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  1. provided you didn't eat their halal maas also
  2. jkvlondon

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    somebody who will appreciate them so much more than words can say (I know initimately) and truly loyal , there is no price on respect and the guy will be really respected by the girl , but of course he has to treat her right and respect her equally not bring it up as a cosh to drub her down .
  3. jkvlondon

    Punjabi or Sikhi breaking ties with in-laws

    Guru Teg Bahadur ji said it very clearly, we just got to pay more attention ... as Gorey say 'like a teabag you only know how good a person is , when in hot water'.... nobody save Guru ji has your back not hubby/wife, kids , family. what we make the mistake is calling accquaintances friends , if they pass the hottest water test then friend else not
  4. jkvlondon

    Punjabi or Sikhi breaking ties with in-laws

    It's interesting how widows are still expected to be defer to and do sewa of her husband's folks when he is gone and yet it is regarded as optional to the guys in the vice versa scenario in Punjabiyat . As far as I know Guru Ram Das ji still did sewa and looked after Mata ji after Guru Amar Das's passing . In modern parlance he would have been considered Ghar da Jiwai and looked down on somehow , this is madness since they gave him a home and love when he was all alone in the world.
  5. jkvlondon

    Punjabi or Sikhi breaking ties with in-laws

    you have history with those people , you called them mum and dad and gave them love and respect , why should that stop just because of your partner's death ? It would be a pretty cold and hard hearted person to reject them just because of that . Do what your heart and mind tells you , from what you said your wife was a fantastic person who loved everyone in her life so would probaly want you to look after her folks (meaning doing sukh dukh and helping them if they needed it) just as she would have done if matters had been reversed .This is the sikh viewpoint . the other cold calculating way sounds more like something from old punjabiat where female's relatives have no value to start with .
  6. speaking from twenty years of trying to be a good neighbour to all , including watching over people's homes and letting them know iif something has happened (like the racist white dude opposite when his house alarm kept going off during the day)and seeing the blatant flouting of rules and law of the land by these people including wife beating , arguing with witnesses , lying to police about female stating she has overdosed to get her to be rounded up and brought back , boy racers meeting up and blocking the single lane to have a chat/banter , inconveniecing others. Not racism just actual real behaviours od real people.
  7. only sikhs and gujus , gujus because they are playing keeping up with Joneses ...apne because they don't want no hassles from council neighbours etc. Most muslim nationalities barring turks and croatians are fairly filthy , we have pakis (pathans and punjabi (lahore)), afghanis and bengalis - all have created mess and antisocial vibes to their neighbours barring the lahori family who are quiet well spoken and speak very nicely with me whenever they see me .
  8. It baffled my Mum when I went the opposing way and pulled up the turf and put in a Japanese garden loads of trees and shrubs which give loads of colour in winter and spring when most gardens are dead . It's only been 18 years and now she's stopped saying too many trees you should get rid of them .... so I totally get what you are saying all the desis come in and find it strange to not be able to see straight down the middle of the plot and judge how much jameen you've got .... I planted my fruit trees this year on my patio edges so Waheguru ji willing we'll have produce too ....
  9. if you mean multicultural as in of a certain faith I can agree , because technically our street was for the past twenty years multi cultured and nulti continental but our street was quiet . clean and friendly since the quota of new move-ins have been of that faith , we have noisy cars zooming up and down even though it is literally one car space wide in between wheel up parking , three cars per household on drive for barely two , mattresses and domestic crap left for ages in front gardens instead of making a call to the council to get it picked up for FREE. The tell tale hawked up paan stains which make me retch are over the pavement . Basically it is a microcosm of the observed degeneration I have observed repeatedly whereever they move in. Cereal box licence driving is evident from the number of banged up cars trundling up and down the neighbourhood , and my daughter's school failed their safeguarding targets and have been taken over by a new team as OFSTED pulled over the original management school pop has gone from fifty fifty white and ethnic to 80 percent ethnic with musley at 90percent of that . School kids are failing on attendence and punctuality targets and the standard for neglish and maths is dropping rapidly. the school went from one of the best to failing ...notes on bullying , antisocial behaviours and failure to counter it were made and the culprits were never punished because of repercussions of parental backlash that were anticipated by staff because of their ethnicity. they did end up with just muslim parent governors at the school dispite multiple non muslim candidates going up. Thankfully now the last two vacancies have been filled by non muslims to bring it back to a mix. Sad really
  10. jkvlondon

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    I wasn't saying a characterless tramp is the same , however the blanket statements against non-virgins from some peeps here was fairly nasty and didn't take those cases into account, I mean would you look over the grooming threads for examples of writing off many girls who have been geniunely groomed and habituated into stockholm syndrome mentality as the same as those who are frankly walking trashcans/conveniences for any tom <banned word filter activated> or harry. Since when are guys who openly boasted about being approached by grown women such paragons to throw out such blanket judgements about girls and women?
  11. jkvlondon

    Amritdhari eyebrows

    there's natural then clown , most instagram eyebrows border on clown considering they strip beautiful naturally luxuriant brows as ugly and then draw them in twice as dark and thick like electrical tape
  12. jkvlondon

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    Interesting how females never get to show same prejudices back , most of the guys I grew up with were tramps before marrying virgins , talk about hypocrisy ... and they were amritdhari If purataan times Singh did't marry the rejected hindu/muslim bibian maybe some of our loud and macho Singhs would not exist ... If Guru Amar Das ji said marrying widows is fine , then who are we to reject that faisla or the honourable behaviour of our bazurg marrying the kidnapped and rejected ?
  13. jkvlondon

    Amritdhari eyebrows

    agree with guest kaur bhain ji , use clear brow gel or coconut oil to condition and hold the brows in combed position , personally I just pinch-smooth from above and below (between index finger and thumb)towards centre line of my individual brow following natural curve in the morning they look much neater and smooth without the BS trimming and plucking that others do . Nothing more tragic than over plucked then drawn in sharpie eyebrows
  14. obviously when you have kids who could be swayed into thinking such behaviour is normal , then your tune may change as you don't want those rotten apples to spoil your kids' lives and niat. No Point in sitting on a fence until then , speak up if you don't agree with it all. vasey isn't sonam a hindu style name? I have noticed the more filth these people get up to the more they want to claim sikhi heritage are they trying to clean up or just trying to create as much damage possible in our youth. I've heard stupid girls admiring that porn star as being a rich businessperson ....what's the point of money when you have no self-respect?
  15. jkvlondon

    Leader of the Sikhs

    truth is we are ALL meant to be leaders not shirkers of responsibility of own path/destiny . No candidate worth more than that scenario

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