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  1. Photo of the Killa where Baba Natha Singh Jee lived. This killa originally belongs to Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji.
  2. Baba Natha Singh Jee was a Nagarchi Singh of Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaaj and Guru Jee gave him a bir of Guru Granth Sahib and 1 bir of Dasam Granth Sahib at Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Sabo. Guru jee also gave him shastars, sarbloh simrana, kanghaa etc. Guru Jee also ordered Baba Natha Singh to do parchar. This is the Gurdwara Sahib where Baba Natha Singh Jee stayed for the rest of his life and did Gurmat Parchar. I went to this Gurdwara Sahib few days back and did darshan of both the Birs. The bir of Guru Granth Sahib Jee contains RAAGMALA. After Raagmala. there is a p
  3. http://www.9news.com.au/world/2016/07/26/18/58/2-knifemen-take-hostages-in-french-church Priest killed by knifemen in French church
  4. http://www.firstpost.com/world/germany-wary-of-backlash-against-migrants-following-week-of-bloodshed-2914974.html Germany wary of backlash against migrants following week of bloodshed
  5. Suicide bomb hits Ansbach, Germany, in latest violent attack http://edition.cnn.com/2016/07/24/world/ansbach-germany-blast/
  6. http://indianexpress.com/article/world/world-news/germany-shots-fired-at-a-shopping-center-in-munich-2930333/
  7. http://www.thequint.com/hot-wire/2016/07/20/shiv-sena-forces-kashmiri-muslim-truckers-to-chant-bharat-mata-ki-jai-amarnath-yatra
  8. http://zeenews.india.com/business/news/economy/india-is-the-worst-place-for-retirement-worst-in-healthcare-system-too_1909556.html
  9. http://bc.ctvnews.ca/big-hearted-sikh-bikers-raise-100k-to-fight-pediatric-cancer-1.2991564
  10. http://www.tehelka.com/2016/07/allegations-of-cow-killing-spark-violence-in-gujarat-7-dalits-attacked/ Allegations of cow killing spark violence in Gujarat, 7 dalits attacked
  11. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/07/18/teenage-afghan-refugee-attacks-train-passengers-in-germany-is-killed-by-police.html Teenage Afghan refugee attacks train passengers in Germany, is killed by police
  12. Soviet Union got broken and it was a major nuclear power back then.
  13. Nice thought, U used an important word engaged. I just hope Sikhs get a bit more engaged in whats happening in financial world, energy world and geo-political world. In the coming future, there will be civil wars, anarchy and lots of new countries will be formed and lots of old countries will break down. India is going to break into smaller units in the coming future and sikhs will have wonderful chance to form Khalistan.
  14. Scared in the not the right word. I am really worried about the present state of the world and I am also worried about the future. I want the sikhs to be more aware about what's happening in the world regarding our economic crisis, environmental problems and geo-political/religious conflicts.
  15. https://www.lifezette.com/polizette/world-war-iii/
  16. yes, some great souls have taken birth and some will take birth in near future. Setting up of Khalsa Raaj might look very very difficult for someone with less/no bhagti. People who japp loads of Naam and realize the power of Naam, Khalsa Raaj looks certain and this Khalsa Raaj can happen as soon as Akal Purakh wants it to happen. Establishment of Khalsa Raaj on this earth is not that a big deal for Akal Purakh. Akal Purakh is INFINITE and is the creator/ruler of crores of Universes. Kot Brahamand ko thakur suaami
  17. http://www.complex.com/life/2016/07/sikh-man-falsely-identified-terrorist-second-time-nice-attack Sikh Man Falsely Identified as Terrorist for Second Time Following Nice Attack
  18. http://www.countercurrents.org/2016/07/15/what-we-as-a-people-can-do/
  19. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/No-plans-to-return-to-India-this-year-Zakir-Naik/articleshow/53227699.cms No plans to return to India this year: Zakir Naik
  20. Dear Veer, I have seen 16-18 year old amritdharis wearing bana and doing lots of bhagti and their parents are manmukh and have no clue about sikhi lifestyle. How did that happen? Answer is simple. We get sikhi lifestyle only if its written on our forehead. A person who is destined to japp naam will do so even if he is living in Las Vegas and if a person has bad karma and is not destined to do bhagti, even staying in a religious city will not change his bad karma. According to Bhai Randhir Singh Jee, Akal Purakh is going to send LOTS AND LOTS OF POWERFUL SOULS to this earth and these stro
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