it.

    Learn to love.

    ਸਾਚੁ ਕਹੋਂ ਸੁਨ ਲੇਹੁ ਸਭੈ ਜਿਨ ਪ੍ਰੇਮ ਕੀਓ ਤਿਨ ਹੀ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਪਾਇਓ ॥੯॥੨੯॥

    I speak Truth, all should turn their ears towards it: only that one, who is absorbed in True Love, he would realize the Lord. 9.29.


    These bits really stood out in your post. I have been slandered by many when going through stages of bhagti..

    Looking back, I was heartbroken at the things people did and said(Gurbani says never break another's heart). I used to pick up peoples pain(This happens to bhagats at a point) and wonder how people could be so cruel, that I was absorbing their hurt and pain and they were hitting me when I was down- giving me more pain to add on to it.

    Then I realised that it was all Hukam- it was all God's plan- it made me a stronger bhagat- I realised for myself that the slander was a Huge blessing- It broke down my ego- made me realise I couldn't do anything on my own and that He is the only doer. It taught me to be the lowest of the low- and it was Him who was teaching me in the costume of my slanderers. It taught me to open my heart and see Him in every form, in every costume and scenario He appeared to me in.

    Love Him in your slanders, your tormentors, love Him in the devil(and remember that even the most evil demons live in pain, as deserved), in the angel, in heaven and hell(positive and negative karams). True acceptance of Him and His will is True Love.

    This life is a khel- a test world to discover Truth. We may learn not to upset people, to watch ourselves and our actions, but if others choose not to- that is just hukam. We can teach them, but even if they don't listen, we must truly accept that they are at their own stage of discovery as He wills it

    We must not judge them, for they are unrealised God's- walking, speaking, slandering at His command. We must understand it is not yet their time to discover the Truth. This is respecting and accepting God's Will- this is True Love.

    God bless you

    Kiv sacẖi▫ārā ho▫ī▫ai kiv kūrhai ṯutai pāl.

    So how can you become truthful? And how can the veil of illusion be torn away?

    Hukam rajā▫ī cẖalṇā Nānak likẖi▫ā nāl. ||1||

    O Nanak, it is written that you shall obey the Hukam of His Command, and walk in the Way of His Will.

    Hukmī hovan ākār hukam na kahi▫ā jā▫ī.

    By His Command, bodies are created; His Command cannot be described.

    Hukmī hovan jī▫a hukam milai vadi▫ā▫ī.

    By His Command, souls come into being; by His Command, glory and greatness are obtained.

    Hukmī uṯam nīcẖ hukam likẖ ḏukẖ sukẖ pā▫ī▫ah.

    By His Command, some are high and some are low; by His Written Command, pain and pleasure are obtained.

    Iknā hukmī bakẖsīs ik hukmī saḏā bẖavā▫ī▫ah.

    Some, by His Command, are blessed and forgiven; others, by His Command, wander aimlessly forever.

    Hukmai anḏar sabẖ ko bāhar hukam na ko▫e.

    Everyone is subject to His Command; no one is beyond His Command.

    Nānak hukmai je bujẖai ṯa ha▫umai kahai na ko▫e. ||2||

    O Nanak, one who understands His Command, does not speak in ego. ||2||

  15. Can someone tell me if there is any parth that tells us how to build preet (love) for god , or someone tell how can we build preet for god

    God is everyone, everything and everywhere. He is Truth- without form, colour, caste creed or gender(the primal Nothingness/silence which is our true origin). Live His heart(which is your true heart- it is Truth)- never tell a lie, not even a white lie. Speak the Truth, Serve the Truth, Deliver the Truth, Die the Truth.

    Relax and listen to the silence. The symbolic reflection of the silence(Naam/Truth/Frequency of a Balanced Gyan) throughout creation is Anhad naad(primal sound). It is symbolic because even sound does not exist in Truth- the sound of Anhad naad is symbolic of the Frequency of Truth. Listen to it- the key is to let go and let samadhi take you over. When you begin to do this, you'll start to learn about the creation around you(for in samadhi, we learn- God is in 24/7 samadhi). Live the Truth as described in the paragraph above throughout your life. recognise Him and accept Him in everything- in the pleasure and the pain- and you will realise that they are One- for He is One.

    See Him in the Good and the Bad- Love Him in any costume He appears to you in- in the pleasure and the pain- and you will realise that they are One- for He is One.

    Recognise His khel and your love for Him will hit the roof (as you'll be loving Him unconditionally without resentment of parts of Him).

    Embark on the path of the bhagat- read gurbani and apply it to your life.

    Satnaam Ji

  16. What I don't understand is if waheguru loves us why is it unfortunate kids being born in the world who don't have a fighting chance. They are born with diseases why if there past karma are so bad they have no chance to redeem. Like the image comes to mind of Africa but this happens in our motherland of Punjab and all over the subcontinent. They live a horrible existance and die even before they can do anything like pray or good deeds. I'm a parent and i would never ever want a child to go through pain so as we are all waheguru ji s why does this happen that a new born ok there past karma I don't know but in this life they suffer so much and die before even being given the chance to redeem themselves. WHY ? Please I need to know this answer from Sikhism perspective .

    Are the parents being punished or it can't be the baby as they have not even had a chance to do bad in this life?

    During the Guru's times, little children and newborn babies were being cut apart and strung into necklaces- their mothers were forced to wear them around their necks..

    Think of it this way... Some of those children may have committed rape in their past lives, or slandered/ tortured and killed a saint, committed mass murder as an evil emporer or worse.. They may have revelled in and become too attached to worldly pleasures(worldly sukh or maya) which the Gurus describe as poison- as a disease- and hence forgotten God. Them not remembering is part of their karam- their parents suffering is part of the parents karam.

    No matter what happens to us- we Always deserve what we get- there is always a reason for every single thing that happens to us.

    The reason they don't get a chance to redeem themselves in a janam is also part of their karam. When a child dies in this way, a huge part of their bad karams(result of past misdeeds) is washed away. The more dukhi we are fed, the more our karams are washed away. Even the Bhagats went through a huge amount of pain both physically and spiritually(when negativity hits a bhagat- it is a most uncomfortable feeling).

    When we finally truly detach from worldly sukh- (recognising the fact that the more sukh we live- we get an equal amount of dukh-and we therefore stop craving sukh), we wash the remaining karams of dukh by living in the balance and are finally set free(jivan mukht). Only when we begin to see pleasure and pain as One(as God- pleasure plus pain= the whole=Balance=God ) do we get freed of the vicious cycle of wordly dukh and sukh- of births and deaths- of positive and negative. When we Recognise God in All- in the light and the dark- in the happiness and sadness- then we are psychologically sound in Truth.

    Become dead while alive. Finally recognise this priceless life, gifted to us after millions of janams for what it is- a Test. It is a game to discover the Truth- a priceless gift that other lifeforms scream to have. In this janam- we must die whilst alive- to have no desires, no complaints- but to recognise All as perfect- as Hukam and as Truth, as our Beloved- as our Gurus did while being burned alive on hotplates and with boiling water- like Jesus did while being nailed alive to a cross.

    Nirboah and Nirvair means a Fearless Love. That is True, unconditional Love without bargaining.

    Truly embark on the path of bhagti- for we must not just read gyan- that is like reading a recipe but not making anything. We must apply it throughout our natural lives- we must Live the gyan of Gurbani, and by living it, Become It like the Gurus and true bhagats before us did..

    Only then will we truly understand what the Gurus have taught us for we would have experienced it for ourselves.

    God bless you

  17. i am not but i do paath daily,i am doing this since a year(wake up at amritvela and do paath) but nothing special has happened,now i am bit confused with the existance please help me if you can,if god exist i dnt want to leave path,but if it does not i dnt want to spend whole life in confusion.

    I was thinking about the existance of god and how we know that the god exist.

    Following points come in my mind:-

    1.if waheguru loves us then why makes us suffer in the pains of birth and death,if i loved some one i will never do to him.or does this mean waheguru dnt love us.

    Everything Satnaam ji does is for our betterment. He teaching us lessons and communicating with us every minute, we are the sinners who choose to ignore Him- we turn our backs on Him, it is never the other way round for He is here right in front of us literally staring us in the face.

    Everyone, everything you see and everything you don't is God. He does everything, we are just puppets in his wonderful beautiful khel- He is us and we are Him..

    He Himself sat for many many ages to discover that He is Sat- Truth. Every moment He is giving us the opperunity every moment to discover the same and to live the Truth. We do not complain that we haven't had darshans or flown around different realms on golden pelicans- that is not the aim of life- that is still maya(illusion which is everything in image and within the 6 senses.).

    The Truth is Nothing- It is so simple and humble- it has no image, no form, is infinite, fearless and All loving- it is a frequency of Nothingness beyond what maya dwellers can comprehend.

    We have darshan of Him as our mothers and fathers, our friends, our slanderers and tormentors. Whether He comes to us as our lover, competitor or obstacle, we simply say, 'God I can see you'- Bas tuhee tu.

    2.why they created so much vikars and obstacles in this world it just make more difficult to reach them do they simply want us to stuck here or we are just their toys(sorry for this)

    We are God's most beloved. What He discovered after many ages was the master- a Psychology called Truth(=Nothing). When He discovered it, He applied it, he lived it and lives it to this day- Hence, He Is it.

    Now it's our turn- think about it- He Loves us so much that he has given us the oppertunity to discover what He did- He has given us the most priceless gift- so amazingly beautiful that we cannot even comprehend it's beauty..

    When he beats us, he beats us back towards this gift, He doesn't feed us dukhi because He hates us, He does it because He Loves us. When we fools decide to run back to maya and are fed dukh, we turn back to Him. He has devised this khel for us- our lives, each individual story of ours, because he loves us. Without Him living Truth, the whole game shuts down.

    We are only set free if we truly deserve it, we must prove that we can apply truth throughout our lives, throughout anything.

    We never tell a lie, not even a white lie- We Speak Truth, Deliver Truth, Serve Truth, Die Truth. We apply the gyan of gurbani 24/7 as we keep moving along the path..

    We always keep to the gurbani laws of Nirboah and Nirvair- recognsing Him as everything and fearlessly accepting Him no matter how controversial He may appear(how much he may beat us in one of his many costumes).

    3.according to sikhi,human life form is the only way to reach waheguru,does that means that there was no mukti when humans does not exist.also are the humans only the intelligent creatures ie no aliens

    Aliens exist. Human janam on earth is our chance to gain jivan mukhti- Even Gods and goddesses are incarnated on earth for this opportunity- it is a priceless jewel to be born as human into this test world.

    4.according to sikhi god created the time and space and does not comes under it that means god has knowledge of all the three,present,past,future that means everything is pre planed by them,so why we do paath other things to reach god,we will reach them when our time comes to reach them.then why we follow religion

    You're applying too much logic- Gurbani doesn't say do a whole load of path. The gyan in Guru Granth Sahib- Gurbani- is Guru. We read what He teaches us, then we apply what we've been taught throughout our natural life.

    Gurbani says to do bhagti- your questions are answered from within when you deserve to know the answers. Hukam is master and is Truth. What God does does not always make sense to our minds- it is only once we rid ourselves of our identities(ego) that our mind is eradicated, as are the 5 theives. Then we are beyond the wordly constraints of logic and only live our infinite true hearts (which are the entire creation and beyond- our heart is His heart) and begin to understand why our stories are written the way they are- and we are able to accept hukam as perfect, as Truth, as Him.

    Relax and listen to the frequency of silence/Truth(Anhad naad). Anhad naad is naam- it is symbolic reflection of silence- of the Truth of Nothingness- for even sound is illusion. Satnaam- Truth is His name.

    The key is to let go and let the samadhi take you over. Once we do this, we begin to understand the world around us. God is in 24 hr samadhi- he is still learning. The discoveries are infinite but the perfection of the heart is within reach.

    5.god can do anything right

    Can god kill themself

    God is already dead- he recognised himself to be nothing- hence he is beyond births and deaths.

    Can god create a thing which he can't create

    There is Nothing He can't do.

    Can god kill imortal souls

    A truly immortal soul is a jivan mukht- one who is beyond births and deaths- in light of this, what would there be to kill..

    Can god create another god more powerfull than them

    God is the lowest of the low- He has become Nothing. That is the highest power.

    If god cannot do every thing then god has limits,and as gurbani say god has no limits

    God has no limits, He is infinite and All powerful.

    I dont want to offend any one i still do paath,but want a reason to continue

    What reason is there to stay in maya when she ultimately teaches us how to ruin ourselves? It's either Truth or Maya.

    Sorry for every thing

    Please comment

    Please help me i also want to keep up sikhi

    God bless you

  18. Good post. I guess it all depends on the receptiveness and intelligence of the receiver of the message, as well as his or her desire to genuinely want to learn something regardless of the form in which it appears.

    Truth is beyond logic, logic/mind is what blinds us to the Truth. The mere presence of one who resonates the Frequency of Truth/ of God (through Truth Practice as the Gurus and Bhagats did) is enough to stir a heart(overriding the false of the mind- the heart is beyond logic- practicing God's heart/the Truth- we break all barriers of the mind and are beyond limitation/ illusion)- for God works and resonates through his servants.

  19. That's why the thread-starter posted those quotes. We know about Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, but Dave Smiley down the road would see a militant with a turban and beard when looking at Sant Ji. Dave would dismiss Sant Jarnail Singh without even wishing to learn what he had to say. If he see's intellectual heavyweights (and let's be honest, white people with no affiliation to the Sikh faith) being favourable to the Sikh religion and it's doctrines then he's more likely to sit up and take notice.

    Let's be clear: We don't need the white man to approve our doctrines and our ways. But some of our people, especially the generation I belong to and those younger than myself have a tendency to place a lot of stock in what learned white people say. Maybe it's an inferiority issue?

    I and many others are mature enough not to equate the message (whatever it may be) with somebody's outward appearance. But most people are not and they occasionally need something to be shown to them in a language and form they will understand and respect.

    It works both ways. If we are more likely to listen to one of our own when it comes to matters of faith and life itself, then the average white person is also going to take heed of what his own is saying.

    Not Necessarily- I've spoken to many white people and most if not all are floored by what we (Me and God) teach. You can take a huge white trucker guy and pierce his heart with the Truth, for God sits in each heart- look how Guru Nanak Ji pierced the Hirda of Sajjan Thug, a serial killer- He stirred the hearts of hardcore Hindus and Muslims with the Truth.

    A white person, no matter how cultured- is God in another image- the Truth(God- as God's name is Sat as described in Mool Mantar) is in his heart, it just needs a little stirring again. When the Truth is taught, it sticks- no matter how much the other persons reaction may make us think it hasn't.

    We are all One, even the murderer and the devil and our greatest slanderers act according to His Hukam- according to Truth- for they Are him they've just got to realise it... We are the light and the dark, the unconditional love that we have for even our greatest slanderers is the same love that God has for All.

    This is Nirboah and Nirvair- a fearlessness to accept that All is him, no matter how much he beats us and has us slandered(hukam), and Nirvair- being All loving, regardless of his different images(whether dark or light).

    The fact is that we DO judge according to image, for the entire creation is God, but we see it to be different- we lack respect and humility to accept hukam, to accept the game that he plays around us as Perfect and as deserved according to our deeds, and to teach all without judgement regardless of the false images of race, culture, gender and overall false identity.

    We should love the devil and the angel, the murderer and the saint, for all is Him/ Hukam- all are at different levels of self discovery, playing their part in the khel as He wills it. Who are we to judge when it's Him that pulls the strings- He Always knows Best.

    We are asked to accept the Hukam of his command in Gurbani, this is it- All is Hukam- All is Truth/ Him. Hukam/Him/Truth is our Keeper.

    When we fully believe this within ourselves, teaching the Truth to our beloved in different forms can become so heartfelt. Fearlessness ensues, and we see the cultured and perhaps racist white man as our brother, as God and ourself in another image, who is at a deserved level of self discovery- we teach him openly without hesitation or reluctance due to ego and the illusion of segregation- no matter how sourly he may react.

    We never commit a lie to others, not even a white lie and we don't lie to ourselves(a huge psychological problem people have in maya). We may face death, but we never forsake Truth- We Glorify it as our Gurus and Brahmgyanis(asians and non asians alike) before us did.

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