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  1. jkvlondon

    Akhand karaj

    neither party was sikh, now what ?
  2. jkvlondon

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    really haven't you paid attention to the mess in India? I would propose no committees but jathey running the functions of the gurdwara: Langar Outreach Education Fitness training future planning/strategy
  3. jkvlondon

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    our gurdwara is the Court of our King where his will rules ; just as we don't gatecrash buck Palace events or church events to recruit sikhs they should keep their drives in town centres and away from our Place of worship .
  4. jkvlondon

    Beard oil

    to get essential oils out of plant material alcohol is often used as a carrier in the maceration process ... Bay rum used rum as the alcohol source at hand in the Caribeaan in the centuries past like brandy was used in herbal macerations in Europe . the amount of alcohol is miniscule as it has been distilled off in the second stage leaving the oils from various plants including bay , citrus and berries such as allspice .. which is then added to your carrier oil so total amount of likely alcohol is very very small . https://clifforiginal.com/blogs/healthy-fella-blog/99799622-history-of-bay-rum
  5. jkvlondon

    Akhand karaj

    why should the King of Kings be removed from his Court to pamper some fools' egos ? Anand Karaj is a blessing from Guru ji not an aaasaan of Human on Guru ji Enough is enough ! You want something from Guru ji , make yourselves humble and ask bheekh of blessing and kirpa of Guru Sahiban at their Duar
  6. jkvlondon

    Facial hair problem

    how long ? are you on metformin because it doesn't deal with the cause just masks the symptoms ...
  7. jkvlondon

    Facial hair problem

    try shutting it if you haven't got anything positive to say ... it is harder for bibian because everyone's got an opinion about how she looks . Ignore his jibes bhain ji .
  8. jkvlondon

    Looks over heart

    exactly ...made his whole world his own visage and was cursed for it and became one of these: https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/photo/narcissus-papyraceus-high-res-stock-photography/135597761 as captured by Dali : https://www.kingandmcgaw.com/prints/salvador-dali/metamorphosis-of-narcissus-5671?gclid=CjwKCAiAlb_fBRBHEiwAzMeEdmljdpygeW-R9xFOKzDtOW-f0CuewbeaRyAaI4GpSIhImfN4GaU7_RoCVQoQAvD_BwE#5671::media:0
  9. seems like punishment for the young lad instead of dialogue and finding sangat and support for him here, problem is if you do this he will be totally broken internally from his parents and may never feel love for sikhi . The best thing to do is talk to him and show him that he is loved , meanwhile deal with the bullying in school , put the parent governers and Head on notice that they are failing to safeguard your child. As for the other lad , he is not sikh and it seems strange that his parents do not care about where he is going and for how long ...I would be cautious that it is not a poison chalice as they may complain later that you have kidnapped their son. The sikh family have not right to stop the other child exercising his faith or habits of dress and this may be counterproductive if the sikh lad sees that ....A lot of pitfalls to avoid
  10. interesting how this guy's channel has no other content , he looks like he's had a stroke (bell's palsy) he is not a sikh but a hindu tatu .
  11. jkvlondon

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    Funny how the police insist that they don't know why , and then lie and say the raids were nothing to do with Jaggi when we all know one of his relatives was raided- white man speak with forked tongue as our AmeriIndian would say.
  12. jkvlondon

    Looks over heart

    one is basic hygiene and grooming the norm that is running now is narsacisstic preening for instagram /fb whatever
  13. jkvlondon

    Ringleader Dhaliwal

    sorry just got fed up with His silliness .... will revise thanks Veer ji
  14. jkvlondon

    Facial hair problem

    shaving is the simply WORST thing you could do as apart from busting your amrit you will also cut finer hair causing thicker , longer regrowth . Try to control your blood sugar by PCOS diet , reduce /eliminate dairy and processed foods as extra xenoestrogens and mammalian estrogen will make your body create more androgens and create more male like hairs . https://thekindlife.com/blog/2013/04/treat-pcos-polycystic-ovarian-syndrome-with-vegan-plant-based-diet/ if you sort out your diet the hair will normalise , drinking peppermint tea daily will help also
  15. jkvlondon

    Ringleader Dhaliwal

    they knew what they did , he didn't need to explain anything to anyone

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