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  1. 2 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    Yesterday he was a boliyan paa-ing casteist , today he is a congress leader........flipping hell. 

    I bet you he'll switch to some other party sooner or later. 

    That’s why they call those in that profession ‘Kanjars’.  Throw them a penny and they will dance to any tune.    

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  2. 11 hours ago, Arsh1469 said:

    We need a Sikh state but before talking about all the land we want and what we will conquer think of the logistics. Firstly how to create a state? Who will run it? What will the laws be? How to create an army police emergency services etc. The economics? And so many more. We should talk about these things not about should we have a state but how can we get a state and how will it work.

    I should have mentioned that this thought process is also a sign of cowardice.

    You buy your house first then you buy your furniture, not the other way round.  When India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were formed, these answers were not demanded before the handover of power and neither have any countries been required to present a written or verbal constitution before attaining freedom.

    The first stage is freedom from present occupation, the second stage is to manage a peaceful transfer of power and the institutions which are in control, then a constitution is written, then finally you implement and work hard and smart to develop your country with all its institutions.  

    We are at stage one! 


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  3. 17 minutes ago, Premi5 said:

    I think it’s because of someone doesn’t know Gurmukhi , they don’t appreciate the Bh- sound as much and not know difference between ‘pappa’ and ‘’bhabha’

    in Gurmukhi 

    It’s just a regional thing.  The same as when people from Doaba pronounce the V&W’s as B’s, such as Vaal/Baal, Vatta/Batta, Vinga/Binga, Vaisakhi/Baisakhi, Video/Bideo and not forgetting Window/Bindow.  Slight differences between Maja, Doaba and Malwa.  

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  4. 22 hours ago, dharamyudh said:

    I honestly pray for the day where we rid ourselves from these labels and divisions that are between us. We need to move like a nation. We have separated ourselves by putting importance on worldly titles/ethnicity that have no real significance when we should only align ourselves with the panth and our beautiful nishan sahib. Our biggest enemies is ourselves. 

    I was going to contribute and challenge people more on Caste on this thread, but to be honest ‘dharamyudh’ has summed up everything perfectly.

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  5. 5 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    Have to say, there is no excuse for what certain apnay in Africa did. I condemn it, and the people involved should be ashamed and punished to deter others (if I had my way).

    Also on that note, certain pendu Juts need to acknowledge and admit their own role in creating a caste based apartheid system in the villages of Panjab, that has led to hordes of people from previously Sikh backgrounds to convert to other faiths. Bravo...... 

    They should be punished too. 

    Finally we both agree on something.  

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  6. 2 hours ago, ChardikalaUK said:

    Yes you can admire him as a ruler but should his portrait be placed in Gurdwaras alongside pious men like the Gurus, Baba Deep Singh, Hari Singh Nalwa and Banda Singh Bahadur?

    If his portrait invokes a desire to be free then yes.  He still has a part to play in the pursuing freedom.  Until that pursuit is fulfilled we can’t just simply discard him to the history books.  Don’t forget the British Empire went to extremes to suppress his history and legacy, because they knew he could spark a revolution even from his tomb. 

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  7. 14 hours ago, puzzled said:

    The city Sikh  type folks despite wearing paghs and keeping dharis are just useless, even though they seem to think they are a voice for the rest of the community. Like I said, they would be the first ones to call for an Uber and leave the scene.

    They’re no different to their forefathers.  They played zero part in the Khalistan movement.  One because Giani Zail Singh was from their caste and the other they have no feelings of belonging to Punjab. They actually hosted Indian Corgress politicians in their Ramgharia Halls in the 1980’s whilst rest of the Sikh diaspora was fighting back.  Their loyalty lies with their caste and Kenya.

    City Sikhs are the same, they have created their own segregation based upon caste and economic class.  They will always create divisions, being inclusive doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.

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