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  1. Gatka is not meant to fight with each other it is meant to teach and improve how you fight.
  2. Buy lots of heras like ranjeet singh and give them out to kirtanee jathas There is a Sant Kartar SIngh Bhindranwale Je teaching that he tells that: The more wealth you get, more you should strive to be a better person; don't let pride come in you, with increased wealth. He (Vaheguru) who gives also takes it away; everything is in His hands.
  3. A quick read you can get through; and gets lots of the fundamentals, you can probably get through it in a sitting or two. https://ia601403.us.archive.org/35/items/sikhreligion035165mbp/sikhreligion035165mbp.pdf Of course the Shri Guru Granth Sahib is the prime scripture and guiding source of all Sikhs also lookup Japji Sahib, Asa De Vaar, and Sukhmani Sahib all of them have tons of translations.
  4. Sikh does not mean learner in that sense it specifically means Sikh of the Guru.. I think some bad writers influenced lots of the non-gurbani reading/understanding part of the panth.
  5. jpsingh2


    Ebay has some rebabs and dilrubas I heard its best to by the metal knobbed ones as opposed to wooden knobed
  6. jpsingh2

    Depression, Help

    You gotta understand it. Theres plenty of translations online but you gotta make the effort. When it feels uncomfortable thats when you start learning things and you gotta get in the zone and just get it done. Spend at least a 1 hour at a time and dont leave until that hour is over to your studies. Your number 1 thing you should read is http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.net/downloads/Gurbani%20Related/Sri%20Guru%20Granth%20Sahib%20Ji%20Maharaj/JapJi_Sahib-_A_Translation_-_Prof_Teja_Singh.pdf and also http://www.nyu.edu/clubs/usa/docs/sggs.pdf coupled with this http://www.sikhvibes.com/downloads
  7. I might be wrong and dont want to cause debate but I dont think that that Teja Singh (MA Harvard) is the same Teja Singh (Rara Sahib Wale)
  8. SinghStation you have studied Sukhmani Sahib right? There is an entire pauri on Bharam Gianni s qualities
  9. You should read more books mate its the strain that somethings getting tough that makes you learn things.. If you only read in English I recommend getting you mind together and hit up some Punjabi its much easier even if you dont knkow it but still both can speak the language of love and if your attuned with love then you sometimes cant tell which language someone just spoke but rather you connect to their soul and what they are saying.. Mad props and my heart goes out to anyone else who posts more Mahapurkhs here. Thank you for the OP for starting such a beautiful thread.
  10. There are numourous mentions of joining with God. I would say about 5% of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji talks explicitly about it so it should not be hard to find a quote. The jist is that the soul and God become one just as a water droplet and a large body of water merge together. Im not too sure about this silent witness thing you are talking about. Also God is seen as always present everywhere at all times. Naam = what is beyond value and when you think in these terms of being beyond values than you will join with God. The trick is to join with God at all times which is seen as the most pleasura
  11. ikhongar we are all one. From what I know Kaur in Sanskrit/Tamil means first inline (eldest) son or daughter to receive royalty for the throne and Singh means all the remaining children of the royal king or queen. If someone can confirm this that would be great.
  12. I recommend partying it up. There are pleanty of pre wedding cultural cermonies you can engage in but in terms of the actual marriage not doing it the Sikh way in a gurdwara as others recommenced.. unless you both decide to take amrit or something. Also see if you are interested in learning more about the wedding and what its about http://sikhism.about.com/od/sikhweddinghymns/a/Lavan.htm
  13. Whats your favourite book or one you would recommend the most in all these?
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