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  1. Very sad to see the original Exhibition Thread deleted just goes to show the insecurity of yourselves, very very weak ! non the less, here is another article http://www.sikhnet.c...se-sikh-history Admin Note: Not deleted but moved to 'News' sub-forum section of sikhsangat.
  2. I personally met all the curators/team they all are majority a sikh punjabi team along with museum experts and international collectors, all bar 1 are amritari khalsa that uphold all the traditional values of Sikhi they are well versed in history/art/language and experts in book writing and have over 100 years collective of man hours of research, they are so indepth and passionate about Sikhi & Punjabi history it's really inspiring ! I have never seen so much through research and facts presented with the willingness to show to the public(&non-punjabi/sikhs) hidden history's not hide behind internet sites with a mini paragraph or like insecure sikhs have never looked beyond a few page leaflet of history, speaking to them there will be video documentaries on every item of history, no one else has even touched this information! ALOT OF PEOPLE MOAN AND GROAN ON HERE,BUT YET I HAVE NOT SEEN ANYONE BRING OUT ANY ALTERNATIVE'S TO THE PRESENTED FACT & PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE ! or ANY WEBSITE to break down each historic aspect presented just little kiddy digs WHICH MEANS they must be doing something right, even if it's not pleasing to fickle mind's PLUS THEY HAVE GIVEN AN OPEN PLATFORM FOR DISCUSSION & DEBATE & A CHANCE TO TALK TO THEM ABOUT THE AMAZING SEVA WHICH WILL HELP OUR COMMUNITY IN YEARS TO COME ! THANKYOU WWW.GT1588.COM TEAM !!
  3. WOW got a Link From the BBC News Covering the Exhibition I'm going back down http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14664641 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14664641 Too many insecure people here watch this Fantastic review for our community
  4. could the moderators show the site as a filter has been imposed if your searching for truth then everything should be seen to broaden your horizons A sticky post it's not fair if people cannot see the site that they intend to discuss ok see you tommorow
  5. wow just found it i will read it all thoroughly tonight and will comment further tomorrow as there is alot of sections/research/photos looks as alot of proof and evidence I will have to cross check with my library of pre- 1900 literature good job I have day off tomorrow thanks here is the link shastarvidiya.shastar vidiya org The lineage of this combat system has been outlined below... All concepts and information revealed on www.<banned site filter activated> have been fully backed-up with transcripts of interviews from past and present masters of this art, together with a great variety of historical citations. The art traces its origins thus: a) Adi Deva Shiva b) Pashupati c) Kapalika Sadhus d) Taxila e) Nath Sadhus f) Akali Guru Nanak Dev g) Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa
  6. Singh Sabha was a great movement, but was predominantly a Jatt movement, which worked in favour of many and marginalised others, before the movement of "Singh Sabha Gurdwara's" began to settle with the pioneer's of new countries. In 1947, alongside Mastar Tara Singh, Sikh population had no numbers so have to lower caste's were paid to take amrit and all main gurdwara's for when the voting issue came number's would be higher sadly, it failed and we are left in out sorry state
  7. Also what lead up to the Indian Mutiny which wasn't just modern punjab based the issue is far deeper to do with the East India company <<< Who started this & how was the control established ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_India_Company The East India Company traded mainly in cotton, silk, indigo dye, saltpetre, tea, and opium. The Company also came to rule large areas of India, exercising military power and assuming administrative functions, to the exclusion, gradually, of its commercial pursuits; it effectively functioned as a megacorporation. Company rule in India, which effectively began in 1757 after the Battle of Plassey, lasted until 1858, when, following the events of the Indian Rebellion of 1857, and under the Government of India Act 1858, the British Crown assumed direct administration of India in the new British Raj. The Company itself was finally dissolved on 1 January 1874, as a result of the East India Stock Dividend Redemption Act 1873. The East India Company often issued coinage bearing its stamp in the regions it had control over. The Company long held a privileged position in relation to the British Government. As a result, it was frequently granted special rights and privileges, including trade monopolies and exemptions. These caused resentment among its competitors, who saw unfair advantage in the Company's position. Despite this resentment, the Company remained a powerful force for over 250 years.
  8. When the Great Guru Granth Sahib is The Anhad shabad, how can one be in fear of anything, this topic is regarding the hidden history that have moulded the poor state of Punjabiyat, into the form it is in today, for a faith that has had so much damage done to it, IT'S ABOUT TIME WE RECLAIMED OUR HISTORY, but in order for this to happen from the branches, the root's must be exposed and in this case external forces, way before, 1920's singh sabha, 1984 happened, one must see the international pressures that had been faced by our community after the collapse of the Sikh Kingdom that spread to Afganistan, which concurrently note:, but the Americans in 2011, the Russians in the 90's tried Maharaja Ranjit Singh took over it, how did he do that when the days of no telephones,modern weapons we're not available, the politics and people such as Great leader how did he rule such vast area's within his foothold's of Lahore & Amritsar uniting people via language/faith. To see the spys in his court that we're sent and the occurrence of his family's death, makes one wonder (WHO WAS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THE DESTRUCTION) Why was the boarder line drawn 1947 split with in a 30 miles radius spliting the two major threshold's of sikh power ? Southall youth:fyi, please read the following and see the universality "Sri Guru Granth Sahib contains 5894 hymns. Guru Arjan contributed the largest number of 2216 hymns. Besides the hymns of other Gurus, he also included 937 hymns of fifteen other saints and eleven poet laureates of the Guru's court whose compositions tallied with the gospel of the Sikh faith. Here, the Hindu, the Muslim, the Brahmin, and the untouchable, all meet in the same congregation of holy souls to create a truly universal scripture for our world. From the linguistic point of view, Sri Guru Granth Sahib is a treasury of the languages of its times that communicated well with every segment of the society. The language principally employed is the language of the saints, evolved during the medieval period. Based upon the local dialects, it was leavened with expressions from Sanskrit, Prakrit, Persian, Arabic, Bengali and Marathi etc. This language allowed for variations and still enjoyed wide currency in Southeast Asia. Its appeal is found in its directness, energy and resilience. In addition, the Guru designed a phonetically complete gurmukhi font to meet the need of inscribing the multi-linguistic scripture that is also musical. " http://www.searchgur...ib/introduction
  9. Sorry Also they mentioned that at the same time the Art's/conservation and geo-politcal damage destoryed heritage through, christian missonary's funded by Freemasons and even showed the Church spire, which if you see www.gt1588.com if you refresh it it a few times and a church built in the parkarma http://www.soas.ac.uk/gallery/gallerygoldentemple/ (see 5th picture) where originally Nau Nihal Singh (son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh) his bhunga was the authorites had complete control that they built a red brick, church and clock tower, on the edge, which shows the amount of power and control. I am not here to critise any groups or our own people but to present facts that have been untapped and un found until now from various librarys/collections. Don't just jump to conclusions, find out the information and the picture of our people today begins to be painted !
  10. With Regards to the Singh Sabha, comment in the talks they actually stated that the movements intentions we're for the benefit of the Sikhs and at that point sikhs we're at a political point of collapse and the Singh Sabha saved mainstream Sikhism, but then had to protect itself by removing every related to any other relgion such as, hindu/muslims, when In fact the Golden Temple included everyone including Muslim Rababi's performing kirtan up until 1947 I learnt a hell of a lot from the talks and will continue to attend
  11. Weather we believe it or not, Freemason's implemented the destruction of The Sikhs/Punjab power in the past 100 years Implementing committee's/Groups/Cults - Radha Soami/Nirankaris etc Voting system to punjab in the 1800's Produced Their own version of Sikh Thought via Maculiffe see http://clanmcauliffe.com/famous/max.html & others that we're paid for their works Running own schools of Thought removing traditional Indian and brought in British mentality similar to the ones on Red Indian's of America. Erection of a clock Tower in the Golden Temple site & removal of the Bhunga's (Towers of the Sikh Confederate under Maharaja Ranjit Singh) "The Freemasonry was established in 1922 at Amritsar, three years before the establishment of the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee. Its first master was Gurdit Singh Arora, a prominent business tycoon of the Holy City." http://www.tribuneindia.com/2005/20051222/aplus.htm#1 After visiting The Golden Temple Exhibition in London www.gt1588.com and listening to the talks on the Flooring pattern and the one that now surrounds the parkarma of Harmandar Sahib, seem very very similar and the destruction that has taken place, under the various aristocrats makes me actually feel these guys are onto something that the Sikh World DO NOT KNOW or UNDERSTAND the speakers at the talks have infact have provoked more questions in my mind ...
  12. Still don't think any one has understood the original question
  13. On an international platform, Sikhs/Punjabis have spread to the diaspora of the entire globe, however, looking at issues within our own people I would Like some views on this topic. These things have been neglected Basic understanding of Sikh lifestyle Literacy, Punjabi/gurmukhi slowly phasing out Art's not encouraged Great story's of ancestors are not know of Musicians no one learns the skill any more Great sites that related to Sikh Gurus have been destroyed/decaying Effectively since issues of 1947/84 Sikhs have become a traveller nation to other country's Where will Sikhs be in 50 years time ?
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