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  1. try reading itihaas , our ancestors were superior to the trained armies of the invaders in every way , their strength, character and resolve gave birth to their legends. Akal Takht was built by three beings :Baba Buddha ji was over a hundred by then .
  2. rape culture is synonmous with unequal access to legal protection and services, justice for females /children it is a world wide phenomenon . the armed services especially the navy are notorious for sexually exploiting and assaulting females serving or civilians manning bases.
  3. since you are making up BS concerning Homeopathy I will again clarify that Samuel Hahnnemann did NOT translate any ayurvedic texts to come to his conclusions , it was the fact he was a scientist who studied poisons both natural and manmade and translator of Greek, Latin, Persian medical texts and he considered the older greek texts assertions that food, drink and living habits affected people and it was possible to treat like with like . He curiosity was piqued when translating the writings of Cullen on Cinchona Bark from the new world and decided to experiment with it in cases of malaria, f
  4. some gori scumbag who didn't want to do her job but get rid of her problem case child by witnessing an illegal marriage , minimum age is 16 WITH parental consent. So she got around it by making the girl a ward of the muslim abuser's family who would of course being foster parents be entitled to give permission in loco parentis. That highlights the extreme need to protect our kids going into the system by having more sikh foster families, otherwise next criteria used is punjabi ...
  5. you really are a piece of work take your false propaganda and shove it .... history from all sides indicates that what I said is true , the mughals and afghanis, and angrez /portguese were helped by brahmins , and stating that brahmins spread their knowledge to everyone is bogus , sanskrit is a secret language and used to control dissemination of knowledge to only those who were allowed to study/hear it . Over 80% of people who claim some link with Hindu faiths are NOT allowed to read/hear so called religious texts; how is that fair dissemination? The fact that people now can study sansk
  6. yep that will send a definite message to them that sikhs will send you to jahanum if you mess with them .
  7. Dashmesh Pita ji said jujh ke lado , if someone happens to survive I doubt that they would be able to fight intact (lopped off arm/leg major wounds) and according to that if Akal Purakh has deemed that person life we can't kill that injured person so we can do minimum thing of water . Rest is up to Guru ji Soldiers felled are meant to either be dead or prisoners nothing more or less
  8. not many but being blind angry cripples you as a fighter , and that is why ALL martial arts teach people to center themselves and fight from a thinking stance not allowing rage/haumai to creep in . Been in plenty of mulitiple on one fights as a youngster and being cool headed and somewhat detached gave me space to think and work my side better.
  9. when you are on war footing you protect yourself and your own unless you're a total mental case , and a proper warrior is not driven by anger/wrath because it makes you careless and vulnerable to manipulation; that's why being nirbhau nirvair mentality releases you from that trap. You have a duty on the field and in daily life and the two need you to be unwavering in your aim ; I believe that the code of conduct that Dashmesh Pita ji gave us for the battlefield is the best ; do not attack the surrendered, the ones fleeing the field, the women/children/elderly i.e. be a honourable person. Meet
  10. plenty of brahmgiani gursikhs killed mughals and dusht on battlefields does this mean we Believe that they are not like Akal Purakh ? Sikhi's concept is that Akal is ALL things: so destroyer AND creator where as Christian concept is God is all things good but all things Bad are of the Devil .... seems that this concept has been overlaid onto our ancestors histories to remove the 'complete/nondual' aspect of sikhi i.e. distort what we are aiming for ..........
  11. there has been vaaran /caste since early days of manusmitri and every Brahmin has used it to make themselves useful to invaders as they sold their skills as master manipulators of society else how could handfuls of people control multi millions ?They did it during the islamic invaders reign and then switched when the angrez/portuguese arrived . Guru Sahiban removed the leprosy of vaaran from our consciouness but with the interference of Angrez and their flying monkeys the brahmins they inserted dubious texts into our literature which allowed the poisonous mentality back
  12. we don't live in a vacuum the amount of narcissism is on the increase in ALL societies around the world especially with the curse of social media allowing loudspeakering the same BS that in my childhood was restricted to immediate social contacts .
  13. anything that shows the love for khalsa and to serve poor as Guru ji showed is pretty much trustable but when it goes one to praise 'brahmin' singhs you know its BS because 'kul nash, varaan nash, dharam nash' doctrine of Amrit sanchar.
  14. don 't worry its all there just hidden from our view , jewish , italian, spanish and greek families are the same they just keep it on the down low for outsiders ( my friends growing up used to share the nonsense with the family bragging and we all had a good laugh)
  15. but Guru ji said that they are our enemies whilst they attack and are hellbent on hurting us, they only become our brothers when they are rendered incapicitated , when we then help them but if they return to their previous actions then we are to return to previous footing. it was never meant to be a static switchover, as even the mughals who Bhai Ghaniya helped some returned to enemy footing , he didn't allow them to kill him remember he was shastardhari too too much turning all our heroes into pacifistic babey . Have you not noticed the depictions show the musque but no gatra which is imposs
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