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  1. are you quite sure , because its amazing how many apnay are marrying gujus and panjabi hindus and seperating the next generation from sikhi
  2. remember both parties have been grooming our children to convert them or dishonour them and openly have called on their numbers to do so . We are alone in our battles so protect our own and leave these wastes of space to kill each other or make their activities known without falling to apologism .
  3. jas preet one who loves gurjas praise of Akal Purakh yes/no? gur preet one who loves Guru/Waheguru yes/no ? so yes the literal meaning is the one who loves the man giving the said pangti the full context is changed to show the man is altered by naam to become filled with love for Akal Purakh /Guru app parmeshwar
  4. Singh of the Heartfelt yep scans great...how about lovepreet (double ironic) Manpreet is bad as we are meant to love Akal Purukh not our Man , I could understand Livleen not Lovleen people don't know Punjabi/gurmukhi or sanskrit meanings and just make a mess creating milgoba hindu sounding names
  5. remember akal security was doing the same and worse in immigration centres near mexican border to Singh , this included shaving and cutting the Singh's kesh. And 3HO should be respected as a sikh organisation ...haha I don't think so
  6. They are all gursikh piare there is no difference they are brothers and sisters together the divisions are illusionary created by our dushman to keep us from being ik joot as a khalsa family. Don't play the mindgames they would like us to play , rise above and recognise your blood
  7. simple solution stick them on a plane to Rwanda , I'm sure people will be glad to send them rather than refugees from war torn places else go to my proposal , drop them in a desert region with supplies and let them make their own way back to civilisation . A paedophile is by definition unfit to be a parent or role model , until the families lose their right to remain this ish will not stop .
  8. fluid rich foods are super important as dehydrated bodies are prone to disease , brain fog, muscle weakness etc. read the book 'quench' to understand how to get superhydrated without drinking water by the gallon and running risk of dying from overdilution of tissues salts in bloodstream.
  9. carbs without fibre true but not true of wholefoods you get full real quick so really hard to overeat ... people are fatties because they eat denatured proteins and fibreefree carbs . Black beans are the real deal if you want satiety and protein gains .
  10. our bodies recycle protein so we do not need as much as is believed , the human body at the most rapid tissue growth point manages to do this by breastmilk which is between 1 to 6 % percent protein , nothing more . Most fruit and veg have at least four percent protein just eating normally should give enough protein without straining liver and kidneys .
  11. these noodles have caused issues with stomach /intestine blockages so i would not recommend
  12. they are waiting for the second coming which is NOT equivalent to khalsa raj because that coming is when the righteous will engage in war , the unrighteous will be removed from the planet.
  13. no Jesus created the orthodox school which also included gnostic teachings , catholicism was a created 'church-like' structure to mask the roman empire and protestant of luther was trying to go back towards orthodoxy . forget about protestant of church of England it was purely an exercise in haumai of henry the eighth. and today there are many many jathey of christrians calvinists, lutherians, baptists, seventh day, jehovah's witness etc etc
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