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  1. GurjantGnostic

    Defending the non muslim world

    Morocco maybe....Lebanon...for brief periodsish...
  2. GurjantGnostic

    Naam Simran/Jaap Naam

  3. GurjantGnostic

    Dasam Granth in Eng/Punjabi

    We have Hukam on this site and it live updates.
  4. This brother isn't good enough for you now, nobody ever will be, and without your support the only Sikhs in office will be the ones voted in by goreh.
  5. GurjantGnostic

    Diplomatic immunity for juggy

    Awesome. Yeah, do that My only experience was emailing a bunch of mps about juggy, as an american citizen, and getting almost zero responses.
  6. GurjantGnostic

    Diplomatic immunity for juggy

    Mps only care about correspondence from citizens within their district. If all the uk living Sikhs started email campaigns maybe Jagi could. The mps have a directory made public with all their contact info.
  7. GurjantGnostic

    Islam and Sikhi

    Just so happened to coincide with my SehajPath. Just curious...where am I so far?
  8. GurjantGnostic

    Favourite members poll

    MrDoaba wins. Harsharan wins. Notcool2argue wins! Jkvlondon wins! We all win!
  9. GurjantGnostic


    Those emotions were already in there, taxing you. Now that you are doing Naam Jaap this suffering is being released. The solution lies in doing it more, and once the built up steam is off the top it will be more manageable. Keep going Sister. All the way.
  10. GurjantGnostic

    ISIS: Returning to the West

    While communism has made China powerful, tempered with capitalism, the expense has been to the rights and dignity of all its' people. There is more to life than raj alone, it must be halemi raj, dharam raj. That is not to say that the United States and other "democracies" aren't themselves a <banned word filter activated> show.
  11. Bro you just keep on keepin on, don't even bother.
  12. GurjantGnostic

    Quality Control Appeals

    Did admins really re-enable confused bootha? Tacky.
  13. GurjantGnostic

    Don't masturbate

    That's awesome veerji. Thank you for encouraging us all.
  14. GurjantGnostic

    Taking Amrit

    Be thankful it isn't your karam. Better to be baffled, frustrated, on qc that being a diseased coward undermining Dharam. We should do ardas for the administration, their path is crooked indeed.

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