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  1. Fateh..can anyone share the outcome of the meeting?i think it's important for Sangat to know what was decided on Sunday so îf the couple from the midlands doing all these wrong things have been found guilty by the panth, we can keep away from the liars, hiding behind bana and to make sure no one else gets involved with them. This ghastly witch personality who looks scary and behaves inhuman, teling people they are possessed when actually she's the possessed one. Doing weird stuff in her freakyily scary house With cats and dogs running around and even says that her pets were her friends in he
  2. I have a few questions for the people who are doing all this, who im sure are reading this forum day and night as they know the truth has been revealed. I hope you know this isnt about liking or disliking anyone, or holding grudges...or any of that...just about the truth...so why do you have to keep on denying the truth? what are you gettng out of this? Do you get a thrill from messing with peoples minds? is it entertaining to brainwash someone and watch the show? (I know you dont work, so if you have too much time on your hands and want to fill it to entertain yourselves, then why not go out
  3. They're far from victims-if she believes she is mata bhag kaur..she aint no victim, but a clever fake who is just trying to make money off others. it happens when u get so used to sitting at home and not working because work is 'boring'! What happened to Guru Nanak Dev jis teaching of 'kirat di kamaee'? They are totally anti-sikh in what they are doing and the bottomline is guru ji is watching and we all have to pay for the pain we cause others...which is worse when you are distracting people off the path of sikhi by being so fake and full of lies...yet this couple themselves have said at a ca
  4. Honestly...ive seen what effect this couple have had on my friend and my friend is not a gullible gursikh! they managae to screw with sane peoples heads from what ive seen. No one can say 'this would never happen to me' as we all have to remain in hukam and where guru mahraj keep us all. As someone has said above, no one says 'hmmm today I fancy going to a fake couple who can brainwash me and tell me some exciting stuff that no one else can!' The only wrong ones here are those that are telling people they are Mata Bhag Kaur and Mian Mir and so fourth...and those opposing this are assuming t
  5. A very close friend has been involved with a COUPLE who may be the same as these deceitful people. I'd like to share what I know so that all the saadhsangat are aware of how messed up these people are: My friend who had a very lucky escape was told by the female that the female was mai Bhago,that she was also Mian Meer and that she (my friend) must stay away from me (her best friend) because I am apparently envious of her..I realised that this was just to break her from anyone who may question the couples activities. My friend was also introduced to a guy who was meant to be her destined par
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