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  1. That's the whole thing the only people that had genders assigned to them were INTERSEX i.e. HERMAPHRODITES because Waheguru ji made them both sexes at once and even if you assign one their medical needs will ALWAYS have to consider the nonchosen gender as it still remains part of their cell biology even if the system has been removed surgically , so even these people who are now doing gender ops will never be what they want to be , they will remain the sex/gender Waheguru ji gave them on a cellular level . It is purely spitting in the face of your karma to do these messed up things .
  2. soormey are being born all the time and not just in rehitvaan homes , they are growing and bringing their folks to sikhi and Guru ji's dwaar. Never take out your frutrations on your folks , do something positive instead . Time is coming , the gujrati thieving network is trying to grab our homeland's land grain and water for themselves and people are reaching boiling point . It seems shaheedian will be made to restore our self-sovreignity , ordinary Punjabi are realising that the BS on tv from their GOI is not true .
  3. after that Ish any one for a round of maley of satnam Waheguru? I feel dirty and can see that someone had too much time on their hands 'idle hands devil's playground' and all that. Why do they need to relabel the same state about 5 times ?
  4. actually its eunach or intersex NOT Transgender (that didn't exist ever) femme gays have behaviour in common with khusre but that is the only reason that word was used, I have heard jananarda
  5. Balbaul Kaur has been returned to her folks https://www.facebook.com/UNITEDSIKHS.org/photos/a.10151705787219315/10157817569874315/
  6. why do you think they were forced into marriage straight away , because pakistan and islam doesn't recognise marital rape as a concept let alone legal crime . Which media you referring to the pakistani media ? of course they'll side with guy because he would be jailed for kidnap.. Pak government has only helped slightly in this case because of Nankana Sahib project else ALL other paents have been refused recourse to place a FIR even when the girls are stolen before and after this. Official statements have nothing to do with reality in that country , just like India. she is a teenager who is not brought up in a liberal way but fairly conservatively even compared to apnay. she did not petition any court , to return to her husband .
  7. look at it from her side she was raped 100 percent after being kidnapped by a party of six men and one women at 2 am , they beat the nephews and sister and locked them up in a room . That is no way an elopment . She was threatened and isolated; forced to marry after being forced to change religion. The methods used are the exact same ones used to kidnap christians/hindus/minorities from all regions in Pakistan and ALL perps claim it was a love story but surprising the girls can barely speak if allowed to her real folks , never in isolation always with some official present who will interfere with time and subjects covered. If this was a love story she would have gone back to her husband but the truth is she wanted a divorce and he refused to complete the paperwork as demanded by the government representatives, in the meantime (one year plus) she was in a MUSLIM women's refuge being told daily to give up and return to her husband because if she goes back to her folks , people will attack and kill them . The Brother in laws attack seemed to play out that way and ONLY BECAUSE of political expediency he was arrested and charged as a terrorist. Nobody talked about who the kidnappers were, who was the female , why did the family vacate their household the same time if they were innocent? No one was charged with breaking and entering , GBH, IMprisonment of her relatives . AFter staying trapped in the refuge waiting for paperwork to anul her marriage the government decided to kick her out to force her hand, she would have to approach the guy directly herself to get freedom (which he admitted to newspapers and officials he would never give her). IT is so disgusting how she and many others are suffering because of lack of political will, justice
  8. the other granthi's daughter was kidnap in the early hours from her married sister's house , both cases have this in common the fsmiliy's comings and goings were watched and they were vulnerable at the time of the kidnappings as the menfolk were absent . In these situations sikhs have to guard each others children not just look after own alone . The story put about saying these girls are in love is just to get past the police and government, because how could every kidnapped girl no matter her background is supposedly in 'love' . This is stealth jihad .
  9. no we saw what a degraded existence, with violence, disease those people would end up with ...the truth is always there if you look around
  10. people need to redefine their manliness by how much they can do without drugs/alcohol/steroids .
  11. I grew up in a neighbourhood where that Ish was rife but was never convinced by the partakers as I wasn't able to connect their words about pleasure and status to what I saw around my neighbourhood . !00% the OP s example was driven by ego and misguided machismo
  12. I think they are impressionable and because they have super huge egoes take everything as a personal challenge /affront to their manliness especially if someone weedy from other faiths say it . So stupid really
  13. nindo nindo moko lok nindo I thought was the shabad , it is clear that nindaks end up picking up the paap di guttadi of the person they do ninda about , the sakhi behind this shabad was a neighbour of Bhagat Kabir ji was constantly doing ninda of him and Bhagat ji felt blessed that this person was willing to wash his sins for him , and praised him as a true friend . When that neighbour died Bhagat Kabir ji was deeply sorrowful IRL. When people do ninda think of them as helpers in a way then your haumai will not drag you through krodh
  14. I would visit doctor to eliminate auto-immune issues as these can come up , also if you have had a trauma such as a severe illness e.g. glandular fever, iron loss can cause extreme shedding
  15. Waheguru ji ka khalsa , Waheguru ji ki Fateh it is with a very heavy heart and ros beyond measure , I have to inform you all that the pakistanis have been encouraged by case of previous kidnapping and the nonaction by pakistani government to return the girl asap , the muslims have taken this as go-ahead to repeat this crime again . This time Bulbaul kaur daughter of S Preetan SIngh head granthi of Panja Sahib has been kidnapped by two men https://www.facebook.com/mssirsa/videos/1005665476572176
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