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  1. hmmm 1. Gay marriage is NOT a sikh thing but a secular thing so only court marriage will do . 2. They the parents should be named and shamed for doing beadbhi of Guru ji's Anad Karaj and his Darbar and also to save an innocent girl from being trapped in a false marriage 3. WTH did the guy expect? if you are prepared to dress as the little woman in a Punjabi family you will have to carry on in that vein , FOREVER. No pUnjabi family will do without their in house slave (nuh) so if you are that desperate to be married shut up and do your chores just like all the rest simples. wonder if he gave a daaj too (facepalm) 4. If you abandon your Guru don't expect his hand of protection ... so you take your shrabi kebabi life and the ish is will cause on the chin , nobody's fault but yours
  2. jkvlondon

    ISIS: Returning to the West

    answering to his zionist masters no doubt
  3. jkvlondon

    ISIS: Returning to the West

    the women also volunteered to be female morality police enforcers and enabled the punishers/rapists to do their atrocities by providing victims of dubious defiance
  4. jkvlondon

    ISIS: Returning to the West

    update : the baby was born yesterday on Syrian soil so not a uk citizen even after laws as mother was naturalized not born in uk and married to a dutch national . At current time he has been detained by SYrian kurdish forces . She is not remorseful and is only coming back because of healthcare and freebies , she has not renounced the cause . https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/shamima-begum-isis-syria-life-bethnal-green-school-girl-syria-isis-return-uk-dead-children-a8779186.html
  5. jkvlondon

    Things you never see

    ever thought its because they didn't want a sea of visual distractions between them and the Guru? nah must be as you say...my kids would ask permission to sit right up front because want to see the kirtan players properly , must have been their egoes not their small height and interest.
  6. jkvlondon

    Number 5

    what are you on about... the abuse is widespread and real
  7. jkvlondon

    Nitnem or whole SGGS

    yes it is , to have bani kant - memorised and also to do vichar , to do sehaj paat of Guru ji - try reading 52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh ji
  8. jkvlondon

    Number 5

    have you been asleep for a year , harvey weinstein, the child abuse scandal , Quincy Jones yadda yadda yadda
  9. jkvlondon

    Nitnem or whole SGGS

    Why leave any lesson or advice unheard?
  10. jkvlondon

    Inspirational Black Sikhs

    I've even had words with a few of those apart from the near constant hindvuta fanboys trying to edumacate sikhs about sikhi dos and don'ts 1st class A holes
  11. jkvlondon

    Number 5

    unfortunately the way the film and music industries are , the producers use and abuse their stars and the aspiring wannabes let them so yes they are willing to sell themselves to get the contract deals/film deals I don't know how else to describe it but a business transaction. Puzzled could have been a bit more circumspect about the terms he used but ultimately that is the truth of their actions. Even happens to male musicians , sad really
  12. Bro, I am guessing you are still based in Punjab , why don't you try to get some homeopathic help for the headaches and mania/ depression it can help intensity decrease and number of swings and help reduce your reliance on drugs to cope with your symptoms . My brother in law suffered intensely with bipolar after motorcycle accident and I did treat him while he stayed with me for two years , he was basically unable to function as a human being because of the depression (he had been on lithium for two years) and had severe nervous system trauma . towards the end of the first year his depression was gone and all his multiple meds only a slight manic state remained , by 18 months he was making progress enough to kick off his own business . Don't lose hope , there is a way out of this , stay in chardikala and listen to sukhmani sahib and kirtan as much as possible for support , start at least doing japji sahib and benti chaupai for your nitnem ...
  13. jkvlondon

    Number 5

    slander is when you say something exaggerated or untrue to hurt them or spoil their image undo their work to in people's eyes whereas stating the facts of the person is not the same . So say I was talking about Ted Bundy and said he was an evil narcisstic man that would be true because of his actions , that would not be slandering Waheguru ji because is beyond slander ; what human could spoil Waheguru's hukam?
  14. jkvlondon

    Number 5

    but do you want to alleviate their karmic burden by transferring it to your head?
  15. jkvlondon

    Inderjeet singh jeenus

    knew that , and agreed, yes he is

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