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  1. Hah. I appreciate you bro. I know I've said it before lol. I'll just like post a black emoji or something next time and save everybody the spiel.
  2. Well bro. There are those that say the so called jews that "infiltrated" everything never were Jews. They always were the infiltrators from the beginning of this Kalyug. The Jacobites, true Jews have actually been persecuted by them all over the world. Not only in israel today but all over the world if you think them one and the same with european imperialism and imperialism period in known history. That is not to say jews that fall into this category would even all know or recognize this, but I have had this verified to me in depth by Jacobites. It is also not to say that the whole world can't respect and learn from methods of early zionist in israel or the way israel militarized themselves. The kibutz model and mass military training of your entire people are both very laudable, replicatable systems. It is however important to realize the degree to which israel's rise to power was fascilitated by and is in fact global white supremacy.
  3. Thank you for that. The way I heard it put was that even though Guru Nanak Dev Ji's message to creation didn't start with the content of Japji, which didn't come until he addressed the Sidhs? That Guru Nanak Dev Ji did want it to begin the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, following only the Beej Mantra?
  4. I had heard they weren't first but I didn't know they were last either.
  5. Imperialism is a sickness. Guns germs and steel. And confessions of an economic hitman are both good books.
  6. Skirt. ..... ... ..Hold up. .... Shukria Veer Ji. I appreciate that response. Kalyug. Can never decide whether to laugh or cry. Vaheguru Vaheguru Chardikala
  7. Very interesting. Which Shaheeds did he disrespect? That's the stuff I dont like What kind of ideology have you encountered that's in line with missionaries? I'm still ignorant of what missionaries are to a degree but getting an idea.
  8. What I meant above, on the surface of things, that I liked... I like that he supports Dasam Granth I like that he dressed down Yogi whoever from 3ho. I like that he has demonitized, or not relied on money for, what he does.
  9. Why was he declared tankhaiya? His work seems respectable and even includes calling out some difficult personalities. From what I can read that is a solid Singh bro.
  10. I don't know Veer Ji. But be patient. There is a substantial chance someone here will know. The information you're seeking isn't simply found via google but I have enjoyed reading about Bhai Dharam Singh Ji looking.
  11. That's ironic considering the number of questions you posed here to the Sangat, each of which you could have googled. Except that asking certain questions certain ways was the point though right?
  12. That is awesome Hanji.
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