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  1. jkvlondon

    Rishi Gautam and Ahlya

    they got punished and still walk around throwing out blame on others of killing cows demanding death penalties .
  2. jkvlondon

    Natural order

    yep the above rules are Christian/abrahamic they believe women are inferior in intellect and spirit as they are daughters of Eve i.e. doorways to evil. (muc h like all the other faiths excluding sikhi) . I mean they are advised to chastise their woman if she speaks in congregation (meaning teaching sermons) or if she speaks up for herself , that they can do so with a stick no thicker than their thumb - barbaric really. People need to grow up and realise that so many sikh BIbian did panthic services without being considered worth writing down even in history books including Guru di Matavan , Guru di Mahalan, Guru di betian , because of male historians' male prejudices coming out of their upbringing. However the sikhs of those times must have known about them and respected them . Our 'history' books have omissions which become apparent when you go to ground level and see the actual places of our history . The people remember .
  3. jkvlondon

    Rishi Gautam and Ahlya

    It is clear that Brahmins are still accursed from that time they falsely accused Goutam of cow murder , they still have not learnt their lesson.
  4. jkvlondon

    Natural order

    In sikhi Akal Purakh is in all so all humans are equal in status , we do not have such rules governing us saying women are not to speak or teach guys in congregation or the'rule of thumb' as our Scriptures teach us to view each other as deserving of love and respect and consider oppression as antigurmat .
  5. jkvlondon

    Happy Ganesha festival to all hindu-sikhs .

    https://www.theworldsikhnews.com/odisha-to-demolish-guru-nanak-shrine-sikh-activists-protest-cm-patnaik/?fbclid=IwAR3rJiK5jAojTzUuqbfDHbZGyjMJ26TiYNBskPsNBe3YTvvILPT6jd_biPA now talk
  6. jkvlondon

    Happy Ganesha festival to all hindu-sikhs .

    think you are being clever but the truth is there is a real and present danger to our faith from these messed up people today they have destroyed an itihaasic Gurdwara of Guru Nanak Dev ji in Orissa whilst in other location they are taking Guru ji and installing in their mandhirs and doing beadbhi
  7. jkvlondon

    Happy Ganesha festival to all hindu-sikhs .

    Isn't that where Megamind and Ultraman are from ?
  8. probably mixture of sycthian and persian blood ... but those cultures were not as backward as the fake jat 'bura bura' crowd, I notice that the vulgar macho misogynistic traits are indemic in the muslim and hindu jatt (look at Haranvi and oakstani attitudes) community but was less for a long time under Guru ji's sikhi now people have distanced themselves from Sewa, Simran and bani they are reabsorbing the filthy habits of the others as their own . it's so pathetic , they are more worried about their noses than their families's welfare /prospects in the future .
  9. yeah the idiots who picked up the trash that brahmins and brits laid down...panthic amnesia needs to be countered
  10. jkvlondon


    considering they can shut your body down by massive organ failure its a stupid way to follow to open the pineal , try naam no side effects and it will happen in a safer and proper way , that's what these kundalini guys try to do, force the opening and it can literally damage them as their haumai is not taken down at all , and they do not follow sabar or santokh even following hukam and waiting for kirpa drisht of Guru ji. even people doing DMT are guilty of this
  11. jkvlondon

    Are Sikhs a different kind of Muslim??

    correction is Guru Sahiban NEVER claimed it was from himself but Illahi bani , and it is the META FAITH - the one which completes and supercedes the others' omissions and distortions to save the followers .
  12. jkvlondon


    these are not the edible ones but toxic ones which mess with your body and mind , I would consider it on par with eating hash, opium because they have forms which are non toxic poppyseed and hempseed which are healthy and used in cooking but then increasingly dangerous form which can even kill you if you do not know what you are handling . Basically all Nashey are frowned upon as it breaks Guru Nanak Dev ji's advice directly about avoiding eating or wearing things which cause distress/disease to the body and create vikars in the mind . Ku - bad/evil rehit - behaviour/standard/lifestyle
  13. the buddhists of Tibet have the same dilemma , driven from India into Tibet by Indian Brahmins machinations and now driven from Tibet by Communist China . Given the recent years crackdown on NGOs helping them in Himachal :freezing assets, removing visas of workers etc, army presence increases under pretexts of Chinese activity I wouldn't be surprised if India resumed its attack on Buddhism again. Basically all home soil faiths actually promoting equality are in danger.
  14. jkvlondon

    Maharani Jind Kaur's Gutka in British Library

    you underestimate the patience and myriad ways they are still subverting Gurbani
  15. jkvlondon


    you are not supposed to partake of drugs , and seriously what kind of friends you got , that would mess you up on purpose ?

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