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  1. So. I've been working about 72 hours a week, doing nonstop labor, and I commute, so lately I only have a few hours to sleep and do everything I need to feed myself for the next day. We work so nonstop, with such little time for water, that your stomach can't even really accept food but it must or you'll just starve. Sangat Ji. Please. What goodness do you put in your crockpots, that is nourishing and easy on the stomach or to eat if you have no appetite? Any recipe is so welcome, especially dhal and channa. Also what sort of sabji and dressing could I make out of frozen veggi
  2. Rape culture is synonymous with so called western culture. It's a huge problem anywhere women are vulnerable and disenfranchised. It happens in our work places with alarming regulaity and our military has a huge problem with our male soldiers raping and sexually harassing female soldiers and if these females report they are retaliated against as the SARC office is run by the rapists friends. When polled? Number one fear of female soldiers going on deployment? Being raped by our own guys. Not the enemy. Not dying. Not seeing death or killing people. Getting raped by their brothers. It's b
  3. I was about to ask how much overlap there is, but you answered that. The older Greek texts are from the real Greeks not the post hellenic fakes. I appreciate that @Suchi has a unique perspective, and is into interesting lines of thought. I also appreciate the learned Gursikhs here keeping that information commented on so as to keep things clear. To some degree we agree with Suchi on some things, and on other topics we do not, however the ideas he expresses that we find objectionable we will also encounter from mamy others, so our responses must be ready. I prefer the wa
  4. I think a lot of these social visionaries or whatever you want to call them were almost destined to fail since they didn't even know what Yugh it is. If you think people are Satyugi, you don't Kalyugi proof your processes. Another crippling mindset is that we are progressing from the stone age through a process of evolution. Due to our recovery relative to the last apocolypse we think were getting better. Here's the cliff notes for animal farm.
  5. They only felt safe doing that if their superiors demonstrated it.
  6. Been a while since I read them but Pythagoras and Tolstoy were better utopians I think. If you're reading about those kinds of things right now Hanji. @shastarSingh. Pythagoras especially they murdered and edited all but out of history. Only giving him credit for triangles which is really the smallest thing he did.
  7. Amen bro. Op's life trajectory is way different with this blessing. Looking back some Kalyug had crept into me before then, in fact really young, but it was largely decisions I made from that age onward, that I would totally redirect if I could, knowing now what I do. Having the benefit of Gurmat. And op picked a great name. Raj Karega Khalsa, Aki Rahe Na Koe. Khuar Hue Sabh Milenge, Bache Saran Jo Hoe!
  8. Animosity on several sides, stay in your placism on the others.
  9. One. The english are simply pedophiles so they're protecting their culture. Literally descended from sodomites. As for sentences...if you're looking at a sentence you either decided to make a public stand and wanted to get caught, or Krodh set you up to make a mistake while doing the right thing and get caught. If one is so sure as to the guilt of a sex offender, they should be dealt with in a way that leads to no charges against the protector. After my last self defense arrest I realized I shoulda just caught the dude slipping instead of waxing rightous at him until he swung on me
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