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  1. I should have mentioned that this thought process is also a sign of cowardice. You buy your house first then you buy your furniture, not the other way round. When India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were formed, these answers were not demanded before the handover of power and neither have any countries been required to present a written or verbal constitution before attaining freedom. The first stage is freedom from present occupation, the second stage is to manage a peaceful transfer of power and the institutions which are in control, then a constitution is written, then finally you
  2. Cowardice has many shapes and forms when it come down to the topic of ‘Khalistan’. Some say the whole world should be Khalistan not just Punjab. Some say Khalistan should be made in Pakistan Punjab before Indian Punjab. Some say everyone must become Khalsa before we talk about Khalistan. Some say Khalistan should only be the demand of people within Punjab. Some say Referendum will not achieve Khalistan. Some choose to ignore the subject and stay silent like the majority on this forum. All are mostly signs of cowardice! Your wasting your time about this sub
  3. Actually I called you fudhu, kuteer, shadai, bandar but ‘Africa’ hit the nerve better than any insult.
  4. I think you do exactly what you despise the most. You clearly have a inferiority complex, which triggers a defence mechanism inside you, which goes on the offensive to bring down a certain caste or community. This kind anger is not healthy and neither does this create unity.
  5. It’s just a regional thing. The same as when people from Doaba pronounce the V&W’s as B’s, such as Vaal/Baal, Vatta/Batta, Vinga/Binga, Vaisakhi/Baisakhi, Video/Bideo and not forgetting Window/Bindow. Slight differences between Maja, Doaba and Malwa.
  6. If you have the right skills you can minimise getting hit in the head. The sweet science is just as much about being evasive as being offensive. If this young Singh makes it all the way, then he will be role model for many more who will surely follow this path. I hope he goes all the way.
  7. I was going to contribute and challenge people more on Caste on this thread, but to be honest ‘dharamyudh’ has summed up everything perfectly.
  8. If his portrait invokes a desire to be free then yes. He still has a part to play in the pursuing freedom. Until that pursuit is fulfilled we can’t just simply discard him to the history books. Don’t forget the British Empire went to extremes to suppress his history and legacy, because they knew he could spark a revolution even from his tomb.
  9. Regardless what anyone feels about the individuals you are questioning, the history is still fairy new and relevant. Ranjit Singh showed he was able to establish a secular and inclusive Kingdom during a time when most of the western world was ruling their lands in quite the opposite fashion. Jind Kaur was exiled after the death of her King and put in prison and separated from her son to insure no reclaim of the throne could be made. Duleep Singh had been groomed to live in England and Christianity was forced upon him at very young age. He eventually returned to Sikhi and after being reunit
  10. They’re proper haraamis . They go to the Gurughars for births, marriage and funerals but in between they bow their heads to their Kanjar baba. Proper joke outfit. All these imposters need a proper shitar parade.
  11. Yes absolutely correct Jats are a very inclusive and open community and played a huge part in the Kharku lehar, as did many other communities especially the Mazbi Sikhs. I’m just sick of the constant Jat bashing that goes on and credit should be due for the positives that this community has given. I for one am completely against the caste system, but if somebody is proud of their heritage and culture that doesn’t mean that makes them a supremest. A progressive approach is to discard your negatives and promote and protect your positives.
  12. Yeh that’s my point. He had a support base in the UK from Kenyan Sikhs because of his caste. He was a senior a Congress politician that’s why Oversees Congress Party made up of Kenyan Ramgharia Sikhs never withdrew their support for the Congress Party even after 1984 Bluestar attack. It was a different story in Punjab because the Tarkhan/Ramgharia community have a connection to the land and more so their faith. Loyalties differ from the two communities. I must say that the Kenyan Ramgharia community did not do anything to damage the Khalistan movement but did not do anything to support it
  13. They’re no different to their forefathers. They played zero part in the Khalistan movement. One because Giani Zail Singh was from their caste and the other they have no feelings of belonging to Punjab. They actually hosted Indian Corgress politicians in their Ramgharia Halls in the 1980’s whilst rest of the Sikh diaspora was fighting back. Their loyalty lies with their caste and Kenya. City Sikhs are the same, they have created their own segregation based upon caste and economic class. They will always create divisions, being inclusive doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.
  14. Yeh I did hear it was really bad for them. I also heard that quite a large proportion of the people that turned on them were the servants that worked for them. You won’t hear any of the Kenyan crew talk about how they morphed into the ‘brown imperialists’ working for their firangi masters. They treated their black servants like dirt. They would go on hunts and have black servants run behind their vehicles for miles whilst they roll played being White Imperialists. They would also feed them the jooth that was left over from their plates. Then they came over to the UK with their Peugeot’s
  15. Don’t say that bro you’re gonna hurt feelings of a certain ‘DollySingh’. He still a hasn’t got over when his tribe got told leave by a few Kaleh armed with only sticks and stones from ‘Wakanda’. Such a shame, because all he has now is just memories and his ‘stripy fifty’ to remind him of the wildlife. Chal koi gal nein he can have his own referendum and claim his homeland.
  16. Dally Hun kithe margaya? That’s a long time to be gone to drink your ‘dudh’. You can come back now and we can start playing again.
  17. You got some problems geezer! You shouldn’t let that playground bully that pulled your gutti affect you so much in your adult life. Get over it and move on!
  18. The future will be handled and preserved by that very group of people that ‘dallysingh’ despises and likes to knock at every opportunity. It’s the people of the soil that will and are promoting our wrestling, gym and kabaddi culture. It’s also those people who are resurrecting our culture such as breeding indigenous horses and keeping weapons.
  19. Yeh they did! Some by starching and ironing their turbans to the point they no longer resembled turbans, but more like hard hats. Some also pushed a fashion where shaving and shaping their beards whilst wearing tiny turbans became the norm and being Sabat Soorat was considered backward. Some also abandoned their motherland and replaced it by calling a African imperial colony their home. Some of them also built the first Gurdwaras exclusively to serve and be run by certain surnames. Some of their children are also championing the LGBT movement in the UK and dress like fudoos. I could go o
  20. It was and always has been those who are alpha that followed that line of work or gang culture. I have never seen anyone who wears skinny jeans and speaks the Queens English engage in that lifestyle. I have also never seen a Punjabi Shaheri Bhapa, Kenyan Tharkhan, Delhi and Bombay da Bhapa stand strong with any Morcha for Sikhi or Punjab. Note that I did not mention Punjabi Tharkhan Sikhs or Majbi Sikhs, because they have given there fair share of heads. It’s your struggles and the people you look up to that make you Alpha not the latter that follows ie mindless violence and the crime. S
  21. Maybe because Jats are the only remaining group who are still actively alpha amongst the Sikh community. We could also ask why are Jats the only group to aggressively take on Delhi in the protests. You can’t knock a group of people who still possess the hot blood needed to take risks.
  22. It’s not my hang up! Remember I did not upload this post. I am just expressing my views which may or may not be right. The person that posted this post is obviously toying with the idea of using Cannabis and is looking for justification from random research which is probably carried out by a stoner. Believe me I have met many stoners that surround themselves with other stoners and go down the path of ‘confirmation bias’ and convince themselves of what they are doing is righteous. Somewhere down the line Dharam is being dragged into justifying the use. If this was so mainstream and and ha
  23. It was all going well until you narrowed it down to just about ‘feeling good’. I think all I can say to finish my participation in this is Nashe are bad whether it’s ‘herbal or pharma’. Nothing good comes out of temporary highs and dependency. Searching for loopholes that make someone feel justified in their actions for making themselves feel good is equally bad. If someone really wants to feel good then be a man do it off your own back use whatever is available to you. Stop discrediting Nihung Singhs and don’t narrow down the use of Shaheedi Degh to an aid for just feeling good.
  24. I agree you could kill 2 birds with one ‘stoner’. Your word not mine but I think it was a typo or perhaps it was divine intervention lol. No I’m just messing. I agree that medical use of Cannabis could have some positive uses but it’s the recreational and ritual use that I am against. Regarding pharma and side affects, you could probably find the same list of risk on the small print of ‘Paracetamol’, but I’m sure that this doesn’t pose a problem with the vast majority of people who have used it. I agree with use holistic natural remedies over the use of medicine produced in
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