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  1. reckon they should be handicapped time wise / weightwise because they have a definite advantadge over women . I agree with Germaine Greer and Posie on the issue of trans women they are not women and this whole nonsense has been created to overwrite biological women's achievements and remove their safe spaces .
  2. that's why Guru Sahiban told us in emphatic terms to stay away from it because they knew that's the enemy's of the panths way to destroy us permanently . Look at aborigines , Amer-indigenous tribes, Inuit and Cananadian Indigenous , Scottish, Irish and Punjabis what do they have in common ? they were displaced and done over by the English and have propensity to drink their troubles away , and who encouraged their habit ? the English . Look at the government now here in Uk , the first thing they've done is open the pubs starting from 6am !! on the 4th July whilst announcing enforcement of further lockdown in different regions and draconian measures in shops and on the streets which interefere in freedom of movement for the vulnerable .
  3. sorry I disagree with your analysis that bhai Jagraj singh or the 3HO ever did anything to counter ill health or grooming (yes Veer ji did mention it on a couple of videos but it was to bemoan the state of affairs in the panth , no solutions) . 3HO are a joke , they make videos that add to the moral confusion not lessen it ... (see Guruka Singhs socalled advice vids) if you have values and you try to keep them -you a re judged to be judgemental ? no ish that's called bibek budhi using your discernment from a Gurmat perspective , there is zero wrong in it . Its the loosey goosey amoral types who labels those people as 'santicmonious/judgemental' and the accused never answer back to keep things calm (not because they agree the accusers have a point).
  4. yep that french wine makers sponsored study has been debunked , it is much healthier to have the original grapes or juice than the wine because the polyphenols supplied are diminished by the alcohol action in the body.
  5. when we make it known that alcohol feminizes men , maybe then the macho will take over and they will stop... either thet or the missus kicks their failed macho asses out of the marital bed .
  6. and most gursikhs encourage drinking alcohol??? I think not
  7. as my friends in the health field say everyone loves to hear good news about their bad habits , remember the doctors recommending ciggies in early advertisment campaigns...
  8. the sun expands and engulfs us then we go back to 'keh bar pasario pasar'
  9. our youth has been sacrificed on the altar of political ambition and being modern (read amoral)
  10. doesn't matter if you drink a little or a lot it is a poison and crosses the blood brain barrier and kills and damages brain cells . Guru Amar Das ji speaks badly of those who drink , we know also that the child of a women who drinks also is poisoned and can suffer from Fetal Alcohol syndrome which can result in mental retardation, learning difficulties , physical changes in the child . No amount of alcohol is safe .
  11. why are you trusting the writings of an English 'observer' , did not Ernest Trump do beadbhi of gurbani by smoking cigars whilst reading Guru ji? Did not the EIC destroy historical texts, learning materials , murdered Akalis and state that sikhi would be finished by them within Punjab . We all know that Chevvin Patshah gave hukamnama of staying away from Bhang, Macchi etc i.e. all intoxicants ... is his rehit not applicable at that point in time on top of restrictions given by Dasmesh Pita ji?
  12. even muslims talk of ab hiyat - amrit , mukhti- salvation, satya- hakikat .... this muppet conned himself into a faith that believes in throwing stones at pillars , touching meteors , doing prayer on particular days at particular places are worth more ... sikhi is simple every day is equally blessed , every moment you remember Akal Purakh is superfortunate .. What happens if he starts doing Allah hu and feel his dasam dwar activate will he drop islam ? honestly not learning your own faith properly is the main reason people are convinced by silly arguments to leave sikhi
  13. try to steer clear of hate , anger, jealousy because they will hurt you more than anyone else involved , your forever partner awaits you , the shaheed singhs know what Guru ji knows so don't feel that way , they know you are cleanhearted just carry on . Stay in Chardikala , no ever happens for zero reasons we just have to weather the storm . Satgur aeiyo sharan tuhari , mile sukh naam har sobha chinta lehe humari .
  14. you need to be doing as many Jaap sahibs as you can to regain your core strength and sabar . Braham Kavach , sukhmani sahib will help you rebuild life without pain of others interference or bad intentions. Waheguru ji is always with you but sometimes when life goes wrong we mistake it for abandonment , perhaps your paat, simran saved you from a much worse result than abandonment . Yes I agree life is hard and this was gutwrenching but keep yourself busy with working on yourself and listening to kirtan/paat , lean on Guru ji for advice and solace because he'll never leave . You had confirmation of that in Guruwak , you have been married to Akal Purakh not just that guy .
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