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  1. in discussion group with worldwide homeopaths and one posted this video has some interesting points
  2. she is under RSS control she was wooing the israelis for them when she was in Israel supposedly on UK business . She is also a 84 denier i.e. it wasn't anything to do with hindu revenge
  3. utter BS , Rishi sunak has still got ask permission from Boris and the Queen , this is the ultimate gameplay of RSS types braindead as it is .
  4. why are you soooo stupid , this is your partner for life , try making your life work ;unless she is disposable in your eyes now she has given you a child , in that case you are scum . my masi (mum's bhua's daughter) came to england to be married in the sixties and she had never been taught or rather shown interest in cooking because she grew up with my mum who was the one who did all cooking cleaning etc when they grew up in my great nana ji's home and hostel together. My mum had to explain to her saurey that this was the case and to give her time and to teach her . So no, your picture perfect view of what a bride's skill set is , is BS . it did not apply in the past and it doesn't apply now . Many women learnt to hone their skills in their own kitchens , but since you've never spent time in one except to collect your thal what would you know ? my own sister was the same , and my cousins too...I used to cook for the family as a teen because my folks ran a shop so had the skillset but after marriage increased it further into other cuisines as well as gaining more expertise in Indian food . I think you have such an inferiority complex because of your hidden world you pour all that scorn and spite out on the females in your life because they are easy targets- grow up
  5. she's trying to say she made an effort to please and that she is feeling fragile, it's hard work looking after and feeding an infant. Try using your superbig akl and trying reading something nonsinister in her words. what about your duties ? you can reel a thousand and one duties for her and rights you have off at the drop of a hat -WHAT ABOUT YOU , WHAT RIGHTS DOES SHE HAVE? doesn't she deserve some understanding, some wiggle room to not be perfect (are you ? no) , this is all new to her and she did not refuse to make food but actually made food for everyone. again with the threats and nastiness, so insult her efforts instead of helping her gently that's perfect , great job. You were crying ??? what for she made food for you you can give her clues of which sabji/dhals you like , if you like spicy or not etc gently without drama, encourage her with praise for good , not just me me my complaints. yes you do complain about spending money that's what we hear about all the time . Maybe she never cooked much in her parents' home , did you ever think about that , that she is refining her skills now. Ask your Mum to help her learn your favourites it will help with their bonding and leave them to it.
  6. in the history of the world it has always been the case that pandemics or epidemics of diseases are blamed not on own people and lack of hygiene but some 'magical' other group , in syphilis which existed in the old world it was blamed on the new world, spanish flu was never spanish etc etc. That is what I meant by propagandised journey , first this was because of bat soup, then pangollins then something else ad nauseum .
  7. today's update from UK Dr John Campbell : Bolivia having running battles between police and poor protestors .
  8. same with hebrews , just read what they did to other tribes who were not hebrew, very good at PR for covering over their bloody pasts, that is where the source of calling others dogs and monkeys and the word kuffar originated
  9. christianity was no different than muslim faith they converted through the sword too .look at modern christians who kidnapped and beat and indoctrinated native tribes of people , still doing it ....
  10. same is going on in Gujrat, megalaya, and rajasthan against our own from jealous lazy hindus...
  11. the motivation is to kill or convert through fear nothing more or less, it is stealing the land and prospects of these sikhs by highjacking their places
  12. India are actively suppressing the real case figures and deaths by threatening doctors on the job . Besides in that system poor people will never be counted in either case because they don't count for the politicians except on election polls . Like Murca /UK if you are not counting every case you are pulling the wool over the world's and your populations eyes. Scientists reckon USA's figures of infection are most likely ten times that reported . If we go on 1 peron to 3 infected ratio 2 people can infect 60,000 in just ten rounds of contact but the Cheeto in charge is determined for everyone to get it , to keep his mates' stock portfolio up
  13. they do rituals which are inherently geared to controlling the households through the men , as Guru Teg Bahadur pointed out woman is the conscience of man and would oppose things which are not in line with true daya/dharam like the stuff above level 12 .
  14. nobody knows for sure where it came from even the species it had contact/mutated through , so I wouldn't be too hasty to lay blame at any place door . Remember it has already mutated into two types -type S which was the Wuhan original genotyped virus strain and the one in europe and Neworleans at the moment is the other type L which attacks the lungs a lot faster and is more transmissible . So no I do not believe that it has the timeline or the exact propagandised journey.
  15. nobody is getting tested until they reach hospital inducing state , they are reserving tests for frontline staff as they are being compromised by lack of protective masks, visors etc Here's a film from indian doctor who worked in China during the worst of it and the realities of how they had to change behaviours totally https://www.facebook.com/brutindia/videos/596396760954901/
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