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  1. obviously never saw 'The English Patient' , always disliked his father James Fox played toffeenosed english toffs in films , Larry was married to Billie Piper ex-TARDIS girl and had messy expensive custody battle but had to whine on in the newspapers too. Guess he's just one of those twerps who cannot do good anywhere but whines about his victimisationin all spheres of life . Tiresome
  2. in Guru ji's sixth form Guru ji saved Mai Sevan from a forceable conversion by qazi and allowed her to do sewa unhindered in Amritsar.
  3. and the kaami, lobhi evangelicals like hindu/sikh dhongi babey of our nation are sweeping in to take over the collection plate business ... the parallels are interestingly close .
  4. yes he did in the form of Guru Amar Das he called them parchaariks, freed them from shackles of hindu and muslim spiritual rules they could exercise their love for Akal Purakh and achieve mukhti, they did not have to serve their husbands as god substitutes.
  5. It was interesting how he had a go at Sam Mendes film 1917 but forgot the much older film 'the English Patient' with the SIngh in it too , obviously they do not teach about the 1.5 million Indian men who came into the first World War arena on promise of independence, in such schools as Harrow and Eton . Even Churchill admitted that the UK had let down the Indians despite their sacrifice.
  6. don't forget Ram rahim is the sponsored child of BJP , all indian political parties are ruled by brahminwadi scum who want to kill off sikhi , they were in cahoots always , don't fall for the shifting of chairs they are one in mind and purpose when it comes to sikhi. It was BJP goading Indira on to attack Harmandir Sahib even taking out protest marches .
  7. watched it and yes ALL these self-styled yogis are balatkaris then you have Ram Rahim types who even made eunachs of our youths
  8. when june 1984 was happening , the white sikhs were prewarned and told this is not your fight and shipped out the only sikh who stayed was arrested and sat in jail
  9. paedophile is brother to Prince Charles ... oh BTW didn't Charlie boy get engaged to Diana when she was 16? creepy
  10. just because a goray wrote something doesn't make it true Ernest Trump wrote Guru ji was repetitive , irrelevant and not worth reading , that It is NOT divinely sourced , did that make the A right and Sikhi wrong. The whole machine of British invasion was designed to trash every aspect of Sikh kingdoms life, political and administrative might , truth was it was reknowned worldwide as being the most rich kingdom with peaceful, effective administration with protections against famine , illiteracy, inumeracyfor every citizen, religious harmony and tolerance .
  11. when we talked about it , I confronted him as I knew that marriage is a christian sacrament not available to non christians (that was the case back in the late nineties) and he said the situation had changed so I did the research and that is the vatican's edict that both parties have to reiterate loyalty to the church by dedicating their future children to the faith. Obviously , he couldn't do that for sikhi despite knowing that sikhi is less divisive than catholicism but he could for the dhongi baba church (Christ never started the Catholic church but the aposlistic one , which concentrates on similar things as sikhi not fairy tale absolution of sin by a man ) both brothers went for gorian one made sure his missus was a gursikh the other didn't care , in fact , his life attitude seems to be forget 84 , pretend you have nothing to do with sikhi , and make sure you undermine others faith in it .
  12. we all know Murdoch and the tories are kowtowing to RSS demands to put down the sikhs much like Maggie during the eighties . This is all hinting/implying that knife crime is a reason to disarm the sikhs . It burns RSS up that sikhs have freedom in the disaspora to exercise their full sikh rights and faith(and it is our foolish people who throw that away for fashion, kicks, social ease). Priti Patel is a RSS stooge as are many MPs embedded in plitics from Indian background.
  13. there was mention of blunt force injuries from hammer, knife wounds from eyewitnesses who tried to help the victims
  14. ok since morning we heard they was sikhs before the police had even id'd the victims , looking at their faces could you tell they were sikh because I and my family couldn't . and no it was not a mass brawl just watch sikh channel interview of locals on the street it happened https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/seven-kings-stabbing-victims-police-a4339406.html?fbclid=IwAR2p-dUZYu2Opw5i2ArdB3Ehvsg3nNPOk8YHWgrwTSoaJSL4mOClhdumqFg
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