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  1. thank you everyone for your positive words, im trying my best to get better and focus more on simran. i have faith in satguru's kirpa and the love from sangat will help heal me
  2. Thank you brothers and sisters for your encouraging words. It's so nice to know that ppl still care I'm going to try my best to increase my nitnem and I guess it's time to talk to my doctor about this. Thank you all for the love
  3. wjkk wjkf im an amritdhari sikh and i try my best to do nitnem and seva etc. but life has gotten so difficult the past couple of years... its hard to deal with all the problems. im sick of living in depression and have thought of taking my life many times, but i know that is against the will of waheguru. so how do i get out of this depression and stop these thoughts???
  4. Thank you so much! I'm new to this forum and I find it to be VERY helpful getting advice from fellow Gursikhs.
  5. Ive heard that during tough times in life Chaupi Sahib really helps. Like after nitem doing as many Chaupi sahib paaths as possible Can any Gusikh brothers or sisters give some insight on this?
  6. wjkk wjkf need some inspiration from my fellow gursikhs. i've been doing simran since childhood and read many books about mahapurkhs, and i get so inspired, but so far i havent experienced anything... (i guess i have to work on my jeevan more) but sometimes i lose hope.. will i ever experience this divine naam ras?? if there are any gursikhs out there who could share any of their experiences to help inspire me and other sangat it would greatly be helpful and appreciated. bhul chuk maaf
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