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  1. The way I think of it is that the Guru's hukam is all encompassing. All the pain and suffering stems from the one, yet so does the much more powerful bliss, peace and liberation also comes from realizing the one. We strive to find peace and joy from our lives, but how could we appreciate the moments from which we derive such peace if we did not experience suffering and despair with which we could truly come to appreciate the great joys which stem from the guru. Would we have truly lived without knowing pain? Without pain, and without sadness, we would be laid waste to our ever growing egos, an
  2. This is being way too sensationalized. First off, the video is on a loop; so the actual sound was a 1-3 seconds at the most, but it was made into a repeating loop, making it seem like 'allah' was being said repeatedly Second, the sound is nothing more than 'la' or some other nonsensical phrase. The aforementioned looping sequence makes it seems as if the baby is saying 'allah.' I'd like to think that Sikhi is grounded in reality, and the 'miracles' of the guru lie not in such irrational and debunkable phenomena, but rather in the rational world - our very existence, the emotions, thoughts,
  3. Could you possibly provide a link to the book? I would like to see some any of these NDE studies (im not exactly sure what NDE is so could you possibly elaborate on that also) if you have access to them.
  4. Gurbani often mentions the 'Jamdoot' presiding over the heads of those who are not in tune with God. Now, from what I understand, the Jamdoot is an 'angel' of some sorts in Hindu texts (correct me if I am wrong), and this suggests that Gurbani is saying that those who do not heed God will be struck down by this entity. What I do not understand is whether this Jamdoot is to be taken as a physical being, or whether the Jamdoot represents death and the cycle of rebirth. This also applies to the ideas of 'hell', 'rakshish' (devils), etc.... in Gurbani. This brings forth another question. How muc
  5. I want to add Gurmukhi lyrics in my Iphone, but i don't know how. Can anyone help?
  6. The man speaks the truth. There are way too many Sikhs out there attached to just the image of Sikhs, and don't understand the essence of Sikhism - they don't understand the truth.
  7. http://sikhchic.com/current_events/a_lament_from_india A Lament From India MANPREET SINGH, Hyderabad I am nothing but a common man who goes to the office at 9 in the morning and comes back in the late evening after completing work in the office. Often, I bring office-work home and keep working and attending calls till late at night. I also work on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays too. I don’t mind working hard because at the end of the month, the pay cheque brings a smile to my face and helps me feed my family. But, the last few weeks, which include my salary-drawing week, have not bro
  8. Canadian Sikhs show solidarity with Bittu, Barapind Gurinder Gill, Hindustan Times Toronto, October 05, 2012 To show solidarity with Sikh activists Daljit Singh Bittu and Kulbir Singh Barapind after their arrest and their alleged torture, Canadian Sikhs have started a signature campaign led by Canadian Sikh coalition. The first signature campaign “Free the Singh” in support of both arrested leaders, yielded about thousands of signatures on a petition within Vancouver and Toronto alone (online and in writing) on Sunday and the next campaign is scheduled for the coming weekend. The cam
  9. So if I understood correctly, you are basically saying that a Sikh must spiritually rise above karma - which will take its course no matter what - and accept whatever happens as hukam. Hope that's what you meant. If that is what you meant, I still don't understand if everything is preordained by Waheguru, then why are we punished by karma, if we are not the ones who made the decisions in our previous lives, since everything that we did was preordained. I guess this makes sense. We have free will and make our own decisions, however, since Waheguru is all knowing, it is with his grace that we
  10. In Sikhism, one's ultimate goal is to become one with waheguru sache patshah during this human life and achieve mukti from the cycle of rebirth. By attaching ourselves to naam, we achieve this goal. This coincides with another Sikh belief that you reap what you sow. Whatever one has done in their previous life, effects them in their present life (whether positively or negatively). This is essentially the concept of karma. Now, this is where God's hukam comes in. In Gurbani, it is stated that one can only obtain naam by Waheguru's grace and whatever happens is in order with Waheguru's hukam.
  11. Im sorry if my wording came off like that, but I didn't mean it that way. I understand that Sikhs were forced to leave, infact, many Singhs and Singhnis stayed behind and attained martyrdom defending the gurdwaras from desecration during the Partition. I got the pictures from http://www.allaboutsikhs.com/gurudwaras-in-pakistan/historical-gurudwaras-in-pakistan (im not sure how to make the pictures downloadable :s )
  12. Recently, I was thinking about all the kathas of the Sikh gurus (especially of Guru Nanak Dev Ji) that took place in Pakistan and whether there were Gurdwaras still in existence at these sites. It turns out there are 171 historical Sikh gurdwaras across Pakistan, most of which were abandoned in '47 and have since been either destroyed, are close to collapsing, have been converted into mosques (or schools, police stations, etc...), or were demolished in order to build homes. Our heritage is at risk as several historic gurdwaras, places where our gurus set foot, are in states of disrepair. T
  13. What sites are these 'Canadian' Hindus on exactly. I hate to start arguing at a pivotal moment in our history such as this, but Hindus from all parts of the world (including the UK) are attacking Sikhism right now and Sikhs from all parts of the world (including Canada) are responding to them. I don't why you choose to always segregate communities based on nationality, the Sikh panth is united and Canadian Sikhs are doing their part. There have been rallies in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and many other places. It would be unwise to start dividing the panth based on nationality. Would
  14. Not be disrespectful but we have not yet won. If we believe that we have "won", we will have played right into the hands of Indian gov. (including the likes of Badal) as they will most likely either quietly execute Bhai Rajoana or keep him in jail forever (execution has been merely stayed, not stopped). We need to work towards releasing Bhai Rajoana and other Singhs still stuck in jails and not stop protesting till then. If stop now, the panth will likely go into a long slumber and not wake up for a while once again.
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