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  1. is there any new katha or recent taling about that time
  2. because we need giani thakur singh ji phone number we can call to city and do katha
  3. IS there any more katha about the changes of the world going into the hard age where it will it be hard for all
  4. does any one know any sants phone number
  5. Thanks very much WJKK WJKF thks
  6. I just wanted to know what parths we should do in the morning other than nitnem
  7. Apparently my brother and cousin said that jewel weared on the head eg sant ranjit singh ji wears on his head means that a person is a brahmgiani is this true and if it is why really high brahimgiani dont wear it
  8. i think u didnt understand properly he said that there will be no dharma people would be making there own religions and own beleives every year
  9. When would be khalsa raj,, and when would sant harnam singh return bhucho wale
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