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  1. that did not look like the same guy plus his sir de kesh were coloured with dye (reddish brown) somebody claimed he was new nihang that's why hair were short but the portrait pics showed taller more built guy who had farla and that takes years to attain .
  2. so you think the over 200 scenes in gurdwarey post desacretion are more palatable ...your isht your Guru is disrespected and every single case a culprit is declared mentally unstable and released again and that is the level of justive acceptable to you?? This man's family confirmed he was speaking to higher ups and only had 50 rupees in his pocket so obviously someone paid for his transport to Delhi border because that was not enough
  3. it is not a matter of shame but the fact that the culprit actually removed a granth with him to do further beadbhi elsewhere . he was beaten to death after being asked for details of his paymasters and others involved the nihangs got info that there is a core cells of 20 hired dirtyworkers and THEN when dead his hand and foot were removed (not much blood lost at scene of death). He did not bleed to death as the indian godimedia would claim, it WAS NOT because he was a dalit but a perp . If the law of the land is ccorrupt then it is a sikhs duty to stand against it not cower before i
  4. why are they all surrendering ? 1. who will be left protecting sangat and Gurudwarey? 2. One nihang has already come forward for the crime it is not like UK where no one can decide who killed the man so all go free of murder because of reasonable doubt this is India and BS justice 3. It emboldened more attacks 4. the younger nihangs will be decimated by this thought process and their knowledge will go with them instead of being used to train next generation
  5. any person who has been stupid enough to complain about how barbaric and how we should let the authorities deal with justice and punishment I have come back with the point that if you side with the GOI and police then you should be ashamed of yourself because by your words and thought process you would think Baba Deep Singh ji was wrong , Bhai Sukha Singh ji and Bhai Mehtab Singh ji were wrong , even Guru Gobind Singh ji were wrong for killing people who did beadbhi . Also waiting for justice from the people paying for the crimes to be committed is mentally deranged. Good, people are no
  6. They took advantadge of an elderly frail man who was unable to speak and also after the stroke would have found everything overwhelming and distressing due to isolation from friendly family faces and care. Frankly this is elder abuse and should be treated as a case of assault .
  7. courts had sided with sikhs and said they were entiled to stay there , but obviously these is prime retail/hotel real estate so this is the real reason the govt wants to hand land they do not own over to their buddies for favours . Apney should build up the area, benefit from the locattion with investment from sangat and ensure the land stays under sikhs land rights.
  8. there isn't one unless you are talking khalsa bana colours , simple is the key besides white is associated in Eastern culture with funerals , like black is for Christians that's why bride's families freak out if the bride wears black apne understand it as a napasand/protest colour
  9. Naamdhari do it as part of their nitnem and their attitude is why should we leave our nitnem according to the bibi I talked to .
  10. but that same brush is used on female victims too so not really helpful to try and use that as a reasoning . What can be said is society has been sensitised to this problem and the wider world does give benefit of doubt to kids in such cases even if evidence is historical , you would have to be a mental patient to think a child can fight off a grown adult man in any case so if you ever hear someone spout such ish to victim blame tell them to sling their hook. This is the Punjabiyat BS culture speaking where a woman should put up with abuse for honours sake however Guru ji said that we should s
  11. No I doubt him because his widely publisised siding with RSS and accepting money from them and his willingness to train those who would have sikhi stamped out in India
  12. remember Harinder's accuser went to police so it is not that hard if that person is really determined to stop the perp.
  13. I'm sorry but I have doubts because nidar is involved as 'hero' accuser? and also if this happened in uk every kid is drummed into reporting such things to childline, police etc from age 6 onwards so are these kids too stupid to avail themselves of legal and proper means of reporting . plenty girls seem able to report groomers without mummy daddy same should be true of all kids.
  14. the burmese are trying to create a buddhist rastra and so are using fascistic methods to achieve this . This excuse of raping women was used to raze muslim homes to the ground , setting them on fire and rape rohingya women and girls , cutting up of children, removal of foetuses from wombs of living women , kiling of elderly i.e. totally adharmic . I am not claiming muslims are totally innocent no human group is, but the truth is very far from claimed reasons, similar to the 'muslim' threat to 1 billion hindus.
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