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  1. most treat their bibles like ordinary books , but true believers would have a clean place seperate from other books
  2. Ram Rai was sent away by Guru ji in his youth never seen again , I doubt that he packed Guru ji's jewllery be careful of such claims as we have been told to stay away from dhirmaliays, Ram raiyas along with nakli nirankaris and naamdharis
  3. I'd rather listen to Dhur ki bani as given to us by Guru ji as it gives correct dues to Akal Purakh rather than only praising Chandi
  4. thinking about going India bro , look at title
  5. it is the same as the brexiters and BNF getting money from the govt in UK they are just milking the Covid gravy train just like the Saudis with businesses here in UK and USA
  6. I heard he was told to do pesh at Akal Takht because of his galat parchaar - Compare against gurbani what it says about sharab , and history says what was our downfall adopting the ayash habits of other communities .
  7. problem was he fell for the Philistine mata Hari Delilah despite warnings of his folks
  8. but it is beadbhi any Auntie will tell you that. hi lurker ain't you got a life ?awww
  9. ancient jews wore dastars instead of hats . SAmson was a Nazarite a male dedicated to God for a particular holy task , and he never cut his hair due to this promised state/covenant . Similarly Jesus/yeshua was a Nazarite thus the kesh . Lurker bhai sahib why are you so sad that you are searching for my posts to downvote , vivaah nahin hoya , job nahin milli , ki aa?
  10. well if you read sikh philosophy it is said that santlok have options to choose to be reborn to do sewa or stay in darbar , this is in line with the indivisibility of Har and Harjan .
  11. What I have heard is to embody the Guru in that special time and place , the panj must be rehityaan gursikhs of the calibre that they have never had to do pesh , or slipped in their nitnem and amritvela ever as the asthaan has to be sucha for the job (hirdaae) . Men because it represents Akal Roop as the only male principle amongst us. Until a sant of high avasta and khalsa panth decides otherwise it will stay so.
  12. Sheikh Farid sakargunj was the author of the Bani we read in Guru ji , the tradition in his group was the leader next to take the kursi of the Wali was renamed Farid ji too . So yes Farid ji met Guru ji but not the original although one knows 'sabh Gobind hai Sabh Gobind hai' and 'Har Harjan dohay ikk hai , bib bichar kach nahin...' I have heard that original panj piare were bhagats reborn to take amrit specifically and do sewa of panth.
  13. some wannabe son of jagiro on Baru Sahib FB page
  14. Thank you lurker for your down vote , with every click you confirm your cowardice
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