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  1. jkvlondon

    Which is your favorite wine?

    bro, I'm kinda of partial to the type that comes from the kitchen tap and can be converted byJesus as a stop gap at parties - H2O
  2. jkvlondon

    Dealing with an angry wife

    loose - not firm in their principles
  3. jkvlondon

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    stop being obtuse and accept that appropriate suchamta of locale is not possible also prevention of interupption by noise pollution of non-participants
  4. jkvlondon

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    ever read about plastic pollution rolling in on beaches across the planet including filters of cigarettes
  5. jkvlondon

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    so you reckon you are more important than your Guru ji's sewa?
  6. jkvlondon

    How is art considered in Sikhi?

    sikh calligraphy, poetic form, music, literature is very rich heritage wise and can only stride forward stronger with time and more participants . Sikhi has no rules against music or art except forming pictures or depicting the Guru Sahiban and their households via theatre or portraiture .
  7. jkvlondon

    Contributing to Sikhi

    JWs are perpetually upset at non-christians keeping their faith , especially sikhs because our belief in Ik Onkar they find hard to work around , since ultimately they are arguing for a diminishment of our concept of Akal Purakh to that of their Abrahamic God .
  8. jkvlondon

    Guru nanak's original message and todays sikhi

    Bro , When Bhai Mardana asked Guru ji how to become a sikh , first hukam was not to cut hair ... That same hukam was kept by All Guru Sahiban . Living in Hukam includes keeping roop with rom . Accepting reality and not self-deluding oneself is a big part of sikhi thought. Unfortunately, we have all become guilty of dropping the pearls and jewels of Guru ji's wisdom for the cut glass beads of worldly knowledge .
  9. jkvlondon

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    so you would drag your King of Kings from the shaan of his Darbar to be set up on the sand with the flies, pollution , people walking about and noise for your own ego driven photogenic wedding ? How is that even putting Guru ji in the centre of your life? This is just making a mockery of Anand Karaj, - we beg Guru ji to take us into his Protection as we are nothing and yet doing this is NOT a show of hypocrisy ?
  10. jkvlondon


    you could also add the millions killed under the bolsheviks and Marxism Holdomor was so horrific that people ate the children to try and survive .... Russian jewish population 1.5 % but over 10% representation in Bolshevik revolution also high representation in upper command roles.
  11. jkvlondon


    ever read the old testament ? the number of smiting of non-jews even the children and enslaving of women (yep it is the blueprint for Islamic thought patterns) there is eye-opening, even today the Israeli authorities are discriminating againt the Ethopian Jews who have lineage back to the original tribes who have settled in Israel as is their birthright . This is done by forcing birth control on them and discrimnatory practices in education, accomodation , jobs etc. Not satified with 78% of the land of Palestine the use of weapons has ensured further encroachment on non-jewish settlements.Judaism is not innocent it is just as malevolent as it has a false superiority complex and doesn't recognise other faiths as any thing other than people to exploit as servants to them .
  12. jkvlondon


    If you watch any 'debates' closely there you can see a pattern of accusation, flurry of arguments mostly memorised and then shouting over each other . When Bhai Jagraj Singh ji went down there he came across the badtameezi of many Abrahamics ... SIkhi does need parchaar , and education of the masses about us is necessary but it is much more efficient and less headache inducing if it's done on a local sangat /local sewa basis within the local community , building links with local schools , inviting them to join in on programs , visiting classes and showing what's under the turban , talking about our beliefs and culture , being chilled out and friendly as is our norm instead of overly aggressive/defensive .
  13. jkvlondon

    Dealing with an angry wife

    I don't agree that they go because of an understanding that those babey are holy but a cynical understanding that they will help justify their dhil-a-pan through some twisting of gurbani . Remember it was always there , punjsabi folks looking for the |Guru to help them be dhile but, he didn't let them
  14. jkvlondon

    Dealing with an angry wife

    that is not logical then for her to get russi hoee, besides it was fairly clear in the context of the OPs post what had occurred. laying claim to the rings by saying 'they were MY rings' .
  15. the mark of a true historian is if what he/she says is truth on kasvati of Gurbachan, Gurbani ...

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