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  1. because to reveal and nuture the truth in the age of kalyug it needed hammering home -this is a spiritual revolution not just a social and political one , to change the world's future you have to build a solid foundation. There were not so many , there was only ONE ever
  2. salmon is very polluted and not good for you , easier to get nutrition from green veggies, seaweed and seeds /nuts less mercury
  3. whatever happens we all have our own karam de tokariaan to look after , if my Guru ji told us to stay as a family and to unsee another's faults I have to strive to follow his advice and agree to disagree . I don't eat but many I know do but that is up to them and their level of karams , in the end we all answer for our thoughts and deeds .
  4. bill gates went to 'eradicate polio' in India which had been declared polio free since 2013 by WHO and UN bodies , what he did was inoculate poor children in India and Pakistan and left a wake of paralysed children because he used the more dangerous version . and for this he was given money by UN , USA, and India in the millions . Next He turned to tribal areas and tested out HPV vaccines known to cause permanent sterility and neurological damage on young girls and boys , all with GOI's blessings (read ethnic cleansing). If you follow the money Bill had moved most of his wealth from tech to Pharma stock specifically to the vaccine manufacturers who were going to be making the stocks for his programs ....insider trading much we maybe had 8 shots total growing up , if you count each vaccine disease seperately if you were born in the period of the 1960s to the early 1980s . then it was increased to about 21 for those born in the nineties now in the Uk its gone up to nearly 30 doses between birth and sixteen. in the US however a child will take 69 doses of vaccines in that same time period 0-16 and the head of the CDC has said you could inoculate a child with 1000 doses and nothing would happen to them ....to say that the CDC FDA and Pharma are partners would be understating it . the FDA and CDC do NO indpendent reviews or testing they just trust the manufacturers who by Law cannot be sued by families with damages or deaths from their product , the taxpayer compenstates via secret court the settlement cannot be appealed or if not made cannot be brought to media attention. So there is a lot of lies and money involved .
  5. get your hinduvta/salafi self off this site ... despite the stone being attacked by an islamic miscreant the handprint was not defaced and the history of the place is not buddhist at all by any leap of imagination , It is also not the only GUrdwara where Guru Nanak Dev ji was attacked with rockfalls whilst doing bhagti and they too have his body shape /footprints melted into this material .
  6. it was more a celebration and shukrana for the langha... which people have done ardas for 72 years daily ... but agreed we should be celebrating Guru ji by actioning his vision. Why do we celebrate his Prakash diharda in November when it was really in Vaisakh ? Is it purely because of different date mentioned in Bhai Bala sakhian ?
  7. I'm talking about everywhere , my own cousin after money had been spent like water on her education as an engineer and her securing a well paid job was snapped up by her Hindu classmate , they even refused to come to Punjab to get their son married to her , and my army Major Mama took that <banned word filter activated> and got her married there in maharastra . The other daughter is similarly surrounded by hindu 'admirers'. Younger sister of my childhood friend both amritdhari got her head turned by a hindu guy too , what I don't get is why would you go where people try to stop you from freedom of thought/faith/life by their very philosophy of life ? Oh well guess it's a matter of sanjog
  8. if that were true how would Ravan been invited to Sita's syambar , remember her father invited only the best and dharamic loki out of the kings and princes . Ram killed a shudra in the manner of an animal that does not mean that person was an animal . Maybe you should listen to katha but Sant Singh Maskeen ji about Ravan . Remember the victors rewrite the history to suit ....
  9. maybe they can do a pair up with youth sewadars such remeber 1984 , BOS, and add to their brilliant free booklet sewa .
  10. That's why Amitabh claimed how could he be against sikhs because his Mum was from Bedi vansh so has Guru Nanak Dev ji as her ancestor ....obviously false .
  11. but sikhs said we don't care , only BJP dalle moaned then Cap'n said it should be free for not just sikhs but all Indians ... They are trying their hardest to stir the pot , they also used the inauguration to disguise their forcing the SC decision on Babri Masjid to be against the muslims , they have lost the site despite there not being any real evidence of a Ram Mandhir there , pujari who was actually in Ayodha at Ram Mandhir said the only mandhir was where he worked after so many generations , there was a video of him giving a statement not long after he was murdered. The muslims are to be given a 5 acre piece of land elsewhere , already Javed akhtar says muslims should use that land for building a hospital for all i.e. don't make a mosque at all .
  12. it is not hukham to do bad , that it the endpoint of lots of little decisions leading that way , consistent bad choices or good choices pave the final result , put your best efforts to do good whilst asking for kirpa to do better and make better choices and you will get better results . Yes we should care as sabh Gobind Hai , good and bad, rich and poor , west and east ALL are One. Guru ji nevers makes mistakes your being here is not a mistake so have confidence that Guru ji/ Akal Purakh wants you to be an agent of his Sach , to spread it , to accept it and to live it .
  13. how do we know how far it has changed from what Allah revealed , UTHman destroyed all written copies and the warriors who had memorised had been killed or died by that time ? Then qureshi changed it to make themselves as higher than regular folks as only able to become imams/sheikhs . We know that the Jewish faith was compromised by behaviours of David, Solomon and the priestly caste , including pagan faith ideas , The temple was destroyed because they started going away from serving Elohim and doing idol worship. , Jesus heard the word but his followers changed it to established the Roman church to transform the empires appearence .They also introduced a priest class and harsh rules against women , when Jesus had female parchariks . Lakshman was also a paapi because he disfigures Ravan's sister by cutting off her nose , so much for not looking at a female's face. He also criticises Ram for accepting the jhoota ber from the poor woman . The treatment of women in mahabharat is disgusting , Khrishna was watching women's bathing , stealing their clothes for what reason? kaam of course . where the haumai is fed in a priest class the faith will become deformed by their greed , mediaval churches taught eternal hellfire to scare money out of the poor and rich alike . Sikhi was written directly over 230years and nurtured by Guru Sahiban themselves , no milavat , no priests only gursikhs doing sewa, that also open to Females .
  14. teji bachan , Amitabh's mum was his plaything also , he was the result that's why Nehru got her married to a poet Mr Bachan to hide the truth . That is why Mama Amitabh got so riled up when she died
  15. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, Sare piare Nanak Naam Lehva Sangat nu Guru Nanak Dev ji di Prakash Purab nu lakh lakh vadiyan
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