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  1. ਪਰਮਪੁਰਖਤਜਿਤਿਨਮਗਪਰੈ॥ param purakh taj tin mag pare || Those who fear the castes and follow their path, abandoning the Supreme Lord. ਬਾਰਬਾਰਜਗਮੋਬਪੁਧਰਹੀ॥੨੨॥ baar baar jag mo bap dharahee ||22|| They fall into hell and transmigrate again and again.22. Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Bachithr Naatak - 57
  2. It's called "casta" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casta#:~:text=Basic mixed-race categories that,Spaniard and a black African. Good for you little buddy. Smh.
  3. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-03622-z Mestizo and mullato come from indian casteism after it entered portugal and spain. It's non Gurmat and also debunkt. The native americans have you down here bro? That's weird in 40 years they never bothered me. But you visited here so clearly you're opinion is valid. Right.
  4. What a perversion of Anand Karaj and Rishte.
  5. That's not Gurmat. We don't burden children with our retirement. It's also tacky for women to define a man unless they want to be defined by one. Do daughters take care of fathers? Or they aren't a woman? No. Sexist. Does Gurbani tell parents not to teach their children to be reitrement babies? Yes. Does Gurbani tell parents to provide their own retirement. Yes. Do we take care of Each Other if possible. Yes.
  6. AA is solid. You need to combine Simran, and Sangat eho support sobriety. Isolate. Read Gurbani and listen to Kirtan.
  7. Hindustani or pakistani, which is proving they are worse? Both want to destroy us but use as as fodder first.
  8. Beleive me. Being for Sarbat Da Balah is key we just don't do it correctly. But we should be sealing Ardas with it without fear. Iften times when we think we're acting in the spirit of Sarbat Da Balah we aren't. We're serving people instead of Guru Ji and selling ourselves short. Which isn't Seva or Sarbat Da Balah.
  9. Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj brother. Just not written down in Gurbani. It's a saying of his. Is how it's attributed.
  10. So about native americans and celts being related. Please bring your attention to the rows q and r please. Their parent haplogroup? P. From india btw. About what I said about black irish. That's all true and proven now. And the only thing I didn't know is that I'm directly descended from the literally black part. The indigenous cheddar man who's land most of you inhabit today. And black egyptian gypsies on the maternal side. That represent the origins of the roma and pike relationship. Further dna analysis reveals I'm also a small portion of native american. Please look at my black ancestors and think of not only what I've said today. But everything the community here has said to me, and in front me, and even regarding these topics. Note female image wont post due to restrictions. Here it is. https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_250/MTc2MjYyOTE3MDg2NTIwNDkz/the-roma---the-gypsy.webp
  11. They disarmed us, changed our idea of Saroop, wasp colonolialized our minds, spread false narratives about Parchar and Sukh Maryada as well. I'd say they're very active from that time until now in trying to supress and subvert the Sikh image and ideology. And if we aren't careful those wasp cultist Sikhs in london are going to do to Sikhi what rome did to christianity. I've looked for alteration or meddling influence in Gurbani very attentively, and every time I thought I maybe found something the Gurbani checked out and my paradigm was shifted or shattered. That appears to be Shud. Although the british have Sakhian we don't. Also oxford is churning out a rediculous amount of fake information on Sikhi in conjunction with their wasp cult of Sikhi.
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