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  1. Hello people this is a bit or harmless (depends who you ask) advertising to let you know that for the past year I have been sunning a podcast called Sikhism in Snippits and through this the sponsors have enabled me to write and publish a number of books. These are Sampardaic and in English. The opportunity was taken to translate and promote Sikh books and literature not available. If you are interested they can all be found ont he link below. Please take a look and if interested you can order directly off the site. If you have any questions please contact me on kam1825@hotmail.com





  2. 10 People from the west!!!

    Gurinder Singh Maan - Research on history and the Anglo Sikh exhibition brining knowledge of the Sikh wars to the Public

    Opinderjit Kaur Thakker - Great reasearcher and scholar

    Harjinder Singh Lallie - Great scholar and brining Kirtan to the Public in Tanti Saaz

    Jugraj Singh - Brought Sikhism into the public and showed his knowledge through interfaith debates

    Sukhjeevan Singh - Young Katha vachik who has been able to perform Katha at the Takhats

    Ravi Singh - Khalsa Aid (no need to say more)

    Harjit Singh Saajan - Raised the profile of a Sikh through politics.

    Tirath Singh Nirmala ( John Clyde Evans) - Written some of the deepest works on Sikh Panentheism in English

    Baljinder Kaur (Wolverhampton/Leicester) - An amazing artist who promotes Sikh themes. her work ois worth collecting

    Sukha Singh - Personally I learn so much from this man and he is a vidvaan who will propel Sikhism in the west


  3. Hello all I apologise in advance for this post, its a quick way of me letting the sangat know that I have published only 25 copies of Mahant Ganesha Singh Jis Sahaskriti and Gatha Stik which has also been translated into english. If anyone wants a copy you can contact me on kam1825@hotmail.com

    The publication is thanks to the patrons of the podcast for making this happen and with their support i hope to be able to bring further publications out to the public which have been out of print for years.

    Please if anyone else can assist by becoming a patron i would appreciate it.

    Thanks you


  4. Just want to say a quick thank you to both this forum who have allowed my posts in order to seek support for a podcast that has been running for the last two years along with the four genours donations i have recived from Resham Singh, Barinderpal Singh and two Gupt Singh and Singhni who have contributed $92 dollars a month between them. Not far now from making this podcast self sustaining and giving me the heartfelt headache of making sure there is enough material for the sangat to be interested in and to listen to. Thanks

  5. Over 400 podcasts have now been added to this site on various Sikh topics. In total there are over 46 hours of audio on the site. Can people wo are interested please take their time out and listen to these gems. Also if anyone gets a chance to review the podcast on Itunes i would appreciate the support

    Also it has been two months from first putting the podcast up for crowdfunding, still waiting for someone to sponser this project one dollar as a starter. If you can spare the dasvand and think this project is helpful please show your support.

  6. Hello Sangat Ji, this is a quick post. This podcast that Guru Maharaj has given me the kirpa of running has been going for almost two years. So far there are 320 podcasts available to download and listen to. They topics vary and some may even spark a debate.

    Can I ask that the sangat listen to them please if they do have a genuine interest in learning about Sikhi, So far the most depressing thing about running a sikh podcast is the lack of interest from Sikhs themselves. Current subscribers are around 20 to the podcast and at most we have downloads from around 100 people. That is seriously depressing knowing we have over 26,000,000 sikhs in the world and I cant even get 0.0001% of the Sikh population interested in a podcast on sikh history/philosphy and guidence.

    Sorry for the moan but I believe it was necessary

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