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  1. I'll extend that same question to anyone else upset about what kinds of seva other Sikhs do... What's your plan? The continual whining about the good others are doing is not at all productive, and anti gurmat.
  2. Bro why you jealous? Let em serve langar. How about you do something since the people you criticize are already busy? Let's hear YOUR ideas for what YOU'RE gonna do.
  3. Which groups actively help the widows and mothers of shaheed? Which groups currently provide for the Paanth?
  4. I agree with the overall sentiment in general, but that describes ajeet here.
  5. Bro that isn't feminism. Nor pseudo feminism. That's some advice, spoken nicely, to help you see things from your wife's point of view, maybe help you be less abusive and self entitled and grow up. Like bro...you acted like a baby, then cried like a baby because your wife was worried her hard work might not please you? You still didn't say if the food was even good. Like.. she's already accommodated your sexuality in a big way, she doesn't need two infants. She needs a man yes, but a gurmukh not a manmukh baby bruh.
  6. Let's see how @puzzled is after marriage. Lol. That's a single man's advice for sure.
  7. When she's fn your brother, doing drugs, not cooking, not cleaning, divorces you, takes half your <banned word filter activated> and does your Nindia post again. This is not an adult problem yet. You think she spent hours making <banned word filter activated> food on purpose? Was it even that bad?
  8. She just sounded worried it didn't turn out after much effort...she cooked and did her best dudes. Doesn't justify getting all krodhi and actin like a damas. Nothing does. This is definitely not a Bir Ras situation.
  9. Dasam Granth Machiavelli if you read it right. He actually always presents virtuous ways of operating as well as dastardly ways, yet those that read it seem only interested in the latter. Tv and movies in a way, because life imitates art. Rap music, but understand that's Manmukh wisdom mainly, but hard earned and authentic to this planetary situation.
  10. Bro... it's a miracle she even joined you in Anand Karaj. Time to man up bro. Stay chardikala and if that's your problem..you don't actually have problems.
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