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  1. Some days back, i asked my hindu colleague who follows a 'babaa' that why ur baba calls girls alone into his room? His answer was that this is his leelaa and I wont understand his leelaaa. Then I asked him why Krishan had so many goppis ? His answer was same that this was his leelaa? Then I asked him why Krishan told Arjun to lie in Mahabharta ? Again same answer it was his leelaaa. I feel this word 'leelaa' is being used to finish off intelligence of common people and to make them to submit to fake babas and devtas.
  2. I am not trying to promote brahmakumaris as only Naam/Gurbani is God-given Meditation and rest all others are man-made meditations but Dr Girish Patel beautiful explains how mental health is directly connected to physical health and how stress and others mental problems can cause physical diseases including heart attacks.
  3. yes punjabi urban sikhs who are generally called bhappaas but I dont use that word as I feel its offensive. I have met couple of very nice urban sikhs with great gursikhi jeevan but met many others who treat me badly.
  4. I was a mona jatt who kept hair and became Amritdhari some years back. I live in a city and daily meet lots of Urban sikhs. I have experienced it many times that when I give my opinion on some sikhi related issue, the urban sikhs say " ur opinion is of less value as u were a monaa who murdered his kesh". They treat me like a second class amritdhari. On the other hand, when I visit my native pind, I get so much love from rural sikhs who are so happy that I have kept hair and become amritdhari. They always value my opinion and my thoughts. Why are the urban sikhs treating me like this ? Are th
  5. The shabad being sung in the above video, Is it Gurbani or Bhai Gurdaas jee Varaan or Bhai Nand Lal jee ? Help appreciated.
  6. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/supreme-court-may-script-santa-banta-epitaph-on-the-net/1/510812.html
  7. http://www.ibtimes.co.in/haryana-2-children-killed-family-burnt-alive-inter-caste-violence-651203
  8. http://www.ndtv.com/delhi-news/capital-shame-two-minor-girls-gang-raped-severely-injured-1233224 Capital Shame: Girls Aged Two And Five Gang-Raped in Delhi
  9. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/indian-man-declared-dead-by-doctor-in-mumbai-wakes-up-moments-before-post-mortem-a6691791.html
  10. http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/delhi-is-now-indias-rape-capital-show-ncrb-data/article7554551.ece Delhi is now India’s rape capital, show NCRB data http://www.crescent-online.net/2014/01/delhi-has-become-the-rape-capital-of-the-world-crescent-onlinenet-4247-articles.html Delhi has become the rape capital of the world
  11. http://www.ndtv.com/delhi-news/4-year-old-girl-raped-in-delhi-injuries-horrifying-say-doctors-1230780 4-Year-Old Girl Raped in Delhi, Injuries Horrifying, Say Doctors
  12. http://www.alternet.org/personal-health/why-are-rates-suicide-soaring-across-planet
  13. http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/road-accidents-claim-1-life-every-4-minutes-in-india/article7747148.ece Road accidents claim 1 life every 4 minutes in India
  14. http://www.huffingtonpost.in/2015/10/10/cow-slaughter-mainpuri-ri_n_8272674.html
  15. Badal owns most of private transport. The drivers of these buses are gunndaas and arrogant as they have political backing. They fear no one, break all traffic rules and think the entire road to be their property.
  16. A large number of accidents are involving a bus. There is something seriously wrong with the ways buses are driven on Punjab roads.
  17. The Badal Family owns most of the private transport buses. The drivers of these buses are arrogant gunndaas and they feel entire road belongs to them. Even the police is afraid to stop, check or challaan these busses.
  18. http://www.dailypioneer.com/state-editions/chandigarh/9-die-every-day-in-accidents-on-punjab-roads.html
  19. A Dalit man and wife were reportedly stripped by the police in Greater Noida in Gautam Budh Nagar on Thursday after they insisted on registering an FIR for alleged robbery. According to a report, Sunil Gautam was robbed by miscreants on Wednesday night near Atta in Noida. He went to Dankaur police station in Greater Noida on Thursday to register an FIR along with his wife and baby. The police, however, refused to file a complaint. The couple then staged a protest outside the police station alleging inaction on part of the men in khaki. Irked by this, the policemen allegedly beat up the coup
  20. UK must prepare for WAR with Russia http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/608818/Russia-war-threat-Army-battle-tanks-Putin-UK
  21. Russia carving out a fortress for Bashar al-Assad, say experts http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/international/world-news/russia-carving-out-a-fortress-for-bashar-al-assad-say-experts/articleshow/49242250.cms
  22. Americas days as global superpower are numbered http://www.thenation.com/article/americas-days-global-superpower-are-numbered-now-what/ Is the world getting bi-polar again with Russia and China showing eyes to US ? Can this lead to the creation of Khalistan as India has become a puppet of US and has deteorating relations with Muslim world, China and Russia ? Apart from Kashmir, the Maoist revolution is increasing with each passing day and even Nepal is turning towards China as India has stopped all trade with Nepal. Are these clear signs that India is going to disintegrate into smaller n
  23. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/609757/Putin-ISIS-Islamic-State-Syria-Raqqa-troops-soldiers-air-strike-jets-military
  24. http://www.india.com/news/india/dalit-student-thrashed-by-school-teacher-for-touching-mid-day-meal-in-jodhpur-597344/ Dalit student thrashed by school teacher for touching mid-day meal in Jodhpur
  25. http://sikhsiyasat.net/2015/10/03/90-yr-old-dalit-man-burnt-alive-for-trying-to-enter-hindu-temple-in-up/
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