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  1. U can do Ardas before sleeping and keep the simran going while u sleep, I don't usually sleep at all, but once in a while get a little nap before amrit vela. But I do simran while resting aswell. It's easy to get the naam going constantly- spirituality IS easy- if u perceive it to be difficult, then u run into problems as ur causing unnecessary complications I.e getting caught up in worldly drama. Just do amrit vela simran and stay grounded in it as much as possible during the day regardless of what losers may try and throw at u, through thick and thin, because it's all just a khel anyway-
  2. Teens/ young adults have access to gurbani online if they choose to read it. I did it when I was younger, they have a choice and its up to them if they want to take it. Parents could teach their kids not to be taken by the gimmick of society and not to just mimick what they see on tv and what their friends may do, but to recognise the freedom of choice to live Truthfully. To recognise maya and how to kill it(the 5 theives). To teach their children to never slander- I see a lot of children who slander these days, and it can manifest as school bullying aswell. They should teach their childre
  3. This guy is an illuminati puppet, look for their symbols in Indian films, its really ridiculous- they're working towards their New World Order agenda. Every smart Sikh should start making it a priority to learn about these fools because they count on people disregarding the truth about them as conspiracy theories so when it hits the fan, the majority of the population won't see it coming. The Gurus have already taught us that in the Kalyug, the kings are butchers, and a sikh takes Gurbani as 100% truth-Kalyug isn't over yet and Satyug is not far off. If u read the facts of the illuminati an
  4. It's weird, i was talking about this to a girl 2 days ago- this girl had turned to spirituality while trying to deal with relationship problems. It took me over 2 years to get over someone I was in love with so I get your pain. I started off doing Amrit vela paath- I wasn't amritdhari or anything- was just in so much dukhi like I had never felt before and turned to Guru Nanak for solace. I also started naam simran and eventually it just became seva of naam- naam simran and doing good for others. After 2 days I started having spiritual experiences and darshans and then I felt that I could neve
  5. Well I guess this shows what kind of leader modi could be if he became PM. I know someone who thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread- not sure if he knows about this or even cares about it. Hopefully he doesn't come to power. Would be good to spread the word to your families in India not to support this man.
  6. Ghosts exist and can stir a lot of trouble, leech off people, do Jadoo on people, possess people etc. if they come close, it's our own negativity that let them come close. If negativity exists, it's God teaching that a fault exists so work on it. Practicing truth, ie understanding that everything and everyone is just God- means that we are able to see past the illusion of symbolic reflections of the 2nd energy like negatively charged prets and nothing can harm us as we have recognised the truth. This is not protection- it is simply understanding the gyan of truth and applying it to begin
  7. We were born with everything, the jewel is Nothing- this is the Truth that God discovered after many ages as per gurbani Truth has no form no image, na roop na rekh na rang. There is either truth which is Nothing- or maya which is Something. So what have we got to be jealous of- we already have the priceless treasure- the Only treasure- people are just too greedy and attached to image to understand it.
  8. Adulterors go to hell. People don't realise the demons that await us and even come to us while we're alive. Trust if people knew what is out there they wouldn't even think twice about committing adultery- even lusting after someone who is in a relationship before marriage is bad enough. The thing is that the devil loves fooling people into believing he doesn't exist so many people live thinking there will be no consequences for their actions- until it's too late.
  9. We live in kalyug, born into an age where the majority of the world live in a hellish state of mind, so of course there will be crap wherever u go, the world is full of dic*heads. But this age is the most blessed for those who believe in Truth because it is in the darkest Pitts of hell that we are able to strike back and penetrate through the dark with the strongest light. Either u get buried by maya, consumed in and attached to your own pain/hell or u step in the path of the Bhagat and realise that hell/pain does not exist, only truth does. It is in dukh that we turn to truth hence dukh is th
  10. Excuse me for jumping in, but Sikhs at a higher level realise God aka Truth to be everywhere, And to be everything and everyone. They recognise the Guru to have experienced this gyan first hand- they understand that the Guru is merged with Truth and so really the Guru is still worshipped but as a being who is merged with Truth- and hence is the Truth- as God discovered himself to be- truth in form. this is beyond logic and so only the high level Bhagat who has experienced and practiced this gyan first hand can truly understand it.
  11. God can be worshipped however, there are not rituals or rules to it- Gurbani says God is found through Love. Recognise God in everything.
  12. No, during Satyug and other ages, many practiced truth and were liberated(although the truth is that we are liberated(free) already, we just need to realise it), gurbani states this. The Amrit is within, gurbani says that it trickles through the tenth gate, the 7 chakras contain it- the trick is to get them spinning and open and so to drink of them. Inner discipline is required- (applying gurbani to your life and practcing it 100%) and most importantly, love. True love is accepting hukam through thick n thin- regardless if how much he beats you, we accept it all as perfect, as truth. We acce
  13. Yes, although the loss is obviously devastating for you, try to understand an accept that it was hukam- it was in their KAram to go at that time- everything's karma. We came alone and we go alone- and our end could be at any time any day. These situations bring this fact home to us, if we're smart, we contemplate this and take steps to mentally prepare ourselves for death, to live this human janam without wants so that when we leave this false body, we don't remain attached to our old life. Remember that as painful as this is for you, it is dukh that makes us turn to Him- it is us paying of
  14. Wow beautiful! lol I was sitting in the Gurdwara in deep meditation having a deep convo with God and a woman disturbed me to tell me to turn my feet away from my Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I told her that my God is everywhere, in the walls, on the floor, and she didn't know what to say.lol it was really funny!
  15. It's mad how we're meant to get rid of All Ego, yet people can't even shed the false status of class- such an easy thing to disown. In reality- we're Nothing- we're not even a person or gender- we're pure Nothing. The Truth is so simple- yet people hold on to their false identity as if their lives depend on it. All it takes is application of the simple gyan. 'I am Nothing- God bas tuhee tu.' Then we understand that everything is just Hukam- it's all Truth/ Him.
  16. Satnaam These bits really stood out in your post. I have been slandered by many when going through stages of bhagti.. Looking back, I was heartbroken at the things people did and said(Gurbani says never break another's heart). I used to pick up peoples pain(This happens to bhagats at a point) and wonder how people could be so cruel, that I was absorbing their hurt and pain and they were hitting me when I was down- giving me more pain to add on to it. Then I realised that it was all Hukam- it was all God's plan- it made me a stronger bhagat- I realised for myself that the slander was a Huge
  17. Sorry about the broken post earlier, I was posting from an Iphone and the second bit didn't come up. What I was going to say, is that As a Sikh who trusts in God as opposed to the devil(for there is no in between- you're either a slave to maya(devil) or a slave to God(true freedom)) you should accept His Hukam as Gurbani asks us to, regardless of what your mind leads you to believe. Remember that the mind/ego/identity is the cause of the 5 theives- which is why we are asked to give the Guru our head, and live by our hearts- our true Heart is God's heart. Once you begin to live your heart- (w
  18. God is everyone, everything and everywhere. He is Truth- without form, colour, caste creed or gender(the primal Nothingness/silence which is our true origin). Live His heart(which is your true heart- it is Truth)- never tell a lie, not even a white lie. Speak the Truth, Serve the Truth, Deliver the Truth, Die the Truth. Relax and listen to the silence. The symbolic reflection of the silence(Naam/Truth/Frequency of a Balanced Gyan) throughout creation is Anhad naad(primal sound). It is symbolic because even sound does not exist in Truth- the sound of Anhad naad is symbolic of the Frequency of
  19. During the Guru's times, little children and newborn babies were being cut apart and strung into necklaces- their mothers were forced to wear them around their necks.. Think of it this way... Some of those children may have committed rape in their past lives, or slandered/ tortured and killed a saint, committed mass murder as an evil emporer or worse.. They may have revelled in and become too attached to worldly pleasures(worldly sukh or maya) which the Gurus describe as poison- as a disease- and hence forgotten God. Them not remembering is part of their karam- their parents suffering is part
  20. i am not but i do paath daily,i am doing this since a year(wake up at amritvela and do paath) but nothing special has happened,now i am bit confused with the existance please help me if you can,if god exist i dnt want to leave path,but if it does not i dnt want to spend whole life in confusion. I was thinking about the existance of god and how we know that the god exist. Following points come in my mind:- 1.if waheguru loves us then why makes us suffer in the pains of birth and death,if i loved some one i will never do to him.or does this mean waheguru dnt love us. Everything Satnaam ji do
  21. Truth is beyond logic, logic/mind is what blinds us to the Truth. The mere presence of one who resonates the Frequency of Truth/ of God (through Truth Practice as the Gurus and Bhagats did) is enough to stir a heart(overriding the false of the mind- the heart is beyond logic- practicing God's heart/the Truth- we break all barriers of the mind and are beyond limitation/ illusion)- for God works and resonates through his servants.
  22. That's why the thread-starter posted those quotes. We know about Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, but Dave Smiley down the road would see a militant with a turban and beard when looking at Sant Ji. Dave would dismiss Sant Jarnail Singh without even wishing to learn what he had to say. If he see's intellectual heavyweights (and let's be honest, white people with no affiliation to the Sikh faith) being favourable to the Sikh religion and it's doctrines then he's more likely to sit up and take notice. Let's be clear: We don't need the white man to approve our doctrines and our ways. But some of our people
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