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  1. The Gurdwarra should take thee men in Asap.

    Sangat lets step up and keep hounding Havelock Rd gurwarra to house them in one of their many many rooms- anything is better than sleeping outside like that.

    Food and shelter is what these people need until they can get back on their feet. Please everyone, lets do right by our Gurus and help these people.

    Sikhsangat please put this as a Sticky

  2. Can Admin please pin an appeal to All members of this forum to give at least Some money to the charity Oxfam.

    And can that pinned topic never be taken off as helping the hungry, the poor and the needy is a Huge part of Gurbani.

  3. Everything is Prewritten- God is the All Knower, hence he knows your past present and future. If you rise in bhagti, it's hukam and if you fall, that's also hukam.

    Doing ardas for something you Want is not respecting His hukam- the path he mapped out for you.. This is why wants and desires have no place in bhagti.

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji accepted the hukam for his sons to die, and for many of his devotees to die also- other Gurus accepted the hukam for many worldly harships. True love is about accepting Hukam- loving God regardless of what he does to us- we continue our bhagti full speed ahead regardless of worldly events(whether good or bad happening around us or to us.) The bhagat eventually remains in anand regardless of what happens as pain and pleasure have become one and the same- as Truth(God) is both/ is in every action.

    In light of the first line about everything being prewritten, if you do ardas, it was hukam for you to do so- your prayer Is Always heard (regardless of any doubts you may have(any doubts indicate you not having given your head fully to the Guru))- but it was always hukam(destiny) for you to do ardas and for that prayer to be heard.

    What happens to us is Always what we deserve according to our deeds(karam). There is no left or right hand road(duality), theres only one road(story God's written for us- no it's or buts of what can or could have been) which is completely deserved- hukam is always perfect no matter how it appears(through the false images and 6 senses of maya) in the worldly maya khel. Our aim is to detach and see God/Truth in All- to see All as One, to remain in truth(naam- all pervading balanced gyan of Truth) throughout everything.

  4. my post under the Punjab elections was erased I take becaue I used the word B*astard and <banned word filter activated>. I would suggest you read gurbani and dasam bani very closely - there are many places where the right words to describe a person who is doing the wrong thing are used and some of those words are foul. Not a big deal - reality bites. The Guru's nor post Gursikhs were never politically correct, they said what it was...............maybe you need to re-look at your views...............

    Great post- the reality is that we are all a bunch of bleeping bleeps that need to get off our lazy bleeps and discover what he wants us to discover instead of talking about it and reading the teachings over and over(gurbani) without applying it...

    We are the worst of the worst, the <banned word filter activated> of the <banned word filter activated>-only the gurus and brahmgyanis are exempt from this(although even they were humble enough to call themselves the lowest types of creatures and the lowest of the low) if anyone doesn't agree that this is what we are, it's their ego disagreeing...

  5. I understand that God is within us - that we all have the Divine Light that we need to free.

    Can we face a mirror and bow (not matha tek) - bowing not to the image but the God that resides in us all?

    Difficult for me to explain.

    Brilliant! Of course you can, you can bow to the devil if ever you see him, and to God in him-this is a reflection of Nirvair.

    Bow in your heart to every being that comes your way, remain on the floor in your heart, and never get up- for Ego is not called for on this path- we are All One- and All is One.

    There is a sakhi that states that a boy was hit by a man- and when the Guru asked what happened- the boy replied, Guruji, you hit me.

    Guruji said great is the one that sees the gurus face in everyone.

    No matter how much you're hit and hugged, its all just Him doing it to us...

  6. This whole thing highlights to me just how silly some sikhs have become. You can't blame that couple for this. They're just parasites feeding on the stupidity of many stupid sikhs. There will always be charlatans. There will always be bullies. Their will always be cheaters and tricksters. But they are not the stupid ones. The stupid ones are the ones stupid enough to fall for the tricks.

    You say I won't know how it feels until I personally experience it. Well....you're right. And I won't personally go through it because I'm not stupid enough or gullible enough to put myself in such a pathetic position.

    Look.....We are Sikhs. We have Guru Granth Sahib ji to answer all our questions and guide us through life. Thats the whole point of being a Sikh. We have no ned for rituals....we have no need for toothsayers, clairvoyants and superstition. Thats the very reason our forefathers walked away from the religion that has superstition, toothsayers and rituals. It is truly ironic how...now...300 years later, the members of that old religion our forefathers left have stopped believing in mumbo jumbo whereas we are going backwards and believing in more mumbo jumbo than them....partaking in more rituals than them...etc ?

    Believe me.....most people will be just like me in that they will read this thread and be amazed. Amazed not at the activities of that couiple but amazed and surprised at how gullible, weak bodied and weak minded many sikhs have become.

    This thread may have started as an attempt to expose the tricksters but all its really achieved is highlighted how weak in the mind many people with the appearance of gursikhs are.

    Great post. With the knowledge and application of gurbani, not just the ritual reading of it, we become gurbani- and such rituals and superstitions mean nothing for we are beyond them- When we Truly Accept God of No Image or Form as Truth- we are beyond all of the Bullshite.

    He remains the lowest of the low, hence, accepting Truth 100% and living in his glory means living beyond all of the egotistical rituals and maya principles the world lives by...

    Only once begins to lower their head completely and live in the most humble Truth of Nothingness(for we are and God is Nothing- no image, no form, no Nothing)- does one begin to live in acceptance of Hukam(True Love).

  7. [

    WJK WJF, i have a list of questions that I'm hoping you can answer:

    1) On ang 1035, Guru Ji says 'For endless eons, there was total darkness", but didnt Guru Ji also say that creation had been destroyed and remade in the past? Is the translation wrong? Do they mean there had not been creation for a VERY LONG time?

    Before All creation, there was just the darkness from which we and those before us all came eventually...

    2)On ang 19, Guru Ji says "'From water, He created the three worlds; in each and every heart He has infused His Light." It's a metaphor that may even be connected with the next/previous line, but what does it mean?

    Water is amrit. To one who has vision, it is pure white light, hence this tuk is not so hard to understand..

    3)Gurbani speaks of the three worlds, the four sources of creation, and the five elements, what does Guru Ji mean by this? Also, how are we made up of the five elements?

    Three worlds:

    1st world= Pure Truth, the Nothingness from which we all came(referred to in your 1st question) and which is all around us, it is parallel to the other 2 worlds.

    2nd world= the parallel astral/spiritual(whatever you want to call it) world.

    3rd world= this realm, our bodies(false) etc.

    Everything other than the 1st world is false- the 2nd world is a projection(astral) of the 1st and the 3rd world is a projection(astral) of the 2nd world.

    Hence, the journey of bhagti is backwards, within- from our 3rd world back into the 1st(from where we all came). We ground ourselves by attuning ourselves to naam/truth i.e the 1st world/energy/God himself.

    Then we remain grounded(opposite of projection/astral projection) in Truth in His court(1st world) regardless of what the false 2nd and 3rd worlds (energies) throw our way- for the 2nd and 3rd worlds are just false anyway, just an illusionary khel i.e maya.

    Hence Gurus and bhagats remained grounded in Truth even while being martyred, for all is imageless,formless Truth, and all else is just astral projection/maya/illusion...

    4)On ang 64, Guru Ji speaks "The day and the sun shall pass away; the night and the moon shall pass away; the hundreds of thousands of stars shall disappear." When They say hundreds of thousands of star, that is lost in translation, right? They meant they were really countless?

    They could see stars during the Gurus times, so I'm sure they knew that there are whole load of stars.. :lol:

    PS: Anyone else notice errors in how the English has been translated from time to time? I have to say it can get really confusing when there are misinterpretations of Gurbani.


  8. in some cases the Guru-to-be has to undertake their own journey towards the Light, i.e. the humility displayed and utter devotion exhibited and the seva conducted by Bhai Lehna and Baba Amar Dass. Of course they did not become devotees of Waheguru to attain Guruship, but because of their actions and karam there was nobody else worthy of taking on such monumental roles.

    Apologies if I'm wrong.

    You said this^^^ perfectly!

  9. The problem with society today is that the focus of worship has deviated from God, to mortal maya dwellers. Shah Rukh promotes drinking, kaam, krodh, ego etc in his films. Yet he is revered simply due to his fame and other maya associated reasons by men and women alike.

    India may have moved on from 1984 but sikh widows and their families have not recovered from seeing their husbands hacked into pieces and murdered in cruel ways before their eyes.

    Sweet shera if your mother was raped before your eyes and your father gunned down just because they believe in gurbani, would you forget so quickly? Sikhs are still disrespected in India and bollywood and perpetrators of 1984 are still in office. Don't come on here and show disrespect.

  10. We are nothing sir, our guru, Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji is all superior, Anhad is a true follower of Guru maharaj, its not that people bow down their head infront of him as per story, Rest sir I think reading the book can very well justify your answer and yes sir he is no doubt the lowest of the low, dont worry on that part sir.

    Thankyou Ji,

    I'm glad to hear that and am very grateful. Thankyou for spreading Truth.

  11. You are absolutely right veerji, I appreciate your views and thoughts.

    wearing a pagh is issue for u?? prince of persia(game, story or movie) wears a pagh too, so does it becomes religious??

    and about the jokes: sir please go and watch some of the bollywood movies, the person who is represented as Sardar who does stupid acts and acts stubborn, speaks stupid dialogues, he wears a pagh too. Is that ok for u?? Search for "chaar din ki chandni" trailer on youtube and say thanks to them lol.


    I will make movies, I will write books.


    Sir, you can ask me any question for an explanation.

    WGKK, WGKF!!

    Thankyou Ji

    I appreciate what you are trying to do, and yes sardar jokes and many bollywood portrayals of sikhs are insulting and truly awful. Considering India massacred our people (in most awful and demonic ways) in a Holocaust not long ago and have violated many of our human rights ever since purely due to our truthful beliefs, the fact that they have tried to humiliate us via media and entertainment is beyond disgusting. So I have the utmost respect for you trying to get up and fight this great injustice and slander.

    All I ask is that you uphold the humility that sikhs have, for it is only by becoming the lowest of the low on this earth that we are able to excel in bhagti- I assume you have done this in your book. So all I was commenting on was the title of 'Superhero'(not the turban,although I did say that Anhad is a sikh name and you say the aim is to portray Sardars in a Truer light, hence the assumption the protagonist is a sardar) of your book's protagonist which could be seen as a self glorifying title, for we claim ourselves to be Nothing in Sikhi and for Him to be Everything.

    God bless you.

  12. Sikhs are not superheroes, gurbani narrates that we cannot do anything at all, and that God is the only doer. Guru Nanak Dev Ji calls himself the lowest of the low and refers to himself as lowly animals, as a slave etc.

    All we can ever be are slaves to Truth, to God. Nothing belongs to us, no power, no nothing- for we are Nothing. I know you wrote that your book is not intended to be a work of religious fiction, however the protagonist is wearing a pagh and is named Anhad...

    Kudos for trying to kill the sardar jokes though... And sorry for being such a killjoy! lol

  13. Sister, firstly I'd like to offer my condolences for your loss. Your brother sounds like he had alot of dukhi in this janam- dukhi on earth is karam being repaid to Satnam Ji- it cleanses a soul and makes it lighter. So please be comforted by this fact.

    Secondly, doctors would not have agreed to stop your brothers treatment if they didn't think it was suitable. There are too many lawsuits occurring for this type of thing. So your brother won't go to hell, don't dwell on this- you need to stop worrying about him and let him be free to continue his journey, as difficult as that may be. We come alone and go alone, we have journeyed many lifetimes and paid off so much karam to get here, noone and nothing is as it seems- and your brother will continue his evolution into another identity, whether its in heaven or sachkandh or in another janam on earth. Trust in Gods unconditional love for us all and that he is leading your brother down the right path, trust in Hukam for it is always perfect.

    Gurbani says that naam heals all pains, why not commence on the path of bhagti, turn your dukhi into the real sukh and discover your true origin-for that is the aim of this life and all human janams before and after this one- to become Brahmgyani, to merge with the Truth.

    God bless you

  14. Leadership is based on passion , incision and science.

    Bramgiani was a term used during guri jis period. We are stupid to suggest this auspicious state to anyone thereafter.


    A True and most effective leader is One who worships the Source with every cell, with every breath. A leader who rules by the mind and not by the heart of God is not a good leader- Gurbani describes one who does not practice naam as a fool- would you be led by an utter fool?

    The aim of our lives is to become Brahmgyani, it is our birthright and we are all capable. If we choose, we can shed maya and live gurbani, not just read it over and over but actually live it. This is the beauty of the Guru, He has given us the choice of freedom. There have been a few Brahmgyanis after the Gurus times, not a whole lot, but there have been.

    Who knows, according to hukam, I could be calling you a Brahmgyani in a few years time, His Hukam is so Great.

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