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  1. Guru Nanak Dev ji is the greatest. Raam, Krishan etc. r nuthing in front of Guru Sahib. that's what Hindus can't digest. even Guru Sahib's Sikhs r way above Vishnu.
  2. yes it's mentioned in Khalsa Mool Mantar
  3. according to some research by a gursikh who had the Ashirvaad of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh ji, the Farid ji in Guru Granth Sahib ji is not the original Farid ji but someone who sat on the gaddi of original Farid Ji and was contemporary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and used the pen name 'Farid'
  4. Sangat ji plz spread awareness about this Bauli Sahib.
  5. jassa veer is right. My ancestors were jatt farmers and had opium and lived long healthy lives. Their body and teeth were extremely strong even in their 90's.
  6. 23 ways alcohol could save your life in an emergency https://www.outdoorlife.com/how-alcohol-could-save-your-life/
  7. another benefit of alcohol. alcohol never freezes. So it can be useful when traveling outdoors in extreme cold conditions. if u feel thirsty, it's extremely tough to find water in extreme cold as all water is frozen. frozen winter wilderness is effectively a desert.
  8. in the near future, Taliban will fight jihad in Kashmir. America is getting weaker and will completely withdraw from Afghanistan.
  9. India has huge amount of negative karma of 1984.
  10. https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/cbd-was-found-to-prevent-viral-rna-expression-and-reverse-gene-changes-in-infected-lung-cells/
  11. didn't understand by chirri u mean sparrow?
  12. this can happen to Sikhs as well during a war.
  13. I love watching bushcraft videos on youtube. Khalsa always remains ready for war. All the nations and all the civilizations rise and fall. So isn't it helpful and useful to learn bushcraft?
  14. A middle aged sikh man was a nanaksar follower. He found getting up at amritvela very tough. Whenever he did paath, he used to feel lazy and sleepy. Sometime back, he got in touch with Budha dal and started wearing blue banaa and dumalla and suddenly all his laziness has gone away and he now easily gets up at amritvela. He says that wearing the Baana, he feels that he is protected by Satguru all the time. Dhan Satguru! Dhan Satguru da Baanaa!
  15. from what I know,Muslims living in punjab villages feel very protected and hv very cordial relations with the Sikhs.
  16. A village near my house in Ludhiana has a significant Muslim population. The granthi Singh of the Gurdwara Sahib in the village is a jeevan vala Singh and my friend too. A Muslim family in the village were going through huge financial and health problems. The Muslim bibi in the house started suffering from depression and started having suicidal thoughts. She regularly read Quran but nuthing changed. She told her mental agony to the Granthi Singh. He told the bibi that if u want to be near to Allah do paath of Jaap Sahib and if u want to be protected by Allah do paath of Chaupai Sahi
  17. lol This world is a crazy place. Without Guru Nanak Dev ji, there is utter darkness.
  18. Isnt Islam against God men who claim to be one with God? Can u name any cults?
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