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  1. I read in a psychology book, if we don't distinguish between physical and social violence, that middle school girls ate the most violent demographic in the US.
  2. Oh and the 1st amendment allows and has always allowed for racist speech...it also allows me to point our you're a racist.
  3. What do you call it when beings get Sanjog in another dimension, multiverse, universe, world or timeline? I 100 percent agree following the Guru's teachings gets you there. It's pure Dharam. Its just not solely contained here.
  4. It's been explained brother. Until you reflect on it maybe just don't talk about black folk.
  5. That quote is 100 percent true of churches period. The fact you instantly swung and happened to connect doesn't change the fact you're a racist bro.
  6. What gender are those who Gurbani speaks of when they achieve Sanjog?
  7. Localized Anarcho-self-determined Jathabandi elected representatives collaborating globally.
  8. Well he's still posting, might as well be able to address him directly.
  9. That's not true Veer Ji. Don't fall in the "our path is the only one" trap. I agree with most of what you said, but people on other planets for example could only adhere to something totally in line with 10th Patshahi's Sikhi. Dharam is timeless and universal.
  10. Brooo...I thought that was you. How's the 6?
  11. Yeet...triple...six...thank you for coming to tell us all you're a Nanakpanthi...I can sleep well now. Thank you also for making this topic about yourself to wake us all up to the sweet aroma of our egotism.
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