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  1. fashions come and go but sharam hiyaah is something to consider when asking for your Isht's blessings
  2. that was me being sarscastic , they love trotting out their supremacy due to their northern fair roots ...
  3. The Aryan Hindu Brahmin faction starting with Kashmiri Pandit Gangu through to Suchanand
  4. A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about. Woodrow Wilson
  5. gol dastar literally round dastar normally Guru Sahiban are shown with this style or persian/dumalla style
  6. Badges of Bondage : The conquest of the Sikh Mind (1847-1947) by Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa ( his spelling) ISBN 9780968265802 and yes he is a yogi Bhajan influenced dude but the writing so far is pro sikh and anti-raj
  7. please note in his youth he wore his dharda parkash and a gol dastar but post brainwashing he started wearing the ghulami bhes of Patiala shahi pagg and fixo tied beard and NOW he looks like a typical kenyan sikh with turban but trimmed beard . This is a broken man .
  8. what a prize <banned word filter activated> of copying his dad's fixo crunchy dhari styling methods , he could have gone onto any sikh webgroup or even hipster beard grooming tips page and got any amount of advice and help , this is honestly a weak in intelligence person or he is just a sly one trying to get praise for being a slacker . Nobody who washes , oils and combs their beards on the daily, ever spends hours per day doing it , even my Dad in his preamrit days would do the fixo routine and tie up in less than 15 mins .Some major exaggeration going on here because wit
  9. certainly the case that these organisations do little to help but do so much to hinder sikhi getting a fair shake in the media . I mean given we have the sikh press association why would they need to hire another agent to hook them up with press? a cause for thought about their motives - accepting blood money for putting the less prevalent dirty laundry out for all to crow 'see they beat their wives too , it is not us muslims who are the bad guys' it now compare it to how SAS and Bhai MOhan Singh ji handled the odd sikh joining in with a grooming gang or family case , no fuss no denial
  10. if you look at those historians and civil servants who studied sikhi( at time of Raaj ) truly they were either Irish or scottish roots I think it is because they are in touch with their poetic roots and empathy for man and beast (nature) . So Guru ji's words struck them just right. The germans /french/English were soulesss. When I did my famiy roadtrip around Ireland both North and south the historical treatment and methods usd against the Irish were reused against the sikhs in Punjab that's why the Irish and to a lesser extent the Scots will understand our position and our fighting spirit
  11. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh little bro good to See you active here too
  12. nah they only seem to have it covered , my two university friends (muslim one singaporean daughter of nepali convert other Pakistani married to bahraini) made it clear to me that most muslim girls are desperate to act out but toe the be respectble line for folks at home , both girls had experience of being molested by men one by her scripture teacher in her own home, the other when out and about. The second girl corrected my assumption about clothing in homes and under burka/hijab even in Saudi , she was quite clear that the women folk wear westernised clothing also and even miniskirts , shor
  13. and in the west they still do they are called finishing schools that's what the whole rich girls schooling system was predicated on , being acceptable to rich families , getting trained up and then announce your availability by being presented at court or attending a debuntante's ball . Apney do the sametraining but in a much more inhouse drip drip way , learn to homemake, dress nice, speak sweetly, defer to the man etc etc. If you want to compare then apnay are just as desperate to marry into wealth , look at the BS they are willing to put up with to get they progeny married out .
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