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  1. I stopped reading when I got to the name Mountbatten. That man was a satanist pedo. Nuff said on him and anyone surrounding him or quoting him. To see such vitriolic propoganda is eye opening.
  2. @ADMIN Are links not going to get embedded as visible media even when approved?
  3. I like your thinking. They could be wrong bro. Searching it online really doesn't give the most concrete results. A wiki is as reliable as any comment here ultimately.
  4. Sikh wiki bro. What can you do? This BOS playlist is great. But I am going to have to listen a few times.
  5. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5UNLfJ1TsJmZ4E-kW4ZplVA9P8xcpyGB
  6. Still listening to Katha on it. From what I can read, sgpc added chapuai sahib. I've yet to find anything in Gurbani to disuade you from reciting full Anand Sahib. I'll keep looking and if I find something I'll tell you bro. But I have a feeling after two hours of Katha the answer is going to be the same.
  7. @Rajasthani I have a video link waiting appproval. It's a Basics of Sikhi video about the pommies and partition. No Sikhs did not organize and perpetrate a genocide. Some of them did fight back once the genocide and rape of millions of Sikhs started. Only way Sikhs could be guilty as charged would be if they got Khalistan in partition and clensed it, which never happened and never happened. So the complaint ...well...never happened friend.
  8. Usually workplace shooters have a main target or two and a lot of fallout. Who was he after? Why?
  9. The odds of hitting four Sikhs in a mass shooting isn't high. That's weird.
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