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  1. I don't. That's my conjecture. It has to do with the support behind them, their education, the narrative and demographic it suits, clothing. She is clearly a non Sikh playing great Kirtan however.
  2. If they're not talking Paanthic issues I'm not interested. There are people that dress up to go Morris dancing too. Some of them are quite good. Doesn't free Jaggi.
  3. You know who else plays good Kirtan? Little hindu girls with an rss sponsorship. My money says this first video blows those dudes straight out the water.
  4. They ever talk about giving up the cult life for the real thing? Or speak out for Jaggi as they go around? Or consider using their massive web platform and Daswandh to help him out? No? I guess playing appropriated Kirtan is as good as we'll get.
  5. Think he made a reappearance to brush up on a few missed marks? Only to abstain, sweat blood to defeat Kalyug and then be mistakingly named as God?
  6. This is more useful and closer to Sikhi. Segment at 22 minutes.
  7. Depends on if they're written by a Guru or not. Similar thinking has kept Dasam Granth from being accepted. Definitely worth looking at. And the need to be discerning. If the additional Bani was anti Gurmat, for sure don't accept it. If it's in line with Gurmat. Worth a look. It's not for nothing that it was included, nor does that guarantee it's authenticity.
  8. Good bump. Not sure I agree with the emphasis of the first Vaar. I think the enphasis is on the ingrate not the meat. But well written all in all.
  9. Keep good Sangat bro. Their lack of Sharda and mindset worry me more than the picture of Krishna. That's a friend of ours. A dear one. Just not Nehkalank Vaheguru Akal Purakh. It would be silly to worship it.
  10. Whatever the real percentage of sociopaths and psychopaths, etc there are, we aren't going to be immune to. All we can do is be more sophisticated about power, money, representation, and keeping a really good eye on people. But wherever that percentage lies, that's a lot of potential traitors. You have a Sangat of 100. What 3 to 10? More than enough in any group. And it's usually one of these that takes to politics, not always. Fine line between crab mentality, and holding our representatives accountable or to a standard.
  11. Think about what you're saying bro. Who would have documeneted that? It's a load of <banned word filter activated> bro. Lol.
  12. The radio silence internally is the side of that double edged blade that faces us. Have to be 100 safe to confide anything internally and then it's nobody's business externally.
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