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  1. and those same biharis are now turning on their employers and raping or running away with their daughters , beating and killing their sons via drugs . They are being supported by GOI to buy land in Punjab remember these were folks who were so hardup they had to move across India to make a living , it is part of the three pronged approach . destroy the history, the economics and then the people
  2. if you believe that then you are saying Guru Sahiban left us with an incomplete doctrine and message , which is totally out of order to imply/say , get your head straight please , you are falling for the arguments non-sikhs have used to tried and convert us in the past . As far as christian tradition states only one of the apostles were present for the matrydom that was John who brought the womenfolk of Jesus' household there . So any other gospels speaking of it should be taken with salt as it is hearsay.
  3. it was up on reddit for a short while then was deleted , it would not surprise me since others of the old guard have discarded the sikhi bhes but not the money pouring into the companies set up using daswand ripped off unaware goray sikhs and brown sikhs
  4. grow up and stop lying , only 3 people converted which triggered sikhs of that time to start maximising sikhi parchar under singh sabha movement . Now where is the Anglican Church built in Amritsar and the fake claims of the christians of tht era that sikhi would be gone in a decade ??? both are distant memories crushed in the dust by Satguru himself .
  5. world wide population of sikhs is around 29 million including now many non punjabi sikhs , that is without 'modernisation' and those hippy dippy folks who became sikhs to exploit daswand of the 'lower class' brown sikhs have now started to abandon sikhi because what they were sold as sikhi was nothing like the real deal . Even socalled white sikhs who waved the sikhi flag for their own pockets have abandoned their sikhi saroop and denounced their loyalty to sikhi values. Just look at 3HO/ Sikhnet baba Gurmustak Singh he now has announced that he doesn't believe in the aims of sikhi . Let everyone know to withdraw their daswand and distance themselves from their products including sikiwiki . Sikhi is the perfect vehicle as it seperates the men from the boys as they say , because it has known values and behaviours and a bana which makes the sikh distinct so life awkward for bhekhi ones . I believe you have a personal vendetta against sikhi as every DM dropped so far by you tries to unermine faith in sikh appearence . Now it is the main gateway to amrit , just go take your theories and bye!
  6. these Punjabaans cause as hell aint sikh , do all sorts matha tek in any and all mandhirs , muslim shrines and christian churches , I believe it is the neeteja of being lax in teaching them tru sikhi from the get go. They with their hindu mates do stupid superstitious nonsense , even get toone to achieve God knows what and try to act like the filmi set , when they have jackshit to do with it. My sister was bullied by her saas to wear sindoor , knowing full well her own husband didn't last despite her own wearing of it , but I guess that is the problem of having hindu companions all the time .
  7. The most disgusting thing about this incident is how little value is placed on our people's safety and rights the British Government insist on keeping seperte stats on Hindu, Muslim and jewish hate crimes but refuse contrary to legally defined racism that antisikh hate crimes should not be counted or analysed . The truth is there has been 162% increase in antisikh hate crimes in the Uk since Brexit . The other disgusting things is they only gave the attacker THREE years so out in 15months
  8. are you quite sure , because its amazing how many apnay are marrying gujus and panjabi hindus and seperating the next generation from sikhi
  9. remember both parties have been grooming our children to convert them or dishonour them and openly have called on their numbers to do so . We are alone in our battles so protect our own and leave these wastes of space to kill each other or make their activities known without falling to apologism .
  10. jas preet one who loves gurjas praise of Akal Purakh yes/no? gur preet one who loves Guru/Waheguru yes/no ? so yes the literal meaning is the one who loves the man giving the said pangti the full context is changed to show the man is altered by naam to become filled with love for Akal Purakh /Guru app parmeshwar
  11. Singh of the Heartfelt yep scans great...how about lovepreet (double ironic) Manpreet is bad as we are meant to love Akal Purukh not our Man , I could understand Livleen not Lovleen people don't know Punjabi/gurmukhi or sanskrit meanings and just make a mess creating milgoba hindu sounding names
  12. remember akal security was doing the same and worse in immigration centres near mexican border to Singh , this included shaving and cutting the Singh's kesh. And 3HO should be respected as a sikh organisation ...haha I don't think so
  13. They are all gursikh piare there is no difference they are brothers and sisters together the divisions are illusionary created by our dushman to keep us from being ik joot as a khalsa family. Don't play the mindgames they would like us to play , rise above and recognise your blood
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