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  1. The primary effect of alcohol is impaired judgment and it's highly addictive. The seeming initial moderate phase is always temporary. I've watched a horde of moderate drinkers slowly fade into alcoholics before my eyes as I poured their drinks. Deeply in the clutches of their addiction while slurring their moderation speech, gone before they ever realized it. It's a lie bro. It scores up there with coke, crack, meth and heroine for addictiveness and destructiveness. I pray these Nihangs are blessed with sobriety. Alcohol is the amrit of the devil.
  2. The planet breaths a sigh of relief, lol.
  3. Boys from the Dwaarfff..nobody watches that here. I've been watching since it came out. I was fortunate enough to catch an odd episode on pbs and bought them all way back. The uhh...entirety of it is on Dailymotion I've uhh noticed...ahem
  4. Maybe they did. Gurbani says not even to touch the bottle. If you wanna drink bro go ahead. It's as wise as smoking crack. Have at it.
  5. Whelp it's an excuse to normalize kurehit, and the Gurus knew exactly the nature of that foul poison so I guess ayurveda needs updating.
  6. Mmm I've read studies like that for a while, as someone who served bar for many years, I can tell you it's a load of <banned word filter activated> written by alcoholic doctors.
  7. Yeah dudes in the military watched horrible <banned word filter activated> bro. But if you read back, this poster has come here to stalk Bhenji and it's because his boys got in trouble for passing around isis decapitation videos, stalking, and intimidating Sikhs on campus and saying they want to do whats in the vid to all kaffirs. Then goes on to say hey kids are watching weird things these days...which is neither here nor there given the situation, and is not an excuse for what happened.
  8. Doesn't make it appropriate in school or work environments and it certainly doesn't serve to justify racist hate speech, and intimidation.
  9. You want to be part of a Sikh Sangat? Then by all means learn some Sikhi. If you're here to stalk, intimidate, and slander our Sister then I stand by my previous statement.
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