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  1. The books I have scanned are all on GurmatVeechar.com so I would not used Scribd download anything from. Scribd used to be free but now with the content having to be paid for it becomes difficult to use.Hope that is okay
  2. Hello people this is a bit or harmless (depends who you ask) advertising to let you know that for the past year I have been sunning a podcast called Sikhism in Snippits and through this the sponsors have enabled me to write and publish a number of books. These are Sampardaic and in English. The opportunity was taken to translate and promote Sikh books and literature not available. If you are interested they can all be found ont he link below. Please take a look and if interested you can order directly off the site. If you have any questions please contact me on kam1825@hotmail.com
  3. I have a copy of the Granth it is called the Waheguru Mantarath Granth by Pandit Ishar Singh Ji Kanshi Wale. Its a very difficult read a a lack of understanding in the Shaster will prove to cause problems. You can find the work on the panjab digital library website
  4. 10 People from the west!!! Gurinder Singh Maan - Research on history and the Anglo Sikh exhibition brining knowledge of the Sikh wars to the Public Opinderjit Kaur Thakker - Great reasearcher and scholar Harjinder Singh Lallie - Great scholar and brining Kirtan to the Public in Tanti Saaz Jugraj Singh - Brought Sikhism into the public and showed his knowledge through interfaith debates Sukhjeevan Singh - Young Katha vachik who has been able to perform Katha at the Takhats Ravi Singh - Khalsa Aid (no need to say more) Harjit Singh Saajan - Raised the profile o
  5. Women with Turbans look beautiful and the adorning of such turbans adds a presence to their personal character
  6. Not read all the thread as it is too long but I personally believe anyone can ask any question of Sikhi, the whole point of being a disciple or student is to constantly learn and strive to learn
  7. Off the top of my Head you have the Janamsakhi of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sikha Di Bhagatmala and Gurbilas Patshahi Chevin
  8. @dallysingh101 the Sarkutavali took me about four months to write in total, Just to let the Sangat know the second part of the Sri Jap Ji Sahib Teeka is up if people want to purchase it, it is for the pauris 01 to 03 and in total 180 pages long. The books can be found on the link below if anyone is interested http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Kamalpreet_Singh_Pardeshi For more information there is a Gurmatveechar.com page which is upddated regularly on facebook. The link to that is below https://www.facebook.com/groups/132561576872781/ Thank you
  9. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Kamalpreet_Singh_Pardeshi New Book Sarkutavali Teeka by Giani Bishan Singh Ji which has been edited and translated into English for those who wish to learn vedant or are going to learn katha in the future as it is used as a foundation text. Thanks all the books are on this new links for those interested. thank you for your time
  10. Are their any historical testements about the Ram Raiyas being against the Sri Dasam Granth? This is the first time i have heard of such a thing
  11. A review of the Mul mantar book by a genuine scholar, for those who may or may not want this book Review of the Mool Mantar commentary In 2015 Kamalpreet Singh Pardeshi of Leicester published an English commentary of the Mool Mantar. There have already been written dozens of such commentaries. However, what makes this book so fascinating and unique is that it is based on the research and writings of Baba Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale who was one of the greatest Sikh scholars of the 20th century. The book follows the traditional interpretations (sampradaya arth) of Sikhi which have been passed
  12. Some terrible self promotion below; there are some facebook updates promoting the book and the podcasts by other users. This is for those who have requested to read some views before thinking about having a look through the books to purchase? Dont worry after this I wont put anything up self promoting and heightening my pride and ego! Review 01 A great resource for all the students who want to further their understanding of Gurbani. This is probably the first 'Sampardai' translation of the Mool Mantar in English which goes into superb detail. This book translated by Bhai Kamalpreet Singh Ji
  13. With the teeka for Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji I have not added the gurmukhi arths because the publications would become too big, this is just the mul mantra and is about 175 pages in A5, the other parts will be coming soon but its taking its time, I think there will be about ten parts in total.
  14. This is for those who may be interested, I have had the opportunity to write a number of books recently, initially they were for sponsors of the podcasts but due to demand I have decided to put some of them out on a self publication site. Slowly they will increase in number with the Sarkutavali Teeka and Gagar Cho sagar also being added in June and August respetively. At the moment there are three books available to purchase which are the 'Sahaskriti and Gatha Teeka by Mahant Ganesha Singh', 'Matra by Baba Sri Chand Ji' and 'The Jap Ji Sahib Katha 01 - Mul Mantra Katha by Sant Gurbachan Si
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