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  1. His parents forbid him from doing his eyebrows... I'm guessing from sabat soorat aspect, so this means his beard is natural so he has testerone enough for male pattern hair growth. I suspect he is born intersex as the school made exception for him to mingle with girls, whereas other boys were not. His facial features and voice are feminine but he tries to act male in mannerisms. Often in haemaphrodite cases the baby is brought up as either male or female from the get go, maybe the doc and folks picked the wrong side of his nature. Don't you find it interesting how suddenly in the past five years there has been a trend in showcasing camp, gay guys as 'sikhs' even if they do not follow anything Guru ji said to do, just use the image to protect themselves?
  2. jkvlondon

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    Because of the way you talk about it , the disrespectful tone you take about the missus theconstant asking for ideas how to manipulate living people around you
  3. There is no excuse for doing all that nonsense and you know it, deep down. In a few short months, someone will be looking at you as their protector, example , moral instructor, it's time to grow up and be serious . You need to lead by example by showing everyone that bazurg and women are meant to be respected but if they do not respect each other you will not tolerate any nonsense in your household. Missus needs to grow up too part of the whole experience and the end labour will change her , don't be too surprised if she becomes fiercely protective and more responsible for this child. If it can happen to others it can happen in your home too. Just stick with doing your paat and keep caring for all your folks , you can do it , just focus on one day at a time and not borrow worries for the future . It's easy to overthink things because the medical doctors like 'warning' about the things that can go wrong , if you make sure of nutrition and rest it goes a long way .
  4. Yeah I can and she must be thinking what the hell did I do to be stuck in the middle of this hellish situation. She is theone person that tried to smooth things down but you are total headcase who will not let things lie and calm down. You keep poking and prodding to get your wife upset , then she takes it out on your Mum because you've p'd off so as to not catch any backlash and she needs to blow off steam. You really are a nasty piece , who wants there to be strife to get rid of your dharam paatni and you really have not illustrated once that you are willing to take a tongue lashing to resolve the issues you've created.
  5. Ok, she is going back to her peke , not with your blessing that's clear for all to see. Old tradition was girl would go to her peke when she is pregnant with first child because they know her better and she would feel less stressed. The other thing is she's pregnant not dying of a disease, women have done hard labour in fields etc up until the last minute, many women maintain exercising throughout pregnancy unless high blood pressure is an issue. I travelled by plane up until week 27.It is a natural , well planned for state of being. She is shouty, yes, she is spoilt , yes, she manipulates but so do you; I feel sorry for your Mum and Dad not for eitherof you, because they are caught up in both of your dramas . ... But there is no way she can be compared to the charitars , she has not cheated on you, or seduced people so please step off no one is buying that BS you are peddling.
  6. Well he made sure to drive a wedge between her and her folks, remember he was complaining that she was still communicating with her mum and sister. This is exactly how an abusive partner sets up the situation so that his wife ends up isolated. The other obvious power move olayed was selecting a girl from a very poor background , so there is no going back to bheke.
  7. jkvlondon

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    Majority are not allowed to express their spirituality that's 80% of folks , because of manuwaadi .
  8. jkvlondon

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    The older generation may have had direct experience of sikhs during Burma war and second world war
  9. Punjab was a province under the reign of Darius and yes it was the jewel that everyone wanted including the British. Sohne ka chidia is Punjab's nickname not as is put about India's because for ages Punjab has supplied the deficit that manwadi installed as a consequence of restricting who can own or till land .
  10. You have to realise that sikhs think differently than most on such things, ALL others apart from your life partner is a sibling, son/daughter or elder to you irrespective of faith, colour or location. A sikh NEVER does, says or implies anything which would create a loss of honour, prestige of another i.e. Protective of their izzat in society since they are family Yes you can have friendships but you have to make sure it is clearly understood by the other that the way you think about them is sister/brother etc . Remember a sikh's character is supposed to be above reproach e.g. General Hari Singh Nalwa and his Afghani 'mother'. I was trained in Computer science in the early nineties and there was only four females including myself on the degree course in a group of over one hundred: Sometimes the situation is such that you have to mix to progress your own development . We are not muslims who fiercely compartmentalise women into boxes but we are not also totally careless about our own respect in society like western culture has become, we do not equate avaaragardi as freedom. Ours is the middle path, live in society but keep our values intact.
  11. In another report it was made out he was sikh but from this it is clear it was a punjabi hindu.
  12. He reminds me of the gay guy (also sikh family background) who murdered his innocent wife of six months after she discovered his gay porn and the reality of her being duped . Of course she MADE HIM murder her ... These guys have serious issues with personal responsibility. Of course now his case has been used to push the blame of such cowards and liars to the parents and families under the guise of 'forced marriage'. And no he wasn't forced because guys are usually the active initiators of engagements and selectiin of partners.
  13. Well if you are not available on an emotional level then she is definitely frustrated and realising that she is in loveless marriage. If you want her to be calmer and more respectful, extend yourself and be her friend and explain with love and care that you will not accept her disrespecting your parents or siblings since they are also her parents now. Make her understand that you don't want to be with her when she behaves with badtameezi and that you will make more of an effort to be better as well i.e. You both will agree to make family life calm and loving for your coming child.
  14. Stop with your selfpitying BS , it is not OK to mask your bad behaviour towards your wife by somehow try to flip the situation as being a 'feminist/liberal' issue . It isn't , it is a girl having her first child which is scary anyway , and then having fevers and an unsympathetic even aggressive husband who says kill your child because I don't want to deal with my responsibilities. Not cool , at all Yes she feels under attack , anyone can see that and it is understandable because girls are taught that children are a blessing , that having a child is something both she and her husband would be joyful about, plus her reserves of patience would probaly be affected by feeling under the weather and puking. She has been told not just surmised that you demand she kill her baby , it is the kind of thing that changes the relationship and trust in the couple permanently- a deal breaker. You overstepped the sikh mark , the humane mark and nobody made you do that , that was your own choice Your parents told they disagreed with you but you disregarded them and spouted off at your missus. Mend fences with all and apologise to all of them because you threw the emotiinal grenade then left those three to deal with the results.

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