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  1. DaljitKaur, do you realise that fruits have got plentiful amounts of sugar and that adding processed white sugar- like you suggest is not advisable if you want to make a ''healthy'' recipe. Sugar makes the body weaker, sugar should never be purchased in its processed form.
  2. The youth need educating on their own identity. India is a place not a race. Khalistan can only happen when the youth wake up.
  3. Agree. Seems like a plot by Hindutva empire. They should be Indian flags for 60 plus years of occupation of Sikh land. Not American flags. Clear Hindutva empire at work.
  4. Vitamin D in Milk ? Is it the actual effective D3. Pasteurized dairy should be avoided. It only contributes to mucus build up, increasing chance of getting a cold, acne, asthma etc. A Vegan diet is the best by far. Raw Vegan is the optimal diet there is bar none.
  5. Sikh wedding in Gurdwara= Sikh Male/Sikh Female. Simple.
  6. Its a myth that Vegans and Eggetarians are weaker than meat eaters. Don't know how a Sikh can say such things. Obviously the meat/dairy industry spin is being bought.
  7. Even a little of these aforementioned foods can affect the working of the body a great deal. These foods should be avoided. Natural is Best.
  8. Disagree completely. A little goes a long way.
  9. Punjabistan, Sikhistan, Khalsastan. As long as it is NOT India I don't mind. Fascist India out of Punjab.
  10. Khalistan will happen, when we arm our fellow people with the greatest weapon of all. Knowledge.
  11. Don't know why ''India'' is mentioned. Would the Palestinians say from ''Israel''. Why can't they say from Punjab.
  12. Sarbjit is a smart guy. He has never to my knowledge ever uttered anti-Hindu sentiments, rather he is anti-Hindutva empire. He is a legend IMO and his speech should not have been blocked.
  13. It stands to reason that natural foods like Garlic would have such an effect. But on that basis a lot of foods would be banned from the Gurdwara.
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